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ERP Software Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software application that helps organizations manage their business operations like accounting, project management, supply chain operations, purchase, etc. ERP software enables successful optimization of the firm's operational strategies and streamlines workflow. Generally, these ERP systems are classified based on development modules like On-premise ERP, Cloud-based ERP, and Hybrid ERP, which meet the requirements of specific industries.

An ERP system manages and handles various aspects of a project evaluating business requirements, generating detailed reports, growth forecasts, etc. In addition, it helps in predicting an important analysis with little manual assistance. The application of ERP software is essential for manufacturing to supply chain operations.

Effective Data Storage
Seamless collaboration
Accurate Analytics
Personalized Dashboard

Maticz is the best ERP development company that offers ground-breaking enterprise resource planning software development services with futuristic features and automated tools. These tools effectively manage Finance, Logistics and Manufacturing, Supply Chain Operations, Human Resources, and Customer Relationship Management, enabling corporations to save business processing time & cost while helping them focus on promoting their business.

We develop and deploy customized ERP software with market-demand features and third-party integrations across industries like Manufacturing, Construction, IT, health, logistics, etc. From Ideation to post-launch, we have got you covered and enable you to integrate the best ERP solutions to transform your business operations.

Custom ERP Development
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Best ERP Development Company

ERP development and implementation involves the development & installation of customized servers, networks, and data management solutions across platforms like web, mobile, and desktop. A proper implementation solution is essential for the accurate functioning of the ERP software.

Customized ERP application development enables the firms to build and launch the ERP software with service-based architectures, engaging UI/UX interfaces, multi-functional dashboards like KPI tracking, performance monitoring, predictive analysis & decision support system, admin control, etc.

ERP consulting services help firms who need to redefine or boost their business operations using fine-tuned ERP software. It helps them identify the necessary growth developments and implement the best & appropriate ERP software solutions according to the business infrastructure.

ERP system or data migration involves the transfer of information from one to another with proper strategy and control. ERP migration services also involve software updates, transfer of data from an existing to a new one, migration across various modules (for instance, from on-premise to cloud), etc., for better performance.

ERP software support & maintenance provides continuous monitoring, analyzing, management & timely maintenance for your ERP system. ERP maintenance enables your existing CRM software or application to function smoothly with proper updates and ensures the application's credibility.


We provide versatile ERP development services that help businesses scale their operations and evaluate stored data for better decision-making.

ERP Development Services


ERP Software Development Solutions

Maticz helps organizations develop and deploy appropriate ERP software that aligns well with their business requirements and project goals.

Cloud-ERP Development

Cloud-based ERP or SaaS ERP (also known as Software as a Service ERP) is accessible via the Internet. Cloud-based CRM is hosted on third-party servers & comes with subscription-based or premium modules for which the training, installation, and customization come from the service providers.

On-premise ERP Development

On-premise ERP software solutions are best suited for global organizations that install on in-office computers or servers within the office premises. This module requires a one-time purchase and gives lifetime ownership to the buyer, where the costs mainly depend on company size.

Hybrid ERP Development

Hybrid CRM combines the features of On-premise and Cloud ERP, which is most suitable for small businesses to manage their everyday processes. ERP software development company enables firms to customize their existing ERP system with various integration components or ground-breaking features

Multi-platform ERP

Multi-device applicability across corporate members, vendors, and stakeholders requires multi-platform compatible ERP software. A multi-platform or cross-platform compatible ERP software functions across all desktops, PCs, Mobiles, etc., on platforms like iOS, Android, etc., as intended.

Hire a Certified ERP Developer

Maticz offers the business the flexibility to hire a certified ERP software developer to build an in-house ERP application or software rather than outsourcing their ERP development requirements. Hiring an ERP developer helps businesses save costs while quickly achieving their ERP development or maintenance.

ERP Mobile Application Development

The massive adoption of smartphones across the global niches has sparked the development of industry-wise mobile app development. ERP mobile application is a mobile-based ERP software with eye-catching interfaces, user-friendly navigations, etc., and is available across iOS, Android, etc.


