DeFi Aggregator

DeFi Aggregators are designed with the sole motto of easing up access to the ready participants of the DeFi Space. The DeFi Aggregators bring the best performing and multiple service availing platforms to execute quality service to the participants seeking the use of Decentralized Finances for efficient asset management.

DeFi DEX Aggregator Platform Development

DEX Aggregator Platform Development is a roadmap depicting the set of sequential steps involving the build-up of a DeFi based DEX Aggregator (Cross-functional platform) bringing the high-performing entities of DeFi space under a common umbrella.  

Maticz Technologies - The leading DEX Aggregator Development Company develops DeFi DEX Aggregator Platform based on user requirements with high-grade security implementations. We also offer DeFi based White Label DEX Aggregator Script to build your own DEX Aggregator Platform like 1Inch in a few business days.

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DEX Aggregator Base Architecture

DeFi Aggregator is build upon the base architecture comprising of

  1. UI
  2. Network Listings
  3. Transaction History
  4. Available Tradables
  5. Trading off points including Deposit, Withdraw and Buying.     

Why Build with DeFi DEX Aggregator?

<< Richer Liquidity

<< Bridged up Liquidity with Chains

<< Mobile-Friendly modes

<< Reduced Charges

<< Redirection to High Yielding protocol

<< Forked up Liquidity Layers   

<< Interoperability with other Competitive networks

How does DeFi Aggregator Work?

The DeFi Aggregator executes core functionalities through a sequence of steps that include,

<< Wallet Connectivity

<< Initial Setting up

<< Eventual setting up

<< Core Functionalities

     1. Yield Farming

     2. DeFi Staking 

     3. DeFi Swapping

     4. Liquidity Provision

     5. DeFi Exchange 

DeFi Aggregator Modes

DeFi Aggregators execute their quality of service in two different entities based on their zones of executing functionalities.  

DEX Aggregator

DEX Aggregator brings all the Decentralized Exchanges that are currently in trends within a single platform to avail the qualities such as improved liquidity sourcing, optimized Token Slippage, and best in the Market Pricing.

DeFi Yield Aggregator

The DeFi Yield Aggregators are developed with a motto to leverage the Yield associated with the DeFi Platforms available in the current Crypto trends. The DeFi Yield Aggregator allocates special places for the DeFi projects to interoperate within a single marketplace.            

DEX Aggregator in trends

1inch currently is the best DEX aggregator in the trends, promoting the excellent marketplace for Cryptos to be Exchanged hassle-free over a dedicated environment. 

DeFi Yield Aggregator in trends

  • InstaDApp
  • Argent
  • 1 inch
  • Ambo
  • Zerion
  • Matcha
  • Meta Money Market
  • Multis
  • Topo Finance
  • DeFi Saver
  • Guesser

DeFi Aggregators Functionality

<< Content portability

<< Scalability and Liquidity

<< Insurance

<< Governance

<< Query rising and solving

<< Tokenizing assets

<< Interoperability

<< Stablecoins 

<< Market making

<< Market Prediction

Business Benefits of DeFi DEX Aggregators

<< Rapid Increase in users

<< Normalized Pricing

<< Best in the present Slippage

<< Deadline Combatting

<< Speculative swapping

<< Eased up DeFi Access

<< Multi-Wallet Compliance

<< Multi-Platform bridging

DEX Aggregators Supported Wallets

  • Metamask
  • Wallet connect
  • Wallet link
  • Ledger
  • Portis
  • MEW
  • Fortmatic
  • Authereum
  • Torus
  • Bitski
  • Oasis

Why Choose Maticz for DEX Aggregator Development?

We Maticz the leading DeFi Development Company design and develop the DeFi Yield Aggregator with Stable and Standard Design Architecture offering enhanced security against upcoming bugs, ability to interoperate and undergo bridging with other chains in trends. 

We develop customizable DeFi platforms contributing to DeFi tertiary services that include DeFi Swapping, DeFi Staking and DeFi Yield Farming Services.   

<<< Get a Live Demo of DEX Aggregator Platform >>>    

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