Binance Smart Chain has paved the way for a number of Decentralized Finance system-based projects due to its variety of options offered and a variety of use cases to the participants making use of DeFi for effectively monitoring their Crypto assets.

Goose Finance is one such DeFi project operating primarily on the Binance Smart Chain delivering highly optimized digital asset management solutions with a primary degree of priority to the Exchange of Cryptos.

Goose Finance Clone

Goose Finance Clone is a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain working similar in operation to that of the Goose Finance & PancakeSwap Exchange. Maticz delivers Goose Finance Clone supporting the DeFi services that include DeFi Staking, DeFi Yield Farming, DeFi Token Development and DeFi swapping hassle-free and bug-free over the Binance Smart Chain.    

Goose Finance - Overview

Goose Finance is a Decentralized Exchange Platform that promotes the core functionalities like DeFi Staking, DeFi Yield Farming, and DeFi Token Development along with an alternate token burning mechanism over the Binance Smart chain and exhibits its core functionalities over the PancakeSwap.  

Goose Finance vs PancakeSwap

The Goose Finance although interoperable on the PancakeSwap presents an alternating token burn mechanism and Rug pull Migrator code which reduces the chances of users’ funds being accessed by any third parties thereby increasing the Scalability of the Platform developed. 

Goose Finance Clone Script

Goose Finance Clone Script is a DeFi based Decentralized Exchange Script built on Binance Smart Chain to Start a DeFi Exchange like Goose Finance. Maticz offers Goose Finance Clone Script with plenty of features that exhibit core functionalities of Exchange like the Staking, Yield Farming, and Token Development along with an alternate token burning mechanism called the Incubator-Layered Farming mechanism.

Goose Finance Clone Development

Goose Finance Clone Development is a step-by-step process that leads to the design and development of the Decentralized Exchange Platform exhibiting primary functions more or else like the Goose Finance Exchange. The Goose Finance Clone can be readily developed in two available modes that include building the DeFi Platform from scratch and the second mode is by building the Customized Platform as per the user’s suggested specifications. 

<< Burning Mechanism

The Golden Egg is the native token of the Goose Finance Clone Platform, unlike the Cake token of the PancakeSwap the Token is designed to undergo a burning mechanism which more or else reduces the chances of the token getting deflated.

The Burning Mechanism is accompanied by a process of Layered farming which opens up a new yielding place for the Goose users every 14th day. The new layer thus formed will be called the LayerXGoose.

What does Layered Farming bring?

The Layer X Goose is capable of bringing High Yields with a  very much reduced circulating supply and an improved consideration to Secured Asset Funds for Users(SAFU).

The number of Eggs available for staking is determinant on the first come first serve basis, also the eggs will be subject to burning.

there will be a fixed amount for staking which prohibits more users into the Staking pools diluting the APY per Goose rewards.

Goose Finance Clone Script Trading

Goose Finance Clone Script trading aspect covers two core functionalities that include,

<< Exchange 

<< Liquidity

<< Exchange

The Exchange Attribute allows the instantaneous trading-off of tokens. the Token Exchange is provided with Token Slippage Tolerance and Transaction deadline after which the transaction won’t be valid.

<< Liquidity

The Platform accepts Liquidity from the participants and thereby processes a considerable amount of LP Tokens to the users.  

LP Tokens staked in a farm will be monitored through this Liquidity Portal only on un-staking the LP token from the farm.

<< Bridging

The Bridging attribute offers the cross-chain Liquidity provision to the platform by accepting assets from BUSD, USDT, and ETH into the Binance Chain Ecosystem. 

Nesting and Farming in Goose Finance Clone

Farming and Nesting are more or else similar to that of eggs but the Layer X Goose-BUSD LP Token is staked to generate more Layer X Goose, only difference is that the Layered Farming will not be able to generate eggs. 

Farming and Nesting is more or else similar to that of eggs but the Layer X Goose-BUSD LP Token is staked to generate more Layer X Goose, only difference is that the Layered Farming will not be able to generate eggs.   

Users on providing Liquidity to the Platform will generate LP Tokens as rewards, these can be readily staked to earn EGG, the Initial deposit may very well be used to buyback EGG.

The available Farms include the,












Why Choose Maticz for Goose Finance Clone Script?

We Maticz the Pioneer DeFi Development Company through our expert professionals monitor the monetary benefits of various chains and offer to design and develop the Decentralized products over specific chains to the endless benefits of the participants preferring the Binance Smart Chain for carrying out their Financial services over the Decentralization phenomenon.

We avail the Users with optimal product delivery meeting deadlines with precision in product delivery along with future-feature usability assistance and products going through a mandatory testnet on-chain service and security checks before deployment into the mainnet.

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