Supply Chain Management

The production of goods involves multiple stages starting from raw-material purchase to product marketing with several stakeholders. Supply chain management tools are of significant value to the ERP system, thus making these tasks easier and achievable.


Warehouse Management

Warehouse or inventory management is crucial for an organization's success and helps them monitor real-time inventory & product tracking. It also enables firms to save a lot of investment with appropriate resource purchases.


Customer Relationship Management

Integration of CRM & ERP tools improves contact management by storing all customer-related information in a centralized location while improving pipeline processing & lead management with an automated marketing strategy.


Analytics & Report Generation

ERP software with a multi-functional dashboard with visual representation tools to generate reports and illustrate them to the user. Analysis and reporting help in the identification of trends and future estimation.


Asset Management

The asset management part of the ERP system performs various tasks like asset audits, tracking asset downtime, developing & managing asset profiles, managing multiple assets, developing & tracking asset hierarchies, etc.


HR Management

HR management is one of the core components of multi-national corporations that seamlessly manages all human resource activities like recruitment, hiring, onboarding, skill training, employee monitoring, etc.


ERP software features various internal management systems like CRM, Accounting, and Finance that together help firms optimize their workflow and streamline their day-to-day activities.

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The business benefits of Custom ERP development are multitude and can vary across different business modules.

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Improved Security

ERP systems contain highly secured internal architecture and various security protocols like data encryption, two-factor authentication, etc. An ERP security system protects the stored data or other resources from external resources.

Automated Operations

ERP system comes with automated features that streamline crucial tasks accurately and successfully, which helps businesses accelerate their growth by taking accurate forecasts & proper decisions.

Detailed Reports

Enterprise Resource Planning Software helps stakeholders generate more detailed reports based on the input or stored data, which gives a detailed analysis of specific projects while serving as a vital tool for predicting future trends.

Centralized Storage

The scalability of storing and accessing business-related data or information in a single & secured location (centralized data warehouse) improves the efficiency of the business and streamlines data across multiple channels.


The flexibility of the Enterprise Resource Planning System enables the easy inclusion of cutting-edge or third-party features into the core system, thus helping firms strengthen their ERP application according to the market demand.

Better Service Delivery

ERP solutions can be integrated with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that acts as an interaction medium between customers, service professionals & sales, thus improving customer service.

ERP software development process from scratch is beneficial & helps firms optimize their business in the long run. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step ERP development methodology.

Identify Goals

First, gather internal data from various departments on the requirements and select the more appropriate ERP system according to the business need.

Start With UI/UX

Next, initiate the development process by creating a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface while ensuring it is compatible across various devices.

Choose The Tech Stack

Select the right technological stack, advanced frameworks, security protocols, etc., according to the ERP type & design an MVP version of ERP software before the product development.

Proceed With The Development

Now, start the development process by defining the front-end & back-end functionalities and evaluate the quality of the developed product under standard QA.

Integrate ERP Modules

ERP systems must be integrated with various modules like HR, CRM, Finance, etc., to make it multi-functional & scalable.

Review & Deploy

Review the ERP software to ensure it is integrated with the specified functionalities and deployed on the main server or system.


ERP Software Development Process
Best CRM Software Development Company

Best ERP Software Development Company

Maticz is one the best ERP software development companies in offering customized enterprise resource planning development services from ERP software solutions to ERP consultation. Maticz's expertise in delivering ERP software solutions enables the development & deployment of the MVP version of the ERP software in a few months. In addition, we provide multi-platform ERP modules with the scalability of including more advanced integrations like IoT, AI, etc. All the ERP business models are start-up friendly and come with greater transparency in pricing & development.

In addition, we enable businesses to hire a certified ERP developer at a reasonable price to upgrade their existing ERP system or build in-house ERP software. Collaborate with Maticz for the industry-best ERP software development services and optimize & automate your business operations & manage your business processes.

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