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In this digital era, people might have come across blockchain applications. Nowadays The market cap of cryptocurrencies is growing at a booming rate. It leads people to seek crypto exchange platforms for investment. This is beneficial for not only the traders but also for the owner who kept the platform. Crypto exchange is a platform where people can trade or store their digital assets. These days, everyone has mobile phones in their hands. So all the corporations are trying to reach and attract them in the form of apps. Likewise, launching a crypto exchange app would be the best way to get more traders, investors in the crypto world.

Benefits of Crypto Exchange App

1. Mobile applications are easy to access and We can access them from anywhere, that is we need not move to the desktop for accessing the platform. So, it boosts user engagement.

2. Compared to the web platform mobile applications can load faster. So, apps are more reliable.

3. It increases the customer's trust and loyalty on the platform.

4. Boosts the brand and reputation of the platform.

5. Mobile applications minimize the development cost and maximize productivity.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

Maticz is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company that offers first-class customized crypto exchange applications with leading features of the market to ensure the security and the trading experience of the users. Our tech team has proficient blockchain experts who are specialized in building customized crypto exchange apps from scratch.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Services

Different types of crypto exchange applications are present in the market. We offer the following crypto exchange app services. Our cryptocurrency exchange app comes with multilevel security features, robust trade engine with customizable market-leading popular features. All our services have come with cross platforms compatibility.

1. Bitcoin Exchange App development

The Bitcoin exchange app acts as a bridge between the traders(buyers/sellers). It allows users to deposit their money before going to trade the digital currencies after crossing the verification steps to authenticate their identity. Here, taker's and maker's orders are matched by the trade engine. It charges a transaction fee and fund transfer fee that will be varied based on the trade volume of the platform. 

2. White Label Crypto Exchange App Development

White Label crypto exchange apps are ready-to-deploy platforms. Its front end (UI/UX) can be quickly customized based on the client’s requirement and swiftly entered the market. 

3. Centralized Crypto Exchange App Development

Centralized crypto exchange apps are trading platforms that work similarly to traditional brokerage. Here, third parties are involved in the transactions. It is the most common one chosen by the newbies since it is relatively simple compared to DEX. This platform provides a secured trading platform with a robust matching engine for order matching and transactions.

4. Decentralized Crypto Exchange App development

In DEX, people can trade peer to peer without any middleman/ intermediary/central authority and are automated by smart contracts. We build DEX crypto exchange apps on the different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, BSC, TRON, etc. 

5. P2P Crypto Exchange App Development

Peer-to-peer crypto exchange apps are also called the one-to-one crypto exchange. Here, people can buy/sell between them without any central authority. It gives an interactive and secured environment for the users. Transactions processed with the smart contract-based escrow functionality.

6. Defi Exchange App Development

Decentralized Finance(Defi) exchange apps built on a public blockchain. It removes intermediate persons between two parties in financial transactions and provides banking services in a decentralized manner. Defi runs on the ethereum blockchain by immutable smart contracts. We offer Defi exchange apps on various networks such as ethereum, binance smart chain, Polkadot and TRON.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange App

1. Liquidity integration

Liquidity is the most important one when it comes to crypto exchange apps. It prevents the exchange app from market oscillations and boosts up the stability and trust towards it. Liquidity refers to how fast an asset changes into cash. A higher liquidity platform helps to trade instantly. 

2. Multi coin support

People search for an exchange app that supports more cryptocurrencies in a single place. Our exchange app supports cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, etc. So people can trade any cryptos with this exchange app.

3. Multilingual support 

Language is one of the barriers for crypto traders. Most of the platforms failed to satisfy their customers because of ineffective language communication. People feel comfortable when they are on native language platforms. This multi-language platform improves user engagement and increases traffic towards your exchange app.

4. User and mobile-friendly UI design

A good user Interface attracts more users to the crypto exchange app. It increases users' engagement and turns more potential visitors.

5. Core wallet integration

The core wallet has the potential to contain the entire blockchain instead of one part of it. A core wallet is an inbuilt wallet or official wallet for the given respective cryptocurrencies. 

6. Payment Gateway

A payment gateway virtually connects the bank account with the relevant payment processors to process payments online. Multiple payment gateways such as PayPal and the stripe are integrated based on the client's preference. 

7. Push and  Pop notification

It helps users to get updated information about the crypto market as well as the exchange app. Push notifications do not require the app to be open. But, Pop notifications need activation from the user. 

8. Cold Wallet support

Cold wallets are offline wallets that are not connected online. It is a feasible way to store our cryptocurrencies to prevent our digital assets from malicious activities. We have developed an exchange app that supports famous cold wallets like Ledger Nano and Trezor.

9. Fiat currency feasibility

Fiat currencies help to set a consistent value for cryptocurrencies. So, crypto traders are looking for fiat to crypto exchange apps. Our crypto exchange apps support more fiat currencies. These fiat currencies can be replaced with the native fiat currency based on the country where you want to launch your mobile apps. For example, if you try to launch your mobile app in the US, we can integrate USD on your platform. Likewise, we can add EUR, GBP, INR, etc. 

Security Features of Crypto Exchange App

Security features play a crucial role in crypto exchange apps. It prevents digital assets from malicious activities. The main security features that a cryptocurrency exchange app must have

1. 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

2FA is the most wanted security process that helps to increase the security and privacy of the user. Accessing the wallet was gated by the 2FA due to security concerns. It authenticates users with the person’s identity that includes fingerprints, facial recognition.

2. QR code scanner

Quick Response(QR) scanner is the simple and fastest way of sharing an Address while transferring cryptos between the traders. It ensures the secured translations.  

3. Automated AML/KYC

Know Your Customer(KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML) obtains the relevant information about the users. It is mandatory to submit essential documents such as Photo IDs, bank accounts, and residential addresses. 

4. CSRF/SSRF Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) is the vulnerability that allows hackers with the help of trusted users of the platform. CSRF tokens are automatically created for the individuals to get prevention from these activities. 

Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) here, attackers hack the server-side functionalities and disclose sensitive information from the backend.  To diminish them, use a list of allowed domains and protocols from which the webserver can access remote resources. 

5. DDoS Attack Prevention

Distributed Denial of Services(DDoS) is a malicious activity that disrupts the natural traffic of the server by overwhelming the target. This activity slows down the performance of the network. To mitigate this, we need to build a strong network infrastructure with multi-level protection.

Crypto Exchange App with Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Cross platforms are also called hybrid platforms. Our Crypto Exchange Apps come with multi-platform compatibility that supports multiple mobiles and operating systems. It is one of the best ways to launch a product in the crypto market that supports various mobile devices to attract users. 

Why Maticz for Crypto Exchange App Development?

Maticz is a leading Blockchain Development Company, offering high-tech Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services to accelerate your crypto business journey with top-notch security features implementations. Our Crypto Exchange App Developers develop Crypto Exchange App with market-leading features that can be customized based on your business requirements. We have so many clients across the globe who are satisfied with our work.

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