Maticz is a leading hotel software development company that provides custom hotel software development for entrepreneurs looking to develop hotel software.

We deliver customized Hotel software services and solutions that remain a great connecting bridge between businesses and customers. Everything can be made simple by our cutting-edge technologies, from online booking to hotel management.

What is Hotel Software Development?

Hotel software development refers to the creation and implementation of software applications specifically designed to meet the needs of the hotel industry. These software solutions are developed to streamline various operations within a hotel, improve efficiency, enhance guest experience, and help manage the overall hotel management process.

Technology is an essential component of every industry. Hotel software is created to give hotels a faster, more dependable, and more organized manner of carrying out operations and activities. 

It's always been possible to do things differently and more intelligently, just like it is in any industry. These can be found as software for hotel management, sales management software, review management software, and even property management software.

Hotel software development can be customized based on the specific needs of a hotel, whether it's a small or a large one. The goal is to improve operational efficiency, enhance guest satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to the overall success of the hotel business.

Best Hotel Software Development Company

Maticz is the best hotel software development company that remains a one-stop solution for obtaining top-notch travel & hospitality software development services. Our skilled developers meet a variety of needs, whether it be for hotel booking apps, portal development, travel websites, or other services.

Hire our certified hotel software developers who are skilled and competent in crafting feature-rich hotel software to make sure your business meets its specific demands and objectives. If you are looking for unique hotel software development services, then we are one of the most reputed and trusted developers in the market. 

- Committed development team

- NDA compliant

- Flexible support and maintenance

- Customized solutions 

- Latest tools and technologies 

Hotel Software Development Services

If you want to manage your hotel business better, you'll want to use effective hotel management software. Our exquisite services can help you save time and make things simpler for you.

Omnichannel Service Platform

We offer an Omnichannel service platform that allows all channels to work together seamlessly so that users have an enjoyable experience no matter which one they use. This platform keeps track of all guest communications and helps agents provide accurate information as well as locate travelers who are ready to book.

Custom Hotel Software Development

Both hotel owners and guests benefit from the development of custom hotel software. It offers clients top-notch service while creating new revenue streams for owners. It streamlines daily tasks while providing a better customer experience.

Support and Maintenance

We have the latest operating system versions supported and are always on top of maintenance and updates. This means your software and nodes will stay operational and you won't have to worry about third-party updates.

Consulting Services 

Our experts assist hotel businesses in creating the best possible digital environments by advising on the technologies that fit into your company's ecosystem, assisting in the selection of the solutions most appropriate for your operation, and creating a successful implementation strategy.

Hotel Tech Integration

With hotel technology integration, we combine software modules, subroutines, or entire programs with other software elements to create a new application or improve one that already exists. We add unique features that can make your software and applications stand out from the crowd. 

Hotel Software Development Solutions

Maticz is renowned for utilizing cutting-edge technologies regardless of the industry for which it creates software. We offer well-known, high-quality items that meet all criteria for hotels and restaurants on a global scale. 

Front Desk Management Software

We deliver Front desk management software with a handy and hassle-free dashboard that lets you see the current and upcoming bookings for hotels. You can check to see if any rooms are available and whether they are in the correct status. You can also keep track of the reservations and guests who have made them and can rearrange the reservations as needed.

- Keeps track of new bookings

- Assigns rooms automatically and enables room switching

- To manage electronic key cards and payment processes

- Conducts daily audits and operates in-room automated systems like lights, fans, AC, etc.

Point-of-sale Services

Hotel operators can add additional offers and discounts for other establishments like restaurants, minibars, gyms, and in-room amenities with the use of point-of-sale services. It ensures that all data is in one location and streamlines payment processing across numerous point-of-sale terminals.

- Processes payments automatically

- Enhances checkout efficiency

- Reduces wait times and eliminates manual work

Channel Management Solutions 

We provide Channel management solutions to manage and distribute inventories throughout the various channels. Channel management solutions help your hotel business to be found on various web channels, including GDA, direct booking platforms, wholesalers, and so on. What the channel manager does is that it connects the hotel database that holds information about the availability and cost of the hotel rooms to a central reservation system through the distribution channels. 

