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NFT Space is increasing rapidly and NFTs are becoming viable long term assets. As NFT Market is taking the world by storm in 2021, NFT Marketplaces are recording more investors presence which brings owners high fortune. As NFT Market tops the chart it has become a crucial business idea for more entrepreneurs and thousands are investing in NFT Marketplace Development. Even though there are various blockchain platforms available, Binance Smart Chain seeks the attention of Entrepreneurs due to its less Gas Fee, Cross-chain Interoperability and Faster transactions.

NFT Marketplace on BSC is a Custom NFT Marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain where users can buy, sell as well as trade NFT’s. Unlock new opportunities with high-performing, reliable NFT Marketplaces built on Binance Smart Chain. We Maticz, the leading Binance Smart Chain NFT Marketplace Development Company help you Create NFT Marketplace on BSC that makes ease of use to Create, Buy, Sell and store NFTs anywhere anytime globally.

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BSC NFT Marketplace

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Features of BSC NFT Marketplace


Storefront contains information about bids, previews, owners, price history, and more.

Advanced Filters

It should have information about the product prices, recent goods, hot offers, best-selling, and more.

Search Functions

It’s come up with a search bar for the users to search the NFT’s by adding categories.

Product Listing

It should contain the data of the product such as title, description, and product tags.

Buy and Bid

Collectors can directly buy the items with the “Buy Now” option or else “Bidding” is another option.

Wallet Support

With these features, users can send, receive and hold their currencies with their wallets.

Payment Gateway

Third Party wallet support as Trustwallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet and Coinbase.

Auction Functionality

The seller can set a minimum price and a time period with an auction functionality.

BSC NFT Marketplace Software

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Why Build an NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain?

NFT projects on established blockchain networks suffered from high transaction fees and transaction time. BSC is the major network that overcomes these difficulties. Building the NFT Marketplace in Binance Smart Chain consumes low transaction fees and time. The BSC ecosystem allows cross-chain interoperability and provides high security for risk management.

Since the reach of NFT, a plethora of investors accessing NFT Marketplace has caused overcrowding on the platform. To overcome this, Binance Smart Chain is the perfect choice for NFT Marketplace Development which brings greater benefits for the users as well as the platform owners. The successful projects on BSC Network have a high chance for collaboration with Some of the MVB winners were already listed on Binance.

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Maximize Your Revenue By Launching an NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain Now!

Benefits of NFT Marketplace on BSC

Less Transaction Fee

The BSC NFT Marketplace provides the service with a less gas fee than the other marketplaces based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

The BSC marketplace offers cross-chain interoperability where it allows the data and value to transfer between the different blockchain networks.

Faster Transaction

BSC makes the high-speed transaction because of its 3-second average block time and Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism.

EVM Compatible

BSC was developed with EVM compatibility to make it easy for the developers to deploy the DApps on BSC with Ethereum support.

Smart Contract Audited

The NFT Marketplace is smart contract audited and all the vulnerabilities neglected and it prevents the marketplace from invasive hack attacks.


The decentralized marketplace allows the user to directly deal with other users to sell/buy the NFTs without the interruption of a third person.

Data History

The marketplace shows all the statistical data of the digital asset, from the day when that specific NFT is minted till the present day.

High ROI

Investors can launch your NFT Marketplace on BSC that would benefit you in yielding high ROI within a minimum time period.

NFT Marketplace Development on Various Blockchain Networks

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NFT Marketplace on Ethereum is an exclusive entity offering space to carry out NFT based applications such as the display of digital collectibles, active participation in the auction of collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

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Solana NFT Marketplace Development

Solana NFT Marketplace Development involves the set of a process leading to the design and development of NFT Marketplace on Solana Blockchain for displaying the rare collections, arts, and artifacts, musical assets, and in-game digital assets.

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Polygon NFT Marketplace Development

Polygon NFT Marketplace Development is a process of creating an NFT marketplace on the Polygon Blockchain network. Anyone can mint, Buy, Sell NFT’s, arts, trading cards, and collectible items within a second using Matic on a Polygon Network.

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Cardano NFT Marketplace Development

Cardano NFT Marketplace Development refers to a set of processes leading to the Development of NFT Marketplace on Cardano offering an exclusive marketplace to display digital assets extensively to the ready users of Cardano Chain.

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Maticz the pioneer in BSC NFT Marketplace Development offers two options in creating your own NFT Marketplace on BSC, Option1: Readymade NFT Marketplace built on BSC (White Label Solutions). Option2: Build BSC NFT Marketplace from Scratch.
BSC blockchain architecture has fewer complications than other networks which are perfect for NFT Marketplace Development. It also consumes fewer gas fees and offers faster transactions when compared with other blockchain networks.
Maticz develops a feature-packed Binance Smart Chain NFT Marketplace that comes with outstanding features like multi chain compatibility, secure & faster transactions, user pulling UI design, robust admin & user dashboard, etc.. which are capable of making NFT aspirants more vibrant in the market.
Maticz develops NFT Marketplace on BSC in a very short span of 7 to 15 business days. The duration may vary based on the client's business requirements.
We are the market-leading players in NFT Marketplace Development, have developed and successfully launched more than 50+ projects on NFT Marketplace on different blockchain networks which are now top-performing in the current NFT Market.
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