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P2P Crypto Exchanges are said to dominate the degree of services provided by the conventional Cryptocurrency Exchanges available in the current trends. The Peer-to-Peer Exchange of Cryptos easily allows the users to self-mediate the management of their Crypto assets. Due to the precision in asset delivery and privacy in transactions, the P2P Crypto Exchanges have become ready-to-go exchanges for the current Crypto traders.

Entrepreneurs/Investors opt for building a Crypto Exchange Platform providing P2P Services.

How to Start a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform?

With the amount of trust and transparency brought out through the use of Peer-to-peer exchanges, it is essential for every participant seeking cryptocurrency exchange services to have their cryptocurrency exchange powered by the P2P phenomenon. There are two available modes to build your own P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The First mode includes building up the P2P Crypto Exchange Platform from scratch delivering nuke and corner P2P Services, this is a very precise process delivering the end-to-end exchange of Cryptocurrencies over a middlemen-free framework.

The Second mode is opting for a White Label P2P Crypto Exchange Software to build your own P2P Exchange. It is recommended to team up with an expert team of developers to deliver the desired outputs.

Create a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform from Scratch

Target Location Identification

Regulation & Guidelines Matching

Cost Estimation & Scope Finalization

Developing a P2P Trading Platform

P2P Trading Features Inclusion

Payment Gateway Integration

Security Features Integration

Cryptos & Tokens Integration

Smart Contract Auditing

Exchange Platform Validation

Deployment in Client Server

Target Location Identification

The first step in building up your P2P Exchange is identifying the zone to carry out your exchange services. After identifying your specified locations to carry out trade, it is necessary to make corresponding changes to deliver the Peer-to-Peer crypto exchange services readily available to the participants exclusively seeking P2P. 

Regulation and Guidelines Matching

After identifying the target location, the developers must keep track of the regulations and guidelines that remain in line with the establishment of the Exchange platform.  These guidelines in some exceptional cases may restrict the quality of services to a certain extent.

Cost Estimation & Scope Finalization

After matching compliance and underlying the guidelines, the scope of the exchange project is to be finalized. By following that the total estimated cost to deliver the platform with user-specified requirements is calculated. Cost estimation prevents unnecessary leakage of assets.

Developing a P2P Trading Platform

After finalizing the scope and cost, the P2P Crypto Exchange Platform build-up process proceeds to the next step (i.e.) the Development process. This phase is the core process involved in building up your P2P Crypto Exchange.

The P2P Crypto Exchange Platform is developed with necessary features that are requested on the primal suggestions of the users seeking P2P platforms to exchange their assets. The platform is developed giving primary importance to the privacy features of the participants taking part.

P2P Trading Features Inclusion

The Development process further proceeds by adding the user-specified features that contribute to the efficient performance of the exchange to deliver the Peer-to-peer asset delivery.

Payment Gateway Integration

After adding up the core features that readily define the performance of the P2P Exchange, the next but very important step is carried out (i.e.) the integration with the payment gateways. The payment gateway integration process eases up the transaction of the assets.

Deployment on Client Server

On successful integration with the payment gateways, the platform is made market-ready to deliver dynamic features to the end users. The product is now out for deployment on the main net to avail the users of the P2P exchange services.

P2P Crypto Exchange Platform Based on the QoS

Based on the Quality of Service delivered the P2P Crypto Exchange Platforms can be broadly classified into three main categories. Structured, Unstructured, and Hybrid. 

Structured Peer-to-Peer Exchange Platform

This platform defines a certain definite set of rules that count for the hassle-free exchange of assets.

Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Exchange Platform

This platform allows the direct participation of users seeking to transact their digital assets. There won’t be any organizational structure monitoring the transfer of digital assets, these types may lead to increased trafficking that occurs in line with the usage of the platform called the increased rates of churn.

Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Exchange Platform 

This P2P remains in line with the Client-server model that both the buyer and the seller of Cryptos will be properly notified and will be asked to acknowledge the Exchange process.

P2P Crypto Exchange Based on the Application 

Based on the application the P2P Exchange sites may be classified into two types namely,

Ad-based P2P Exchange

Escrow-Based P2P Exchange

Ad-Based P2P Crypto Exchange

These P2P execute their quality of service by posting ads. The corresponding buyer and the seller may be notified by posting their requirements in the form of ads. This core functionality is currently provided by the Localbitcoin exchange to efficiently transfer its assets.

Escrow-Based P2P Crypto Exchange

Escrow monitors and mediates the transaction for cent percent validity. Only valid transactions are carried out through the use of escrow protocol within your exchange. Almost all the P2P exchanges function based on the escrow-based protocol.

Paxful like P2P Crypto Exchange

Paxful currently is a renowned crypto exchange platform offering Peer-to-peer service along with an over-the-counter mode of exchanging cryptocurrencies. Paxful promotes ad-based trade as well as gift card referral schemes which are the most modern means of carrying out the exchange of Cryptocurrencies. We at Maticz deliver the P2P Exchange platform with delicate features like that of Paxful.

Remitano Like P2P Exchange

Remitano Exchange bridges the gap between fiat and Cryptocurrency through its Peer Peer Exchange Script.  We at Maticz help you build a Peer to peer-to-peer exchange to deliver the assets safely and securely.

LocalBitcoins like P2P Exchange

We at Maticz help you build a P2P Exchange with trust and transparency like the Localbitcoins P2P exchange. The Localbitcoins P2P allows users to transact their assets spam-free and hassle-free over a dedicated framework.

WazirX like P2P Exchange

Wazirx transfers assets with Advanced Security features that secure the user's data to be delivered with reliability and scalability. Encryption standards remain on par with the globally available exchange scripts.

LocalCryptos like P2P Exchange 

We develop P2P Exchange supporting the dynamic features of LocalCryptos P2P Exchange. LocalCryptos is known for its efficient operations over the escrow-enabled protocols.

Features of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

Automated Leveraged Liquidity provision

Multi-wallet integration attribute

Multiple Fiat currency feasibility

Simplified interface promoting ease of access

Why Choose Maticz to Build a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform?

Maticz the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company delivers the feature-packed P2P Crypto Exchange with microservice architecture, advanced encryption standards, multi-step security implementation, and advanced crypto trading features.

If you are a person looking to build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange based on Peer-to-peer strategies, Maticz can readily provide its users with its quality of service. 

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