Maticz specializes in Neobank app development, assisting businesses in building all-in-one Neobanking platforms for seamless fiat and cryptocurrency banking.

With the new era of digital transformation, launch your virtual banking solution with transparency and security. Maticz offers a wide range of innovative solutions to experience the future of digital banking platforms. Schedule a demo with our experts to explore every facet of Neobank app development solutions. 

What is Neobank App Development?

In the past few years, people have been attracted to online platforms for every need such as food to work. Organizations have started adapting a wide list of online services for every possible activity to fulfill the customer's requirements. Neobanking apps have become a recent buzz in the financial industry since everyone is online. To cope with this demand, startups are allocating resources to the development of these applications. 

Neobanks are digital banks without a physical store that offers exclusive online banking services. So creating an application for such digital banking platforms is neobank app development. They offer a clear picture of the complete cash flow and the user’s control over the financial data. They incorporate AI and ML to provide personalized services which consequently reduces administrative barriers.

Neobank App Solutions We Offer 

Our scalable Neobank app solutions can optimize the payment method irrespective of your industry by combining APIs and presenting you with an easy process.

Bank Account Management 

Implementing a bank account management solution can significantly improve your financial control over your business expenses and streamline banking operations. They also offer some features like real-time tracking and budgeting tools to monitor your cash flow.

Expense Management 

This solution can simplify your workforce spending and expenditures by providing credit cards to your team that can enhance your financial control. With this businesses can set an expense limit and record their transaction in real-time for better budget management. 

Reward Management

When reward programs are connected to your business account, financial resources can be controlled and desired incentive behavior can be maintained. They can motivate the employee, and improve engagement thus enhancing the overall success of the business.

Payment Gateway 

Integrate a payment gateway into your system to enable the customer to make payments from various channels, offering convenience to your customer. Tracking payment becomes effortless allowing you to maintain accurate financial records. 

Account Automation

To handle the accounting tasks from the unified platform that combines your company account, covering bookkeeping, invoicing, and automated payment. This process streamlined the financial process and saved time by automating the repetitive tasks.

Virtual Account 

Automated banking solution provides a virtual account and UPI ID to monitor your financial expenditures. It is a convenient way to handle the transaction digitally and also improves financial visibility and control.

Virtual Cards

This digitally created virtual card is an innovative way to monitor, track, and regulate online spending details. It is a safe and secure way of managing the expenses and controlling the spending limits effectively.

UPI Autopay

Periodic payment for services like wealth management, leasing services, rental, or leone repayment can be simplified through UPI Autopay. It optimizes the payment process, enhances customer convenience, and ensures the timely collection of repeated payments.

Invoice Payment

This solution will facilitate automated payment collection and generate smooth GST compliance digital invoices. This sticks with the taxation regulations.

Neobank App Development Services 

To furnish the distinctive banking requirements of the clients, we incorporate our expertise in specially crafted Neobank app development services to their needs. Some of the services we offer are:

Open Bank Integration

Our team can merge the open-banking API to allow neo-banks to access and collect customer banking data from certified financial institutions. This assists the neo-banks in providing personalized customer experience and financial analytics.

Card Issuance

This service fosters the process of issuing credit or debit cards that are either virtual or physical. They comprise every aspect from card design and distribution to activation which is similar to the process in traditional banks.

Cross Border Exchange

These services allow the clients to send and receive international transactions enabling them to make foreign transactions and currency exchanges. This allows the neobanks to operate globally and acquire international clients.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

We assist you in initiating the technical process for identifying and verifying the individual customer and the business. This is crucial for the simple onboarding process and adhering to the legal regulations.

Payment Administration

This ensures that the neo banks are capable of handling various payment methods like bank transfers, e-wallets, and mobile payments. It helps the neo banks to offer vast and comfortable payment options to the customers.

Crypto Based Services

We help launch your crypto neo banks by integrating next-generation technologies. This crypto-based banking solution allows you to make crypto-based payments and other financial services. 

Features Of Neobank App

Neobanks offers some features that are not available in conventional banks, despite their experience. Some of the cutting-edge and innovative features are:

Easy Account Creation

One of the vital features of Neobank is account creation. It helps to handle the features like official name, security number, and password. With this customers can easily create a Neobank account with the required information.

Various Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods including card payments, digital wallets, money transfers, cryptocurrencies, and net banking are used for money transactions. This feature allows several payment options to be included in the application.


This essential feature will allow the user to search for the nearest available ATM whenever needed. With this, they can also access their transaction details and payment history.

