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Generative AI is a hot topic of the town in recent days and after the launch of the OpenAI ChatGPT the study on generative AI and research on every generative AI tool came to light. Many youngsters are looking for business opportunities using Generative AI models and AI tools. Here this blog is an overview of the generative AI use cases and their applications.

What is Generative AI?

Before getting on into the use cases and applications of generative AI it’s better to look out in-depth on what generative AI is. Generative AI is based on a programmed algorithm that functions on the concept of deep learning and machine learning. The developers work on these concepts to develop a generative AI model. These tools create content after analyzing a huge database that was used for its training model. All the data these AI tools generate are new and do not replicate any of the present data but it proposes similar characteristics.

These Generative AI models mostly work in generating texts, images, videos, audio, and more. The generative AI model has multiple use cases including the above-mentioned ones. Generative AI analyzes a whole set of existing data to produce new data on every request, every data it generates is unique and minimizes the time required for the work.

Generative AI Use Cases

Many youngsters are looking at the Generative AI use cases where they can implement these AI models in multiple areas and for various industries. Here are a few generative AI use cases you need to know.

Text Generation

The text-generative AI platform is on hype after the launch of the ChatGPT model with the number of users growing rapidly day by day ChatGPT has gained more than millions of users in just a few days of launch whereas no other platform has gained this popularity. Many users have made their way to text-generative AI platforms for their projects which helps a lot in saving their time. The AI model creates the text by analyzing its old data and provides unique content where even search engine algorithms find it as efficient data as it is plagiarism free.

Video Creation

Video Creation is making up with the trend after the text model takes over the trend. The model gets into the video content as text from the users and it creates a new video based on the previous video models used to train it. The AI content is based on the information the user provides to the tool, the more information the content gets curated and provides the exact thing the user needs. The tool can present a video with animations, and special effects, and the video will have better graphics than a beginner does in video editing. Continuous training of these AI tools lets them develop the best videos with the best graphics.

Audio Generation

To give out a voice to a character in a game or movie or even for a video these types of AI models are trained for it. By analyzing the previous database the AI model can provide the voice for the content the user provides. The user will be able to change the voice to male or female, modulation, and more where the user can finalize the one which suits the best for the project. The Audio generation model works on test-to-speech and speech-to-speech where in speech-to-speech the AI tool changes the voice and provides the same content.

Creating Music

Music plays a vital role in every form of visual content, without music any kind of visuals will be not worthy. To produce a piece of music for a video it's hard to hire a person for producing music for many companies and this AI model creates unique music which will not be affected by any copyrights as it will be unique from any other present music. The AI models are saving time and the company may switch over their task to any other development and marketing process rather than spending a huge amount of time and money on a single music.


The most talked about thing on the ground after the ChatGPT launch is its ability in coding which brings in multiple aspects of coding for various problems. These AI models can provide even complex code but the thing is these tools provide multiple errors and bugs as these are in their initial stages. With continuous training and if the user provides the right information the AI tool will end up with the right code that helps the user a lot in their project.

Generative AI Applications

The growth of technology comes up with multiple Generative AI applications where it can be employed for various purposes in numerous industries. Here are a few generative AI applications you should go through.

Generative AI Application in Banking

Generative AI can be deployed in the banking sectors for various processes with the help of these AI tools the banks can detect the fraud that happens within the banking operation. This AI tool improves data privacy by holding away data from third persons and other employees in the banks. The AI knowledge will be used to calculate the risk of the funds that are deposited and the funds the bank manages regularly. Other than this banks leverage generative AI for KYC, processing loans, answering customer needs, and all other related processes for the customers.

Generative AI Application in Healthcare

Generative AI with its wide range of access to all the previous medical records, drugs, disease, and diagnostic processes can perform well in discovering new drugs for the new disease and for the disease that lacks medicine at present. With its millions of combinations, it can find out the right drugs and it showcases the right diagnosis for each disease. The generative AI medical chatbot helps in providing the right information to the users regarding their disease. Other than this generative AI can be deployed for medical research and other medical simulation purposes.

Generative AI Application in Insurance

Insurance companies are leveraging the use of generative AI models for their growth which is deployed to address the key issue in their process this lets them find out the frauds and extract the right information and also helps the employees to do their work at ease as the AI model simplifies the process and neglects the errors. Bringing in AI helps you build a futuristic model that attracts users and implementing AI improves the trust among the customers. The AI helps in analyzing the company's performance day-to-day and helps you in detaining the customers.

Generative AI Application in Manufacturing

Leveraging generative AI solutions in the manufacturing sector lets the company act in product design, development, and launch. With the wide range of access to the previous data, the AI model has all the knowledge to develop a complete product and also can be deployed to monitor and ensure product quality. And finally, the AI model can also be deployed to monitor the supply and track the order till it is delivered in the right place and updates the information automatically.

Generative AI Application in Financial Services

Generative AI in real estate lets you build a huge user base in a short period. Generative AI models can be deployed to upscale your business by providing automated home designs and virtual home tours with the 3D plan where the generative AI model generates all the designs in minutes. At the request of the user, the AI model builds your home, office, hotel, or any other property in minutes as per your description of the content you provide in the AI model. This helps the real estate builders and promoters to attract customers to their projects.

Final Note

Why go for a generative AI model? The generative AI model lets you reach more audiences in a short period because of its results. With the growing trend of generative AI tools the usage is growing day by day, and the launch of a generative tool will improve business growth in various ways. Looking for generative AI development services you may connect with the experts of Maticz.

Maticz is a leading AI development company that offers various solutions to its clients around the globe. The team has successfully developed and launched more than 200+ platforms serving startups to enterprises. With a team of well-experienced professionals, Maticz is covering up the advanced technologies in the development process which results in the betterment of the client's projects. Just a step forward in bringing out your dream project to reality.

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