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NFT has occupied and made its presence everywhere around the digital world because of its own unique way of approaching the digital assets in the world. These NFTs have become a key factor in the world which will lead to the development of the future virtual world. NFT creators and collectors numbers have increased significantly in numbers over the past two years and this is the point where multiple NFT marketplaces are developed by many entrepreneurs from every part of the world. 

The launch of NFT marketplaces has supported many creators to bring out their creations and talents to the world, but the next step is to take these NFT marketplaces to a new height and that is where cross-chain will be playing a major role. Getting your NFT marketplace with cross-chain compatibility would bring a wide range of collections and audiences to your marketplace.

Cross-chain NFT marketplace

Cross-chain NFT marketplace is the trending concept in the present crypto world attracting hundreds and thousands of active crypto users around the world. The cross-chain NFT marketplace is developed in the case to process its NFT minting and NFT trading over various blockchain networks. Opensea has also updated its cross-chain feature where it would now accept NFTs minting and trading over Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Klaytn blockchains. 

Cross-chain compatible NFT platforms are more popular at present than the other NFT platforms as they provide support to various blockchain networks.  Launching a cross-chain NFT marketplace would attract a huge amount of users in the crypto world to your platform. The increase in the number of NFT creators results in an increase in NFT collection and this will attract the users of the crypto world.

Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development

The NFT marketplace development is taken through a series of workflow and testing processes to showcase the best NFT platform to the world. The same process takes place over here with the additional input of bringing in multiple blockchains and coding smart contracts for every blockchain network. The lucrative cross-chain NFT marketplace is well planned and developed with well-experienced blockchain developers to experience the ultimate goal of your business platform.

Maticz, the NFT marketplace development company continuously working out to improve the NFT market by presenting its very own NFT marketplace as per the client's vision and producing its exact business models for the global users. Cross-chain NFT marketplace development has been speeded up because of the usage of various blockchain network users which has their own set of benefits. Maticz with its team of blockchain experts works on cross-chain NFT marketplace development as per the client's business requirements.

NFT Marketplace Development with Cross-chain Compatibility

NFT Marketplace has earned the trust of millions of users in the crypto world since its launch and also its growth has been exponential. NFT marketplaces have been revolutionized since their launch in 2017 with various factors coming into change with the support of the NFT community and cross-chain compatibility is also one of it but this has been a major advantage that has led NFTs to reach its new height in the market by bringing various blockchain ecosystem under its single roof.

Every tech gets its version updated and in that way, NFT marketplaces are also getting updated as per the investor's business model. NFT marketplace development with cross-chain compatibility is being followed by most of the NFT players in the crypto circle as it gets more traction than the present NFT platforms.

Features of Cross-chain NFT Marketplace

Maticz works to improve the NFT ecosystem in the digital world by developing and helping entrepreneurs launch their NFT marketplace with their unique ideas coming into action.


The first impression of a product is the key to the success or failure of that product and this works out well here. So, bringing up the NFT marketplace with a well-detailed and impressive storefront is the first step to success.


In this modern tech world anything could happen like invasive hack attacks and more, to prevent these kinds of activities, the marketplace is developed with multi-layers of security and this will protect the marketplace data and user's data.


The ultimate feature and the main role of a cross-chain NFT marketplace is interoperability where it accepts the NFT minting and trading of NFTs over different blockchain networks and the marketplace is specially designed for it.

Multiple Wallet

One of the significant features is developing the NFT platform with multiple wallet support that gives access to a wide range of users to trade NFTs in the NFT marketplace with their own present wallet. 


Multiple APIs can be integrated into the NFT marketplace according to the business model to make the process in the marketplace more convenient for the users. Many API plays a significant role in the success of many NFT marketplace.

How does Cross-chain NFT Marketplace work?

The concept of a cross-chain bridge is implemented over the NFT marketplace to take the NFT market to the next step. But how is cross-chain used over here, let's have a look? The blockchain network is a system where the data once stored or created cannot be removed to overcome this kind of difficulty. The cross-chain concept was brought in to act and this is doing well at present the launch of cross-chain will make the blockchain network usage wider around the globe.

The cross-chain concept was brought into the NFT marketplace to improve the usage of NFTs and attract the young generation. The cross-chain process helps to trade NFT between blockchain networks with the help of smart contracts and even if needed the contract can be revoked by the user and brought up back into the previous network. This feature has brought up significant changes in the world of cryptos.

Benefits of Cross Chain NFT Platform Development

Holding a cross-chain NFT marketplace itself is an added benefit to your business empire, even your NFT marketplace gets following the additional benefits for your business. 

Wide Range of Collection

The marketplace with various domains along with the cross-chain feature gives you a wide range of access to NFT collection from various creators under various blockchain ecosystems.

Instant Ownership

Even under a cross-chain ecosystem, we present you with the platform that works on the transfer of ownership once the buyers buy with the vendor under any of the blockchain networks.

Smart Contract Audited

The cross-chain NFT marketplace is completely a smart contract audited platform where all the bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed and resolved after undergoing a series of testing sequences.

Effective Data

The platform is designed and developed to provide a set of various effective data of history about the NFTs and traders under the admin panel dashboard of the NFT marketplace.

High ROI

The platform that accepts a wide range of assets from the various domains under cross-chain features will definitely yield you a high return on investment because of more active users.

Why Maticz for Cross-chain NFT marketplace Development Services?

Maticz, the leading NFT marketplace development company from India successfully developed over 100+ projects in the crypto sphere with a well-experienced team of blockchain experts. Maticz with the intention of improving the field of blockchain and the NFT market gives its best work process to bring the ideas of entrepreneurs to the world of reality from the vision of the business person. Our experts are well experienced on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, and other more trending blockchain networks. 

Shake your hands with our experts and discuss your idea to bring your NFT business or any other blockchain-related business platforms live to the digital world. Maticz will present you with a cross-chain NFT marketplace with unique features and functions also satisfying your business requirements.

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