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The tech world is always working on futuristic models and they keep transforming that tech for every industry as it boosts the growth of every business and the development of the globe. Here we are about to explore blockchain, the hottest trend in the tech world, and this blockchain trend has changed the thoughts of many young generations. Blockchain has seen a huge transformation when compared to its initial stages.

As of now, there are many blockchain use cases but Blockchain was introduced with Bitcoin to surpass the central authority and remove the banks between transactions and introduced the p2p system with the help of blockchain. But now blockchain has been transformed into a huge tech that can be used within any industry to streamline their process securely. Blockchain still holds more potential but many couldn’t get through it, this is where blockchain as a service will be playing a major role.

What is Blockchain As A Service?

Blockchain as a service is a third-party-based platform that helps in the creation and management of blockchain applications. This helps in the development of blockchain technology around the globe and helps in taking blockchain tech to every person connected with the digital space. The view on blockchain has changed completely, where blockchain can take part in various business operations apart from just taking part in crypto transactions.

Blockchain as a service is a cloud-based infrastructure that helps companies and individuals to build their blockchain apps and manage those apps. BAAS acts as a creator platform where users can program their apps with built-in tools and other stuff helping the adoption of blockchain by users around the globe. BAAS is similar to SAAS allowing its users to plan and execute their ideas into the application by implementing blockchain.

Why do Industries Need Blockchain As A Service?

As the global trend is moving towards blockchain and to make the workflow of every business secure industries are moving towards the blockchain era. Developing an application based on blockchain technology requires a huge operational and development cost and at the same time knowledge on blockchain is still lower than any other technologies present in the tech world. So, it becomes really difficult to find the right person for developing and maintaining the blockchain-based application.

To clear out this situation BAAS is one of the most effective ways that help the users of any industry to build their blockchain model and applications that help in their business growth. The BAAS infrastructure helps a lot in the development, maintenance, and launch of the applications. Going out with BAAS for early blockchain adoption will be a great way as it will be powered by skilled developers and obtain blockchain services at a minimal cost.

How does BAAS Model Work?

When a company opts out of blockchain application from BAAS with its IT partner under an agreement, the person/partner associated with BAAS will be working on the infrastructure for the development of the company idea into a functional application. The person/IT partner works for a service fee for developing and maintaining the application with the help of the BAAS infrastructure.

BAAS facilitates users to create and manage blockchain applications, smart contracts, and decentralized apps with ease. It facilitates flexibility and scalability which helps the users to modify their project as required. Most of the users who go out for the BAAS model are because the companies can focus more on the development of their business instead of spending a lot more time in the development, launch, and maintenance of their applications.

Benefits of Blockchain as a Service Platform

Going out with Blockchain as a service platform has many benefits and here are a few points listed.

Compatibility - Going on with the benefits of BAAS let the developer build a better application with the help of the infrastructure provided by the user.

Transparency - Blockchain is named for its transparency and trust, opting out of blockchain service will allow a high level of transparency and traceability which helps the business grow.

Time and Money - BAAS is a similar model to SAAS which helps companies to save time and money by outsourcing the projects with blockchain experts.

Customization - Despite building your blockchain application from scratch BAAS would offer a pre-built template that lets you easily integrate the blockchain application concerning the business.

Focus on Business - Users can focus on their business growth while the IT partner of BAAS will take care of the development and launch of the blockchain application.

Smart Contracts - Going with the BAAS will let deploy smart contracts at their best as they are mostly developed and integrated by blockchain experts.

Maticz - Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Provider

Maticz, the leading company in blockchain technology, working as Blockchain as a service provider helping out users around the globe to build their businesses with our blockchain development services. We have successfully developed and launched more than 200+ projects related to blockchain under various categories that have helped startups to enterprises scale up their businesses.

As a BAAS provider, we are keen on developing the area of blockchain and in that way, we are providing the best blockchain platforms to the digital space that helps to grow our client’s business. We bring automation, security, transparency, and other factors into the development process that will result in the improvement of our client's business making them reach the height of the global market.

End Line

Maticz is one of the top companies from India serving the globe by providing multiple software development services incorporating next-gen technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, IoT, Metaverse, Web3, and more. We have worked with various industries from real estate to manufacturing, from the education sector to the Health care sector under various requirements. With a team of 100+ experts, we are giving out an instantaneous output that helps our clients.

Maticz is powered by the brains of youngsters which helps us in figuring out the best and easiest way for the development and launch of the platform. Are you looking to develop a blockchain application to boost your business or looking to build your business model with the blockchain solution? Just a step more, get in touch with the experts of Maticz and bring your idea to the digital space.

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