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The Web3 world is improving over time and the development of the blockchain and metaverse is giving shape to the web3 platforms this evolution has bought the play-to-earn dapps, move-to-earn dapps, sleep-to-earn dapps, and more. The world will be interacting only with the web3 platforms in a few years as the young generation is interested in futuristic techs and virtual world concepts.

STEPN is one of its kind which is placed under the move-to-earn dapps category where the users will be rewarded with its token. These kinds of interactive apps are bringing in more new users to the web3. Maticz, a Web3 development company with certified blockchain experts works out to bring new innovations and ideas in blockchain-based platforms to the virtual world.

What is STEPN?

STEPN is a move-to-earn lifestyle app developed over the Solana blockchain network with various in-app activities like trading, minting, and more. These kinds of platforms are gaining more traction in recent days because of the young generation. The user can mint or trade NFT shoes and gets tokens as rewards and these tokens are used to mint new sneakers at the same time the user will be able to withdraw his tokens as USD coins (USDC).

As the future will be more virtual these apps are trending in the virtual world with the element of Game-Fi and Social-Fi. These kinds of apps allow the user to link public social activities with the app and this kind of move-to-earn app will let you earn at the same and maintain a healthy life. These web3 lifestyle apps are becoming more common in recent days because of the multiple benefits that are gained by the admin and the user. Also bringing up these kinds of web3 platforms helps in achieving carbon neutrality.

How to Create a Move to Earn App like STEPN?

The experts of Maticz develop an app like STEPN from scratch based on any of the blockchain networks or from the development of white label solutions. 

STEPN Clone Development from Scratch

The blockchain experts of Maticz will develop your STEPN-like platform from scratch with all the in-app activities and other activities of trading and minting. Create a web3 platform from scratch to bring the output of your business to the globe with all the unique features and functionalities. 

White Label STEPN Clone

The white-label solution lets you customize the platform according to your business requirements and entrepreneurs entering the web3 world may opt for the white-label solution because of the development time and cost behind its development. Customizing the platform with the white label solution lets you launch the platform within a short time period.

STEPN Clone App

Stepn Clone App is a move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle app built with Social-Fi, Game-Fi, and blockchain technology. STEPN clone app allows the users to equip NFT sneakers to make earnings by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. Maticz offers a White label STEPN Clone App to create your own Move-to-Earn (M2E) Web 3.0 app like STEPN. Our app is 100% customizable and multi-tested that allows the users to hassle-free trading and minting of NFTs

Maticz, the leading player in Web3 development offers a wide range of Web3 lifestyle software solutions and more specifically Move to Earn and Sleep to Earn software solutions. Our Step Clone is capable of operating on various blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, etc. For an instant launch, you can opt for a readymade step clone script.

STEPN Clone Script is a readymade Web3 lifestyle app solution operating similarly to STEPN. The STEPN clone script is a customizable solution fortified with fitness and gaming elements built with blockchain technology. By opting for this solution, you can launch your own lifestyle app like STEPN instantly at ease.

How does STEPN Clone work?

STEPN clone works with the same concept as it works on STEPN unless it is modified with the client's business model. STEPN is a move-to-earn web3 platform and the STEPN clone may be modified with the set of rules and functions as per the client's idea. But basically here is how the STEPN clone works,

  - Users will be signing up to the platform with their mail-id and the next user's wallets must be connected for further improvements with the app.

  - Varieties of Sneakers will be available in the STEPN marketplace as NFTs and the users will be allowed to buy those NFTs with the Solana tokens.

  - With the Game-Fi system, the NFT bought by the user will let the GPS track the distances covered by the user, and the rewards are granted with certain rules.

  - As each NFT sneaker has its own energy and will let users run or walk with respect to it.   - The energy of the sneaker is attributed to its efficiency, resilience, and comfort of the sneaker.

  - Once the user completes the run-up in accordance with the rules the user will be rewarded with the token.

  - The tokens availed by the users can be used in various cases of the app activity like minting, customizing, and more.

Features of the STEPN Clone App

The platform comes up with its own unique set of features that benefits the users and also the growth of the platform.

Burn Mechanism

The platform is developed with the Burn Mechanism where both GST and GMT tokens come under it to reduce the circulation of the token and this will maintain the standard of the platform and users.

Two Token Model

The most predominant feature of the platform is the two-token model where both the tokens will be used in the platform by the user for various activities which simultaneously results in the growth of the platform and the token. 

Move-to-Earn Rewards

A web3 lifestyle platform with move-to-earn options itself is a unique feature that attracts crypto users and non-crypto users to the web3 world using these kinds of futuristic platforms.


