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Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development brings in top-class software developers to work on projects that fulfill the needs of the business model and the users of the software application. The development of enterprise software applications requires huge resources and time to bring access to endless business opportunities and functionalities. This development process has to go through several tools and techs for development and launch.

The usage of software applications is creating a huge demand in the world forum as most people around the world get access to the internet with ease. This results in an increased usage of multiple applications and software. On the other hand, because of software, businesses have been made simpler from retail shops to multi-level corporates, and the software applications are saving their time and making better profits.

Enterprise Application Development Company

Every industry is evolving at times, the usage of software applications for their business growth as well as for processing the business is growing day by day. This is leading every player in every industry sector to bring in the usage of software to compete in the market. This is taking everyone to search for the best team to develop the enterprise software that represents their business.

Maticz is a world-class enterprise software application development company that works with new technology trends and presents all-new software applications to its clients. With well-experienced professionals, Maticz brings in the usage of recent trends like blockchain, AI, and more that let them discover new possibilities in the digital realm and present a whole new software product of the new era.

Enterprise Software Development Services 

Here are a few enterprise software development services that the team of Maticz offers to clients around the globe.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Get an end-to-end custom enterprise software solution for your business that brings in all the tech needs to process your business and improve your business in the global market by bringing in advanced technology tools.

Enterprise Software Consulting

Maticz is filled with the minds of young and well-experienced professionals, and a few top-class experts from the team will connect with you at any time to discuss and consult about your idea and the way to implement and launch it.

Software Support & Maintenance

We provide you with complete support and maintenance even after the launch and integration of the software into your business. A dedicated team will be set up to provide any kind of support at any time after the launch of the product.

Enterprise Software Integration

Want to integrate a new software application to enhance your business? Maticz performs the best in integrating a new software product into your existing business model and sets up a new way for business growth.

Software Upgrade

Have an enterprise software solution and want to upgrade it with new trends? No worries, we set up a clear path in upgrading your software with new tech trends and tools without affecting your current business process.

Data Management

Looking for a team to manage all the data collected through your business software and want to analyze it? We help you manage all the data more efficiently and also we work in data migration and analysis.

Custom Enterprise Software Development Solutions 

We offer enterprise software development solutions to a wide range of sectors and our team has been working with professionals from various industries for years. Here are a few industries we serve


A dedicated development team works with each client who represents their healthcare centers to provide the best and unique healthcare software model that helps in managing the hospital's needs from setting up an appointment to discharge of a patient.

Supply Chain

One of the toughest and interesting ones which multi-level corporates are spending out to manage their product flow. With present tech like blockchain, new-era of supply chain software solutions are making practical changes by providing end-to-end data.


One of the ever-growing industries that is continuously making efforts to make use of the digital transformation. We are working on developing and launching solutions for users to arrange their travel, on the other hand, we also work in hotels and famous tourism areas to make their work simple.


The retail industry is one of the pioneers in adopting software applications into their business model and now from even a small-sized organization to multi-level corporates in the field are made use of it. Maticz offers custom-made enterprise software with unique features for the retail industry.


The usage of education-based software applications is still on the growth and with the introduction of the metaverse and other new tech trends Maticz offers a futuristic education software model that gives a new learning experience to everyone who goes through this innovative learning platform.

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is a trillion-dollar market that hasn’t seen any huge digital transformation but it will be seeing something huge in the coming days because of the young generation. Maticz offers various real estate software applications with Web3 tech with the most futuristic features.


When it comes to entertainment there are huge opportunities present around the globe and Maticz is focused and keen on the development and launch of digital platforms for clients that will entertain every user of the platform and also let our clients make better profits. 

Tech Stack We Use for Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Software Solutions are changing the business flow by helping industries and businesses to establish their brand growth in the world forum and reach new audiences. Here are a few top tech stacks our developers mostly rely on to develop a product or while offering a service.

Tools We Use

Backend - Node.js, Java, PHP

Frontend - CSS, HTML, Javascript

Framework - React

Desktop - Swift, Objective-C, C++

Mobile - iOS, Android, Flutter

Database - MongoDB, SQL

Cloud - AWS

Technologies We Work On

Blockchain - The new era of blockchain development is changing the whole world and the digital space making everything move over with a decentralized network that makes everything traceable & transparent and also increases security.

Metaverse - Metaverse is the changing factor of the digital space which gives the dimension to the digital world and products. Metaverse Solutions are impressive many entertainment-based projects are going with Metaverse.

AI & ML - AI development is changing the way we work and is changing the business workflow process. AI/ML will bring a change to every business/industry by impressively automating its process in the coming years.

IoT - We bring in the development of IoT applications and work in the integration of those features and functionalities in the enterprise software solutions making it more effective and a unique way in usage.

What Makes Us Top Enterprise Software Development Company?

Maticz is one of the top enterprise software development companies in India that offers a wide range of enterprise solutions over advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, metaverse, web3, and more. The team is well-packed with more than 100 professionals and has successfully developed and launched nearly 200+ projects in the past three years. 

Being the leading Software development agency, we have worked with numerous industry clients from startups to big enterprises so, connecting with the team for the development of enterprise software will end up with the best result. Have an idea? Or Still confused about setting up your idea? Our team helps you in finalizing the features and functionalities and comes up with the final product. Connect with our experts now!

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