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Maticz is a one-stop company that helps you launch BEP20 tokens for all types of DeFi projects and lock in a tonne of revenues to help you grow your firm.

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BEP20 Token Development

With the rising demand for cryptocurrencies, the token development business has reached its peak. BEP20 token is a cryptocurrency token that is built on Binance Smart Chain with inbuilt token protocols. Backed by BNB, the BEP20 token standard defines the functionalities of tokens and decides how they should be used. It allows users to deploy fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies on the Binance Smart Chain. The distinctive benefits that come with BEP20 tokens, such as extendability, interoperability, and compatibility, make them the go-to option for trading purposes.

Maticz is a top-rated BEP20 token development company that offers fully-loaded token development services with all the vital and advanced features. We have a passionate team of developers who can assist you in launching crypto tokens to increase your visibility in the cryptocurrency market. Our token developers have extensive expertise in creating unique tokens that are targeted to your unique use case, budget, and deadline to produce unlikely but satisfactory outcomes.

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BEP20 Token Development

Our team of developers creates both fungible and non-fungible tokens for businesses in every industry. We help you grow your business potential with token development on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

BEP20 Token listing

We list the newly created BEP20 tokens on a number of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to increase their popularity and enable investors all around the world to purchase them.

BEP20 Token Migration

Our token developers assist you in migrating your BEP20 tokens from one blockchain to any other blockchain such as Ethereum, Solana, BSC, etc.

ICO Development

Our team is capable of developing and launching your ICO platform with optimum models and cutting-edge features to raise maximum funds for your crypto project by distributing ICO-based BEP20 tokens.

BEP20 Token Minting and Burning

We create mintable and burnable BEP20 tokens, providing users with the option of creating and removing as many tokens as they want to counteract token inflation.

BEP20 Token Wallet Development

We create unique BEP20 wallets to manage your cryptocurrencies to keep them safe and connect with various blockchain platforms.


With our top-notch crypto token development services, business owners and startups may quickly increase their revenue by developing their own custom BEP20 tokens.

  • BEP20 Token Development
  • BEP20 Token listing
  • BEP20 Token Migration
  • ICO Development
  • BEP20 Token Minting and Burning
  • BEP20 Token Wallet Development


The development of the BEP20 token can lead to a variety of advantages by having an impact on several services in the Binance network chain.

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BEP20 tokens give users a clear view of what happens with the tokens and who owns them. Everyone can see how the tokens are used, which allows token holders to have transparency.

Low transaction fees

Unlike other blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain doesn't cost a lot of money to make new coins. Users can make new coins on the Binance smart chain without spending too much money.

Fast transactions

Following the implementation of this native token, BEP20, Binance Smart Chain started making transactions fast, which caught the attention of many crypto enthusiasts.

High scalability

More and more users started using Binance Smart Chain which makes it easier and faster for them to trade tokens.


Although BEP20 tokens are exclusive to the Binance Smart Chain, they can interoperate with other wallets and tokens. This makes investors and developers utilize them to unlock the potential of this new standard.


BEP20 tokens can also be utilized with several Ethereum applications and wallets, such as Metamask. This implies that if you accept BEP20 tokens, more individuals might be interested in using your services.

BSC Token Development

Business Driven

Through its widespread usability and globalized preferences in serving different classes of audiences, Tokens developed over Binance Smart Chain are becoming the go to solutions to attain monetisation and effective asset management. BSC Token Development is an insignia process relating to the design and build up of Tokens which specifically operate over the Binance Smart Chain.

Maticz the preeminent Binance Smart Chain Token Development Company to avail the BSC Token Development Services with all the essential features of the BSC Tokens. Binance Smart Chain Token Development can be used to serve two causes which involve the design and development of BSC Tokens for the general use case, while the other mode is by developing the Non-Fungible Tokens. We develop BSC Token with all the essential functionalities, smart contract, and API accessibility, and attractive GUI.

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Our token development services are packed with excellent features that offer significant advantages to token owners as well as users. Here are a few standout qualities of our BEP20 tokens.

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Cross-chain compatibility

BEP20 tokens are quite interoperable, and you may switch between Binance and Binance Smart Chain using any common wallet.


POS and DPOS Support

With POS support, you can use and stake tokens to earn rewards. Also, with DPOS, people who have tokens can vote and make decisions about how things should work.