Push Alerts

They provide real-time data about the balance, security alerts, and other transactions. The additional information it provides includes the last payment date, interest rates, and any new deals.

Online Loans

With the online lending feature, one can lend money to the other at pre-decided interest rates. With this feature, users can easily get instant loans and can lend money online.

Card Administration

With this card management tool, users can easily handle their credit and debit from one location. These can then be used to adjust the settings of the cards and assist in paying credit card bills.


This element largely contributes to enhancing user experiences. This element rewards the user with points or awards for completing certain tasks. This motivates the user to maintain financial practices and use the app frequently.


It is an important feature for maintaining the security of the application. This must-have feature of the neobank application will reduce the cyber threads.

Instant Fraud Detection

This feature of the application will identify the out-of-pattern behavior while lending loans. Using Artificial Intelligence, will analyze the credit score of the borrower and priorly inform the lenders about the financial behavior.

Generative AI-powered Chatbot

Generative AI-powered Chatbot reacts to queries and provides them with appropriate responses around the clock. With machine learning abilities they provide personalized responses instantly.

Neobank App Platform Development Process 

Building the Neobank app from scratch can be rewarding. Following are the steps followed to create a successful application:

Analyze the Need and Market Demand

The important step is to study your target market and find the user’s requirements. It will help you to develop an application that serves all of your needs.

Find the Right Partner

To develop an application, select an expert in the fintech trends and also experience in implementing the latest tools. Thus partner with the leading mobile app development company for technical advice.

Build Wireframe

With the partner’s help, roughly outline the basic wireframe by creating the interface, icon, and templates. It saves time and helps the developer in upcoming steps.

Create MVP

Design an MVP that enables the developers to iterate and make corrections to the product. This leads to quick adaptation to feedback and faster development of the product.

Start Developing the Application

Decide the requirements of the application and start merging the features and functionality that match your business goals and market trends.

Security Check

These applications can be easily tampered with or breached. To safeguard the user data, implement security compliance to maintain the confidentiality of the data.

Test and Deploy

Tes the functionality on the various devices and platforms to ensure the consistency of the application. Then deploy them and record the performance of the application. Update them and make the necessary changes to stay relevant in the market.

Benefits Of Neobank App Development

Neo banking platform offers many advantages that help the user to use financial resources sensibly. Some of the benefits are:

Quick and Easy Access: The best advantage of neobanks is that they can easily access without physically visiting the brick-and-mortar bank. For this go-to population, these application offers the facility that the traditional banks offer on their palm.

Reduced Cost: Since there is no need for a physical store, the operational expense for the neobanks will be lesser when compared to traditional banks. These can be offered to the clients through better deals and providing them with lower or zero service fees.

Better Data Insights: They can easily access the information regarding the customer data, and share them hence providing a personalized service. These applications can profit from this feature as they offer personalized service.

Improved Services: They can instantly access customer data at any time and offer the required financial suggestions. They help the user to monitor spending and saving of financial resources and maintain the credit score. This results in enhanced customer service for users.

Security: The predominant feature of the Neobank is security. With the help of blockchain technology, the data is safe and secured from scammers and hackers.

Successful Neobanking Apps In The Market

Although it is a new banking system, it has gained popularity among individuals and business owners. Some of the neo-bank applications are:

Chime: This leading application has features like free checking and saving accounts, an automated saving tool, and Visa debit cards. It is popular as they have a user-friendly interface, fewer banking fees, and provides banking service to a large user base.

Acorns: It is a software that combines banking services with investment activity. The round-up features in the application round the transaction to the nearest dollar and use the spare change in different portfolios.

Revolut: This well-known application has helped the user to manage financial resources prudently. They can easily create an account and access services like payment, crypto trading, budgeting tools, and stock trading soon after opening an account.

Betterment: they are designed with features like portfolio suggestions, and goal-based investing. They offer yielding saving accounts with no monthly charges or minimum balance accounts.

Varo: This app has drawn attention for its creative way of utilizing personal money. The additional features it has are early direct deposit, a high-yield savings account, and personalized analytics for better decisions.

What Makes Maticz The Best Neobank App Development Company?

As the renowned Neobank App Development Company, Maticz builds transformative financial solutions that fulfill the changing demands of the customer and improve the efficiency of the digital banking space. Our team of talents can present you with the greatest user interface of current market trends for an outstanding customer experience. We provide consultation services to discuss the project needs and estimate the time and other requirements.

We are dedicated to delivering the project on time and also offer regular updates to keep the application relevant. Connect with Maticz to fuel your business growth and empower the customer around digital banking solutions.

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