- Eliminates manual administration and streamlines booking-related payments 

- Avoids double bookings and other manual mistakes by making an automatic adjustment

- Allows GDS connections and real-time updates

- Manages inventory and disables channels with excessive fees

Booking Engine

The online booking engine allows users to book rooms in your hotels without having to pay any expensive commissions. It shows the rates and availability of the rooms in your hotels, and then automatically initiates the reservation process after getting the required information from the customers.

- Automates the completion of reservations

- Operates payment gateways to control payments

- Shows upgraded rooms and other amenities offered by hotels

- No commissions, since it bypasses travel agencies and OTAs

Housekeeping Management Software

We have Housekeeping Management Software that helps you keep a list of tasks for housekeepers. Additionally, it includes Maintenance Management so that you can monitor hotel damages and any maintenance work that needs to be done. This makes it easier to designate a staff member or attendant who can truly solve a problem.

- Aids in boarding employees at hotels

- Assists in Task tracking and maintenance scheduling

- Assign work orders in the zones for housekeeping

CRM System

CRM is useful to collect and organize data to keep in touch with past and present customers during and after checkout. It helps store guest data and provides a database in an accessible format. 

- Streamlines operations

- Boosts customer satisfaction

- Helps predict patterns and behaviors to create strategies

Tech Stacks for Developing Hotel Software

A wide range of different technology stacks is needed for the development of hotel software. Our experts are quite skilled in utilizing these diverse technologies to offer fascinating services.


In the hotel business, the adoption of blockchain technology streamlines international payments and serves as an open-access distributed ledger. It can keep track of every transaction and provide vendors with direct payments.

Artificial Intelligence 

We are renowned for leveraging artificial intelligence to provide resource management and planning solutions. Yet, AI's biggest contribution to the hospitality sector is the availability of in-person customer support, which has changed how hotels do their business.


IoT technology optimizes the client experience while cutting costs generally. It enables hotels to communicate with their visitors via the devices. To suit the needs of hotel management, IoT offers a wide variety of devices.


The incorporation of virtual and augmented reality in the development of Hotel software is to give the customers a virtual tour that will enhance their experience. By drawing in many audiences through its stunning features, it increases the hotel’s revenue and attracts a big client base.

Benefits of Hotel Software Development

Hotel software is utilized for many various things in the digital era, but ease, effectiveness, accuracy, and financial gains are at the top of the list. Let's examine a few advantages of creating hotel software.

Brand Awareness 

With the help of our effective hotel software solutions, you will find it simple to alter people's perceptions of your business and have a good impact on them.

Efficient Business Management

With our custom hospitality software development services, it is easier to handle business operations such as documentation, billing & invoices, offer hot deals to attract customers, room management, improve customer services, and so on 

Multiple Bookings

Software for managing the hospitality industry is designed to prevent multiple bookings. They also assist front desk workers in preventing mistakes while entering crucial customer information like name, passport information, and card numbers. 

Accurate Daily Reports

The hotel managers will have access to exact daily earnings figures thanks to data-savvy hotel management software. You will be able to make dependable judgments for your entire business with the help of reports and data from operations and marketing.

Why Choose Us for Hotel Software Development?

Maticz is one of the best Hotel software development companies that develops cost-effective and secure solutions for the hospitality industry. We assist our clients in reviving their hotel operations with our proven competence in creating GDPR-compliant software, ISO-certified procedures, and serverless infrastructure. Instead of just following your ideas and suggestions blindly, we put ourselves in your shoes and provide you the solutions. 

Being a leading Software development company, we balance your vision with market realities and give you different options for your project realization with clear pros and cons. Our customers look to us for nothing less than exceptional service. Customers trust us to give them cutting-edge solutions that flawlessly automate their business operations. Without taking any chances, Maticz has consistently exceeded customers' expectations throughout the years in all areas.

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