Exchange listings

With the increased popularity of BEP20 tokens, many cryptocurrency exchanges have started supporting and listing them on their platforms.


Dual chain architecture

BEP20 tokens are built on a dual-chain architecture to enable speedier transactions and make them interoperable with both BEP 2 and ERC20 tokens.


Blacklist tokens

One of the main features is that if the site that makes tokens is not safe or doing malicious things, the tokens will not work anymore.


Capped Tokens

If you own tokens, you can choose how much money you want to raise whether a hard or soft cap. Soft cap means the smallest amount while hard cap means the biggest amount.

Token Blueprint

Token Spending

Token Holder

Token Usability

Initial Coin Offering

Token Compatibility


The BEP20 Token Development can offer similarities in operations through certain functionalities on par with its counterparts-the ERC20 and BEP2.

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Our End-to-End

BEP20 Token Development Process

Here is the step-by-step process of how our team gets involved in creating your BEP20 token.

Pick A Blockchain Platform

As a first step in the BEP20 token development process, we choose the blockchain platform that will allow for efficient token operations to provide an efficient token supply.

Define Token Specifications

We decide the features and functionalities that will be incorporated into the token. It is a crucial step in which essential functions such as token type, total supply, and much more are carefully considered to develop a new token ecosystem.

Write Smart Contracts

We create smart contracts to guarantee the efficient operation of a crypto token. Smart contracts will forbid any manipulation of the token and guarantee its equitable distribution and use.

Set Up Token Functionalities

We establish token identities, including user-specified names, symbols, and operational functionalities, before distributing your BEP20 tokens.

Conduct Token Testing

Following the development, the platform is put through several tests to make sure there are no issues before being made available on the test net.

Distribute Tokens

It's crucial to spread knowledge of and support BEP20 tokens. This can be accomplished via a variety of strategies, such as an airdrop or token sale.

Launch BEP20 Tokens

Following the distribution, we list the BEP20 tokens on several Binance Smart Chain-compatible exchanges. Tokens can now be purchased, sold, or traded between users

BEP20 token serves as the foundation for all transactions available on the Binance Smart Chain. They are created utilizing the most recent technological frameworks and following industry standards. We provide top-notch BEP20 token creation services for startups and business owners who want to stand out in the market.

We create BEP20 tokens with all the necessary capabilities and accessibility based on your business needs. It’s high time to hire token developers for your projects. If you are looking to develop or upgrade your business model, you can consider developing BEP20 tokens as they hold many unique values and more.

Maticz is your one-stop solution if you are looking to develop BEP20 tokens that can help you carve out a space for yourself in the crypto world. With the growing popularity of BEP20 tokens, there is a high demand for talented developers who can provide quick and efficient results. Hire our certified and dedicated BEP20 token developers, who have all the knowledge and skills needed to successfully carry out your BEP20 token development. We have a pool of experts who have comprehensive expertise in working with various token standards. Our well-experienced developers provide round-the-clock support at a nominal rate and deliver successful projects on time.

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Top BEP20 Token Development Company

Top BEP20 Token Development Company?

Maticz is a leading BEP20 token development company that provides startups and well-established companies with fully-loaded token development services. We take a rigorous, goal-driven approach to token generation, from choosing the best blockchain to developing internal architecture. We also guarantee efficient management at every stage of the BEP20 token creation. Launch your BEP20 token and grow your cryptocurrency business with the assistance of a reputable token development company.

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BEP20 Token Development can be availed from the best in the market Token Development Company - Maticz. We are the pioneers in the art of Token Development on Binance Smart Chain on different BSC Chain standards like BEP20, BEP721, BEP1155, etc…

Tokens developed over the Binance Smart Chain are rightly sought by the Crypto aspirants due to its Token Cap history, Token Minting modes, Proprietorship and accessibility modes.

Token Development over the BSC Chain offers benefits of Extendability, Token Interoperability, Provision for rapid updates, considerations towards crowd funding and fund raising activities.

Maticz Technologies, the best in the market BEP20 Token Development Company keeps an open eye for market requirements, develops products that promote scalability and include specific attributes that account for improving the usability of the Platform seekers.

Maticz avails BEP20 Token Development at an highly nominal pricings, best in the market. The price finalization and negotiation can be effectively carried out on the basis of the add-on proposed by the users. Connect with Our Experts (WhatsaApp: +91 9159159202, Telegram: @maticzofficial) and Get the Quote for your own BEP20 Token.

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