Inventory Management System 

Inventory Management System is seen as an important technique to run a business efficiently and profitably. Having up-to-date information about inventories such as goods, products, commodities, raw materials, etc is as important as any other business operation. 

Inventory Management System is essential to keep track of what is there in stock to avoid the risk of stockouts. But doing this manually is a time-consuming process and at times there is a chance to show inaccurate records. This is where Inventory Management Software comes in. 

According to statistics, the market for inventory management software is expected to increase at an average annual rate of 11.9% to $2998.55 million by 2028. 

Inventory Management Software lets you work stress-free since it keeps all of the inventory information up-to-date. It automates and streamlines business workflow by delivering your orders on time. 

Inventory Management Software Development 

Maticz is the leading Inventory management software development company with years of experience in providing futuristic inventory management solutions. We offer Inventory Management Software with customized features that facilitate and speed up your inventory management. 

Our inventory software developers are known for developing adaptive and affordable Inventory management software for both startups and well-established companies to meet their requirements. 

Inventory Management Software Development Services 

Custom Inventory Software Development 

Our skilled developers have hands-on knowledge of developing custom inventory management software with intuitive architecture. We incorporate other internal software and hardware for better analysis. 

Cloud-based Inventory Software Development

We build cloud-based inventory management software to access data from multiple devices like PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and portable devices using various internet connections while maintaining secure data storage. 

Inventory Management App development

We develop inventory management apps integrated with third-party APIs that are compatible with multiple platforms and devices to manage tasks like purchasing, reordering, and forecasting inventories. 

Inventory Management Software Integration

We integrate software and product identification code scanner like QR, RFID, Barcode, etc into the already existing software to improve its tracking performance.

Inventory Software Implementation

We implement well-built software for SCM, ERP, and CRM systems to perform various types of inventory management like inventory control and order, supply chain, warehouse, and logistics management.

Inventory Aggregation and Sync Software 

We develop inventory aggregation and sync software to accumulate data from various platforms and warehouses. It helps sync data from different platforms to avoid duplicate and wrong entries. 

Consulting Services 

Our experts offer consulting services based on your business needs and technical requirements. We help you choose the appropriate tech stack and create a project blueprint with an estimated budget and time. 

Support and Maintenance 

We provide maintenance and technical support like updating the latest operating system versions even after the successful launch of your inventory management software. 

Inventory Software Development Solutions

Fleet Inventory Management Software

Our fleet inventory management software solutions predict future supplies and streamline your fleet management processes by providing real-time track records like reminders, delays, fuel cost, etc using GPS technology.

Warehouse Inventory Software 

Being built using resource planning software, our warehouse inventory software helps manage warehouses of various sectors, be it hospitals, restaurants, or grocery shops, and also monitors the inflow and outflow of goods. 

POS Inventory Management Software 

Being integrated with the right point-of-sale system, our POS inventory management software solutions let you know of mis-shipments and obsolete items thereby boosting your inventory management. 

SCM Inventory Management Software 

SCM inventory management software solutions provide accurate reports and turnover rates, purchase orders, and history overview. 

Retail Inventory Management Software 

For those who need to handle multiple retail shops in various locations, these retail inventory management solutions come in handy. It sends alerts when they run out of goods or overstock and also ensures their goods and supplies are ordered on time. 

Materials Requirement Planning Software 

Our material requirement planning software alerts you to the needed raw materials and their prices ahead of time and handles accounts, ledgers, and invoices. It also manages client portals and ratings using CRM tools. 

Inventory Database Management Software 

Inventory database management software automates the import and export of data. It has backup, recovery, and activity logs to rectify data even if it gets hijacked or stolen. 

Features of Inventory Management Software

Inventory Control Management 

The inventory control management feature takes control of the stocks and manages them by checking information such as cost and availability. It makes mention of the new arrivals and alternative products in the inventory listings.

Asset Tracking

This feature keeps track of the inventories in a warehouse by scanning serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, etc. 

Multi-location Support 

Multi-location support feature manages the goods and supplies from multiple warehouses in different locations. 

Logistics Tracking

By integrating third-party features like tracking and travel analytics into the inventory management software, one can get to know the exact location of inventories and their estimated arrival time.

ERP Integration 

With the ERP integration feature, one need not enter data repeatedly in different programs which eventually saves a lot of time.

Automatic re-ordering 

Automatic reordering lets you set a minimum quantity line for their products and goods and you get notified when they reach that line. It automatically places orders based on your requirements and demands.

Benefits of Inventory Management Software Development

Centralized Storage 

Delivering products to the right person quickly is hard unless inventories are stored in one location. But inventory management software lets you know of products’ location and state and helps deliver them swiftly to the customers.

Sales Productivity

Owners need not face issues like out-of-stock or excess goods since this software keeps you updated about the availability of products. 

Order Adjustments 

Making the right orders can boost the revenue of a business in any industry. This software prevents overstocking and shortages of goods and meets the demands of customers. 


With Inventory Management software, users can automate processes related to inventory and warehouses, like purchasing, selling, billing, and reordering. It carries out the process without any errors. 

Customer Retention 

Right from the placement of orders, this software keeps in contact with the customers providing pieces of information about their products like the date and time of their delivery. It offers full access for customers to track their orders. 

Error-free Operation 

Everything is automated in inventory management software reducing the risk of errors and mistakes which affect the performance of the supply chain. 

Tech stack used in Inventory Software Development

Artificial Intelligence

Predicting future purchases and demands for inventories, one can multiply their sales and boost their revenue. AI development in the inventory system ensures that inventory does not get out of stock and automatically places the order whenever any item reaches the minimum quantity line set by owners. 

Machine Learning

Inventory management software incorporated with machine learning technology does the job in a way that no human can match. It lets users find their inventories through voice search and forecast their future stock needs. It completes repetitive tasks perfectly without manual involvement. It makes stakeholders aware if anything goes wrong in the supply chain. 


Blockchain provides a distributed and unbiased platform where stakeholders upload information. It increases the reliability and authenticity of the tracking system. It cannot be changed by anyone unless it gets the approval of all stakeholders. Using this technology, retailers, suppliers, and stakeholders can connect in real-time with accurate data. 


Using Drones, one can locate and scan the inventories present in various warehouses and update information in the software. It makes the software more accessible to everybody. The quality and quantity of the inventories can also be monitored and checked with this technology in inventory management software. 

Why Choose Us for Inventory Software Development?

Maticz is one of the best Inventory software development companies in India that offers custom inventory management software at an affordable cost. Our developers collaborate with clients to deliver tailor-made solutions that fulfill their unique requirements and streamline their inventory management workflows. We specialize in crafting custom-made inventory software solutions, leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to enhance inventory management for businesses. 

We help global firms across various niches to effectively implement on-premise or Cloud-based applications for better business results. Whether you want inventory software integration or to develop from scratch, we will support you with specific resources based on the preferred business model. Develop high-quality and error-free inventory management software by teaming with the best software development company based on the requirement and moving ahead with optimized process flow and improved sales.

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