Maticz is an all-in-one PC game development studio that offers best-in-class PC or Desktop game development services with top-rated PC game developers.

Reshape your creative gaming ideas and Utilize our first-rate PC games to set a milestone and get a competitive edge over your gaming industry. 

PC Game Development 

PC game development is attracting business owners' interest and streamlining the game-making process. PC games have become the dominant platform for creating games that captivate millions of players worldwide. PC games, otherwise known as personal computer games, are played on a computer rather than a console. Since the invention of personal computers, PC games have been accessible and can be played with or without an Internet connection.

Maticz is a top-rated PC game development company that provides top-performing PC games for a wide array of genres, that reflect the expectations of our clients. We come up with PC game development services keeping in mind the current trends and demands of today’s players. We employ different gaming engines and platforms such as Unity, Unreal, Godot, etc. to create premium-quality PC games that increase the number of downloads and retention rates.  

PC Game Development Services 

Our professionals offer full-service PC game creation and employ their great craftsmanship to make engaging PC games with unique features.

Full-cycle Desktop Game Development 

We have a dedicated team of game developers who offers full-cycle desktop game development services to build custom desktop games from scratch for multiple domains. 

PC Game Porting 

Our tech-savvy experts port a wide variety of PC games from one platform to another, regardless of their variations, to improve the performance of the game and make them adapt to the new functionalities and features.

PC Game Testing 

Our industry’s best Quality analysis team performs rigorous testing on your PC games using a robust game testing strategy to check for glitches, bugs, and data breaches and satisfy the needs of our clients. 

PC Game Art and Design 

Our proficient designers create PC game art, including assets, styles, and interface elements, by unleashing the maximum potential of your gaming ideas to provide an immersive game experience. 

PC Game Prototyping 

Our talented pools build functional PC game prototypes to analyze their performance and observe the response they get before the launch of full-scale production by testing their possibilities. 

LiveOps and Support 

We at Maticz offer LiveOps and support that give your PC games live service with constant updates of features, promotions, and improvements after the game launches to increase the retention rate. 

Desktop Game Development Solutions 

Being the top Desktop game development company, Maticz provides high-caliber Desktop game development solutions that help them navigate the changing gaming industry. 

Puzzle Game Development  

We develop enthralling puzzle games with diverse game levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced, to deliver Interactive gaming experiences that keep players motivated 

Casino Game Development  

Being an expert in Casino game development, we build a wide variety of casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, etc., that provide an immersive gaming experience. 

Action Game Development 

We have a pool of talents who provide customized action games with high-quality graphics, engaging tasks, and deep battle levels to captivate the players. 

RPG Game Development  

Our expertise in RPG game development creates role-playing games with multiple levels and combat systems for players to undertake an adventure in an imaginary world. 

Simulation Game Development  

We provide astounding simulation games with incredible game mechanics, captivating storylines, and captivating visuals to give more of a complete game experience. 

Crypto Game Development 

By integrating blockchain and NFT, we create a diverse range of crypto games that provide profitable ways to hit your crypto business stats. 

Benefits of Desktop Game Development 

With extensive experience in Video game development, Maticz creates excellent Desktop games that give gamers a fun gaming experience. 

Revenue Opportunities 

PC games are known for having a wider reach in no time, so developing them provides profit-making opportunities without having to make huge investments. 

Customized Solutions 

We at Maticz offer customized PC game solutions based on your requirements, be it development from scratch, porting, or integrating exclusive features. 

Advanced Technologies 

By collaborating with us for PC game development, you can rest assured that your games keep up with worldwide trends and are being developed using cutting-edge technology.

Lifelike Eaming Experience 

Being integrated with high-quality graphics, animations, and visuals, our PC games provide a highly realistic and enchanting experience to the players, which keeps them coming back. 

Social Media Integration 

We develop PC games that are easily integrated into social media and are compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices to deliver seamless integration. 

Holistic Approach 

We provide a holistic approach to your PC game development after getting a grasp of your requirements and ensuring that the final product meets your project goals. 

PC Game Development Process

Our pc game development team works with the latest technologies, game engines, frameworks, and tools to come up with the best of all games. Let’s take a look at how we develop PC games. 

Plan out the Requirements 

As a first step, we design a document with all the necessary details like game genre, storyline, mechanics, art, design, tech stack, etc that are in line with your project goals. Our experts, with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in PC or Mobile game development, come up with perfect gameplay and storylines that leave your users awestruck.  

Pick up a Game Engine 

Selecting a game engine is crucial since it forms the foundation layer and provides all necessities for game development, such as graphics, audio effects, and inputs. It helps improve gaming performance with its various functionalities and features and completes the project within the stipulated time. 

Decide on the Programming Language 

After picking up an appropriate game engine for developing your PC games, the next step is to decide on the programming languages and tools used to proceed with designing graphics, creating assets, and coding, which plays a massive role in the development process. 

Build a Prototype 

Our highly trained developers create a simple and functional prototype that lets you know how exactly your PC game will come out, to test the feasibility of your game idea and the performance of the game. 

Create Game Assets 

In this phase, we create game assets, without which the game won't be complete. Game assets like 3D models, sound effects, textures, level design, and characters are made using state-of-the-art technologies and tools to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the PC game. 

Configure Animations and Graphics 

After the creation of game assets, we start with setting up animations, graphics, and all other game elements that help in the free flow of the game and provide the best visual experience for the users.  

Integrate Game Models

To make it a full-developed game, it is essential to integrate game models by combining front-end, back-end, graphic designs, animations, and assets into a single game model, which takes highly skilled developers to carry out efficiently and seamlessly. 

PC Game Testing 

Once the development part is complete, it lands in the hands of our software testing team, where it undergoes a series of rigorous tests to figure out and remove bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities, and breaches and make it bug-free. 

Beta Launch

Once everything is set, it’s time to launch your PC game in a beta version to check out its performance and response from the audience. Based on the feedback we receive, our experts decide where your game needs to be improved and finetuned and make the necessary corrections. 

PC Game Deployment and Post-launch Support 

After the Beta launch, your PC game is all set to be deployed on its appropriate platform for players to unwrap the fully-developed game with all its features and functionalities. We monitor your PC game for regular updates and support, even after deployment. 

Hire PC Game Developers

Maticz is your one-stop solution if you are looking to develop PC games. Hire the top PC game developers who thrive in dynamic environments with constrained resources, to create outstanding PC games that leave players with lasting impressions. Our highly skilled developers raise the bar for your game with optimal gameplay, captivating animations, and cutting-edge technologies. 

They analyze your idea, perform research, establish game design flows, come up with an initial simple game concept, and begin development as quickly as they can to provide a product faster without compromising its quality. We provide cutting-edge and exceptional solutions for our clients worldwide by keeping up with trends and utilizing the most cutting-edge equipment.

What Makes Us a Top Desktop Game Development Company?

Maticz is one of the top Desktop game development companies in India, that provides unique Desktop game development services that turn your creative ideas into realistic games. With a highly-qualified game development team, We offer versatile Game development services, from design to development, that will benefit your upcoming gaming production.

Our PC or desktop game developers will comprehend your requirements and create the ideal games for the contemporary market. We provide services for developing next-generation PC games that are adaptable to your needs and have enticing user interfaces. Contact us right away. 

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