The next revolutionary step in the internet world is Social-Fi so launching a platform with Social-Fi elements will bring you a set young audience and launching an app with futuristic solutions will take your business to higher standards.

Revenue Generating Modules of STEPN Clone Script

The STEPN clone script rewards the users with the specialized tokens and STEPN uses two tokens as rewards one is GST and another one is GMT. These two tokens are used for different activities in the STEPN clone platform GST is known as the game utility token and GMT is known as the governance token.


GST (Green Sathoshi Token) is acquired by users on various methods by participating in the activities like walking, jogging, and running, also it can be acquired by the user by participating in the token generation event. These GST tokens can be used to level up your sneakers, repair your sneakers, or can be used to upgrade gem items, and also used to mint new NFT sneakers. 


GMT(Green Metaverse Token) is acquired by the users participating in the premium game content and the profits are distributed through the GMT tokens. GMT is a governance token that can be used to change the sneaker's name or that can be upgraded to the max level. The user with the higher level of 30 is only eligible for the swap of GMT with the USDC and also to earn GMT as a reward you will need three energy in the worst case.

Why Create STEPN Clone?

The world experience changes at every certain point because of the development of new technologies and in that way blockchain and metaverse will bring the next change to the world with the improvement of web3 platforms. STEPN clone is one of its kind that works in bringing the web3 lifestyle app to the users of the world, the platform connects the user's daily activity with the web3 platforms and pays a certain amount of reward with the income. This kind of web3 application is going to develop the virtual world.

Launching a STEPN clone app modified with the concept of STEPN will take your business to a standard. The launch of the STEPN clone will bring more young users to the platform which lets you earn in various ways from trading, minting, customizing, and more. Entrepreneurs and investors thinking of the futuristic business may launch your STEPN clone and other platforms like play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and much more. This is the right time to give structure to your Web3 business ideas and join the future trillion-dollar business market.

Why Choose Maticz for STEPN Clone App Development?

Maticz, the pro player in STEPN clone app development with a well-experienced team of blockchain experts provides solutions to the development of the stepn clone platform. The certified blockchain experts of Maticz will present you with the best DApp-like STEPN and other play-to-earn apps for the users. As the concept of web3 is attracting the young generation, launching these kinds of apps will take your platform towards the profitable side.

Maticz, the Blockchain development company from India will provide shape to your business ideas and will let you launch them to the crypto audience in the virtual world. The professionals of Maticz have successfully developed 100+ projects in the blockchain field. Cryptopreneurs just a single step forward for launching your STEPN clone and other DApps connect with our experts and bring your imagination to the world of reality.

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STEPN clone app is a move-to-earn web3 lifestyle app where the user gets tokens as rewards for his activities after buying and activating STEPN NFT which is tracked with the help of the GPS. STEPN clone app operates 100% similar to STEPN and is built with social-fi, game-fi, and blockchain technologies.

STEPN Clone App is a web3 lifestyle move-to-earn app trending in the internet world that lets users earn rewards while sleeping. STEPN attracts many users to the web3 lifestyle so creating its clone will boost your Web3 business.

STEPN clone script works similarly to the STEPN app where the users will be getting rewards for their contribution in in-app activities and with their outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and running.

The development cost for the STEPN clone depends on the platform's features and functionalities. On an average basis, the Stepn clone development cost range between 7000$ to 25,000 USD and it increases with the app features development.

Even various move-to-earn apps are present in the market STEPN is one of the most trending platforms with great features and benefits its users with various rewards. So, going with the STEPN clone may take you on a successful path.

Using a STEPN clone script can provide numerous benefits for your business, including cost-effectiveness, proven success, time-saving, customization, and a competitive edge. STEPN clone is an effective way to enter into the web3 gaming space.

Yes, you can customize the features of your STEPN clone app/script to meet your specific business requirements. Maticz offers complete customer-required specifications in their stepn clone app 

However, the cost to customize will be determined by a number of factors, including the development platform used, the programming languages used, and the resources available to make those changes.

Here are some unique features that can be added to a custom-built STEPN clone app: Integration with various payment gateways and wallets, a real-time chat system, Automatic transaction notifications, Social media integration, Multi-language support, Intuitive dashboard with analytics. 

Popular blockchain networks to build your STEPN clone script, Ethereum, Tron, Cardano, Solana, Binance, and Polygon, are some of the most popular blockchain networks that will bring more efficiency to your STEPN clone app.

The complexity of the features, the platform you choose (iOS, Android, or both), and the size of your development team all play a role in determining how long it takes to build a Stepn clone app. In general, developing simple apps can take anywhere from one to two months, while developing more complex ones can take up to three to four months.

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