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Cryptocurrency exchange development is increasingly popular with the growth of crypto based economy as cryptocurrencies becomes an essential part of our day to day lives. Cryptocurrency exchange software development is the entire scope of activities that our blockchain development team carry out to develop, deploy and maintain a cryptocurrency exchange software product.

Maticz is a top cryptocurrency exchange development company with proven track record of successful projects across various crypto domains, implements the full cycle of cryptocurrency exchange software development services to combine the bridge gap between your application and the user expectations. Our blockchain experts analyze clients requirements and develop it into a ready to deploy solutions by building a secure, scalable, user-centric cryptocurrency exchange software products with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

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Centralized Exchange Development

Build a cryptocurrency exchange platform that delivers the exchange of cryptos mediated by a central controlling body, offering an extreme degree of security and trustworthy degree of transacting the cryptos with Maticz.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Build a cryptocurrency exchange platform that promotes the exchange of cryptos over the decentralization phenomenon along with transparency, extreme anonymity and middlemen free crypto transfer by onboarding with Maticz.

Hybrid Exchange Development

Avail the features of both the centralized as well as the decentralized exchange by building up a hybrid exchange supporting the cryptos to be transferred by both the modes of exchanges adding up to the versatility of the exchange associated.

P2P Exchange Development

Carry out end-to-end delivery of Cryptos without the need for middlemen through a dedicated framework by opting to build a Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange along with CryptoMaticz offering a hassle-free mode of Crypto asset transfer.

Escrow Exchange Development

Build an Extremely Secured Crypto Exchange Platform monitored by Escrow Protocol offering rapid speed trading engine, Multi-currency pairing, unlimited Crypto token support, and error-free source code by teaming up with Maticz.

OTC Exchange Development

Build an exclusive platform to carry out a voluminous amount of Cryptocurrency trade by opting to build an Over the Counter Exchange with Maticz. The OTC carries out direct trade without the supervision of an Exchange.

Derivative Exchange Development

Carry out Cryptocurrency Trade based on the market performance of Cryptos by opting to build a Derivative Exchange with Maticz. The Derivative Exchange is capable of trading Cryptocurrencies over both DEX as well as the CEX.

White Label Exchange Development

White Label Crypto Exchange Development is capable of bringing more corresponding participants seeking Crypto Exchange and is entirely available in end to end customizability contributing to improved user experience.

Binance like Exchange Development

Binance Exchange is said to be the fore-runner of any available Crypto Exchange available in the current Crypto trends. The Binance Like Exchange Development is a benchmark standard contributing to the Exchange seekers.

Our Premium

Our top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development services involves developing interactive Crypto Exchange solutions for our global clients in diverse verticals. Here, We offer a broad range of services tailored to specific business needs.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a ready made cryptocurrency exchange platform pre-built with significant features and functionalities that is readily available for deployment. This White Label solution can be customized from end-to-end as per the requirements to make it go in line with your business revenue model. With this turn-key software one can easily start crypto exchange business. Are you a business enthusiast looking to create crypto Exchange? Our Smart, powerful Cryptocurrency Exchange Software helps you to set up crypto exchange right away.

We here at Maticz specialize in developing tailor-made Cryptocurrency Exchange Software using latest blockchain tools and with a seamless performance that has the potential to increase your user base by millions. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software comes with various in-build functionalities and engineered to support 1000+ Cryptocurrencies offering 100K+ transactions per second that is Compatible with multiple devices.

Entrepreneurs looking to launch a cryptocurrency exchange may connect with our experts, as our professionals of Maticz are certified blockchain experts and with their vast experience in the industry you may get a hassle-free cryptocurrency exchange software with advanced features within a short span of time including all the features required for your project.

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Admin Features

We have Created the Cryptocurrency Exchange Software with an efficient admin features that puts you in a complete control over your Exchange by analyzing operations in real time.

Ardent Admin Panel
Dispute Management
Manage Liquidity API
Affiliate Programs
Language Setting
FAQ Management
Social Media Handles
Transaction History
Feedback System
Launchpad Management
Trade Pairs Management
Dynamic Token Adding Tool

User Features

Our Bitcoin Exchange Software is built with most advanced User features & Functionalities for the best customer experience that empower your business.

P2P Trading
Spot Trading
Derivative Trading
Margin Trading
OTC Trading
Copy Trading
Cold Wallet Facility
Dispute System
Integrated Core Wallet
Buy Cryptos with Credit/Debit Cards
Market, Limit, Stop Limit Order
Multi-lingual Support

Security Features

To build a more secure exchange platform, Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is fortified with every security features to protect users data from threat and cyber-attacks.

Automated KYC & AML
2FA Protection
CSRF Protection
SSRF Protection
Anti-Phishing Software
Database Encryption
Jail Login
DDoS Mitigation
Multi-Sig Core Wallet
Time Limited Transaction
Biometric Authentication
Video KYC & AML Processing

Addons Features

To Improve functionality and to make exchange platform more user friendly, Our Blockchain Experts integrated these add-ons or plugins along with our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software.

Liquidity API
Crypto Trading Bot
Exchange Marketing
NFT Provisions
Refferals & Gift Card
Merchant API
Crypto Price Ticker API
Staking, Swapping, Lending
Unlimited Payment Gateway
Basic, Advanced, Pro Trading


The Cryptocurrency Exchanges ought to possess some fundamental features that opens up any Crypto open to access for the general use of audiences seeking Cryptos to be Exchanged without any complexity.


Being one of the best Cryptocurrency Exchange platform Development Company, We ensure to cover every aspect of a Crypto Exchange so that our clients can attain atmost benefits from our business-centric solutions.

