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In this exclusive GoodFirms interview with Maticz Technologies's CEO, Gnanaprakash B, we sit and discuss with him how they are modernizing and digitally transforming brands to stay ahead in this competitive business world. Let's have a detailed look at the way Maticz Technologies, under the leadership of Gnanaprakash, is amplifying its clients' business and reimagining its operations and processes through its advanced digital transformation strategies and solutions.

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Established in 2020, Maticz Technologies is the leading Software Consulting Firm that delivers a comprehensive suite of enterprise solutions tailored to meet unique business requirements.

Whether it's an established company or a start-up preparing to launch, they deal with all kinds of businesses to develop aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly custom development solutions.

Maticz has been serving global clients with various blockchain and web3 solutions in addition to the web app and mobile apps primarily over blockchain technology.

The Tale of Inception

The CEO of Maticz, Gnanaprakash, further stated that with considerable experience and expertise in the digital space and advanced tech stack, their team works on providing products with most of the automated features.

The idea was to develop solutions for every technical challenge in front of their team and bring innovation to many business communities. "As the CEO of Maticz Technologies, I want to bring innovations in the digital space with cutting-edge technologies, and as a team, we are more focused on blockchain and metaverse solutions," said the CEO.

In-House Team

The CEO emphasized that they have built a team by sourcing many creative minds, and the agency prefers more creative people over their core strengths, which has also helped them with many innovative ideas that, in turn, have enabled their clients to reach their business goals.

"Maticz has a separate team for every process, from marketing to product deployment. Every team is led by industry experts with enough knowledge in their specified area and who has worked on various products," said Gnanaprakash.

Taming The Quality, Overpowering Competition

The CEO stated that Maticz focuses on the quality of working with business platforms and clients repetitively, which results in featuring ideal business solutions with innovations.

"Maticz always looks to bring new innovations to the global audience by partnering with our clients. We would deliver our potential to the fullest rather than just focussing on what our Competitors are concerned about," said Gnanaprakash.

Superior Development Services

"Most of our clients approach us for NFT Marketplace, Crypto Exchange, Defi development, and other web3 platforms," said Gnanaprakash, CEO of Maticz Technologies.

"Besides blockchain, we also provide software solutions for diverse businesses. We have stepped into the development of metaverse platforms, bringing many companies to the digital 3D environment."

The company's remarkable software development services have helped it acquire a respectable position on GoodFirms' list of the top software development companies.

Surpassing Customers' Expectations

When asked which industries Maticz Technologies serves and whether their clients return to them with more work. The CEO said, "We focus on a wide range of industries that are eager to give a digital transformation to their business. But on the whole, we focus on clients searching to incorporate advanced blockchain solutions into their business model."

Client-Centric Approach

The focus is on the client's vision more than the project requirements. They follow the steps of repeatedly documenting, besides making several calls before finalizing the project. The team discusses the best ideas for modifying a few features or functions with the clients, effectively contributing to the progress of many projects to success.

"We track the exact status of the projects through every process of development once the project is confirmed from the client side. Our Business Analysts follow every process in the platform development and would bridge the gap between the project development team and the client at the same time," said Gnanaprakash.

Cost-Effective Pricing Model

"We go with pay per milestones for most of our client's projects. In some cases, we go with dedicated team allocation for the services we render on a monthly basis," the CEO said.

Maticz Technologies focuses on the functionality of the project. They maintain a high level of communication with all their clients to know their specific needs and decide prices on mutual terms. Only after the clients are comfortable with the pricing, Maticz Technologies' team executes the project and delivers within a committed time frame, without any defects or vulnerabilities.

The basic package price range of the projects undertaken by the company during 2021 was between $3000 to $40,000.

Future Plans

As we conclude the interview, the CEO shares his thoughts about the company's next ten years, "We expect to be a pro player in the domain of web3 development and blockchain development. And we would love to hear about Maticz as a Metaverse Development Company in the next few years," said Gnanaprakash.

This was an excerpt of the entire conversation; the detailed interview can be read on the company's GoodFirms profile page.

About GoodFirms: GoodFirms is an excellent B2B research review firm founded in Washington, D.C. It looks for digital marketing and web development that provide its clients' with unmatched services. GoodFirms does a lot of research to rate companies and improve their online reputations. This helps service seekers find the best technology partner for their business needs.

Author Bio: Ryan Allen is a content writer at GoodFirms, a full-fledged research, and review platform that provides software and mobile app developers a great place to excel in their respective fields. He has a Master's in Journalism and reads a lot of nonfiction.

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