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Leverage or Margin Trading

We develop Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms that readily support Margin Trading & Leveraged modes of trade which allows the participants to trade off their Cryptos more than the actual limit they are desired to be and this is enabled by borrowing more Cryptos.

Derivative Trading (Future Contracts)

We develop Derivative trading contracts that determine the value of the Crypto based on underlying assets, the price, performance, and value of underlying assets are put forth by the standard futures contracts that remain as the proof of assigning value to trade for the long-run.

Derivative Trading (Perpetual Contracts)

Perpetual trade is also much more similar to that of future derivative trading rather the price, performance, and value are not defined to a definite period of time, (i.e) the value of the asset remains constant for a longer period of time without any expiration date or value.

Spot or Instantaneous Trading

We develop Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms with Spot Trading attributes that promote the Crypto assets to be traded off at that very instant reducing the time constraints involved in the transaction of Crypto assets also adding up to the ease of access attribute.

Bitcoin Escrow Trading

We develop Bitcoin Escrow Trading Platforms that allow the Bitcoins to take up safe and secured custody until the base criterion and conditions are met, further on matching conditions between the buyer and the seller the Bitcoin is released to trade by the Escrow protocol.

Over The Counter (OTC) Trading

We Develop Crypto Exchange Platforms that promote Over The Counter Trading that involve a voluminous amount of Cryptos to be traded within a fraction of seconds, though OTC are not supervised by the Exchange our Platform offers OTC as an add-on attribute contributing to its scalability.

P2P Trading

Peer To Peer Trading mode is the ready mode to trade thereby protecting anonymity to users. Through this mode there won't be any need for disclosing the personal identity as well as transaction details to an external admin mediating the transaction.

Copy Trading

Copy trading is a real time dependent trade-off mode. This allows the traders to opt for an effective and efficient strategy that remains in the up to date market trends. Through this particular trade mode users can avail the most successful trade-off strategy in trends.

Swapping and Staking

The primary attributes defining the eased up accessibility of the DeFi are the Swapping and Staking. Swapping makes the Crypto conversion easier, much more simpler than Existing exchanges, while the Staking improves the returns to users through holding up a part of Cryptos.

Recognized as the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solution Provider, Maticz develops and delivers Cryptocurrency Exchange Software to businesses worldwide that fuel innovation & deliver success. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Developers bring tailored-fit solutions to help our clients get an edge over this relentless competition. Be it Centralized, Decentralized or Hybrid Crypto Exchange, Our End-to-end expertise in Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services are ready to fulfill your business goals.

The crypto industry is making millions every month and billions every year and the growth of the crypto world is moving upwards as years pass on. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen have made their views in the crypto market for their crypto-based business platform development. Get your business idea transformed into a digital platform with our experts taking part in every step of your cryptocurrency exchange development from scratch.

From Analyzing, Designing, to development, testing and deployment, We take care of the complete cycle and deliver result-driven products. Our Bitcoin Exchange software solution is packed with advanced features that delivers power packed performance and secure, seamless transactions. We have hands on all leading blockchain platforms to provide wide range of services for diversified domains. Launching your own Crypto Exchange is easier than ever with Maticz. Connect with our experts.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solution Provider

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Our blockchain experts are also involved in the development process of various cryptocurrency exchange apps and wallets.

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Centralized Exchange App

The Centralized Exchange Apps deliver the Crypto Exchange services monitored by a central mediating body that administers the Crypto Exchange-related queries and quality of service.


P2P Crypto Exchange App

P2P Crypto Exchange App is designed and delivered with the motto of bringing portability to Crypto experience. The P2P Exchange App makes the person to person asset delivery lot easier.


Decentralized Exchange App

The Decentralized Exchange App deliver the Exchange of Cryptos without having the need for an external middleman to monitor the transaction of Crypto based assets.


Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Maticz develop Crypto Wallet Apps that offer the users with military level fund protection along with best in the market architectural built up and advanced security implementations.

Here is the sequential work process on how our peeps make themself involve in your cryptocurrency exchange development.

Requirement Analysis

Identification of prospective domains to carry out trade.

Design Process

Building up the platform as per the user’s suggestion design.

Attribute Inclusion

Attribute inclusion as per business requirements & algorithms.

Security Checks

The Security checks like UAT and hazard testing are done.

Payment Gateways

Integration with multiple payment gateways improving usability.

Testing and Product Deployment

Once the product is developed, the platform undergoes several testing to ensure there are no bugs and is released in testnet. Once it's verified it is now deployed on the mainnet.

Our Peeps work in

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Solution
Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

We are a cryptocurrency exchange software development company with a team of 50+ visionary Blockchain developers who have years of experience in building next generation blockchain solutions for businesses in a global scale. With hands-on experience on all major blockchain platforms and cryptosystems, We strive to deploy only the best solutions that create your success stories.

Be it a start-up or large businesses no matter under which niche your crypto project falls, Our Crypto Exchange developers can build & deploy to your requirement, in your budget within the given time-frame. By partnering with Maticz you can be confident that your Crypto Exchange Projects are within the safe hands.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


Maticz develops and delivers Cryptocurrency Exchanges with optimal precision and highly scalable architectural design taking a minimal time for deployment with the military grade security implementations.

Maticz through our expertise avails Centralized Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, Hybrid Exchange, P2P Exchange, Escrow Exchange and White Label Exchange Development services.

Maticz avails quality products to its clients only after subjecting the products to undergo numerous immunity tests before deployment into mainnet along with Post-deployment assistance.

Maticz provides White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software offering a complete degree of customization as per the user-specified suggestions ensuring enhanced user experience.

Maticz builds Crypto Exchanges at optimal prices affordable to all classes of business. Reach Our Experts - Whatsapp: +91 9384587998 | Telegram: @maticzofficial, to avail quality service at an optimal price accessible to all classes of Entrepreneurs.

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