This article shows, How to Create a Token like SafeMoon? Avail SafeMoon like Token Development with the pioneers in Token Development - Maticz.


SafeMoon is a community-operated protocol operating with its DeFi token the Safemoon. Safemoon is known for its three main functionalities which include Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burning. Safe Moon functions based on the BNB as well as the Binance Smart Chain for its operations.

How to Create a Token like SafeMoon?

This article shows, How to Create your Token like SafeMoon. Creating a Token like SafeMoon or Any DeFi Token there involves some mandatory processes to be followed, they are identity specification, network selection, and wallet integration. Safe Moon-like Token is built through a certain definite process that comprises these steps, which account for any similar DeFi Token to be created in the future.

SafeMoon like DeFi Token Development 

Considering its outreach and improved market performance people are fond of opting for a DeFi Token Development like SafeMoon. DeFi token development like SafeMoon is bound to rule the Cryptosphere through its attributes functioning with the Reflect attribute as its core ideology. Reflect attribute is an activity that adds innovation in stabilizing the market by adapting itself to the fluctuating market and abiding by the terms that account for the long-term usability of the token associated.

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Steps to Create a Token like SafeMoon

  1. Token Identity setting up
  2. Framework Selection
  3. Identifying cause and effect of the Token
  4. Wallet Selection
  5. Account setting up
  6. Smart Contract compilation
  7. Smart Contract Deployment
  8. Asset Volatility selection
  9. Transaction Notification specification
  10. Reflection Attribute Inclusion
  11. LP Acquisition Inclusion
  12. Manual Burning Inclusion
  13. Integration with Binance Smart Chain
  14. Swap Inclusion through PancakeSwap

Create Your Own DeFi Token like SafeMoon

The Safemoon-like DeFi Token can be availed by building a clone of the Safemoon protocol. The Safemoon protocol clone can be readily obtained in two available modes.

Option 1: SafeMoon-like Token Development from scratch

Option 2: Opting SafeMoon Clone to Create Tokens like SafeMoon.

SafeMoon-like Token Development

On surfing through the Crypto market and having an end-to-end analysis of the market stats, Cryptopreneurs are readily seeking SafeMoon Token Development. The SafeMoon-like Token Development is rightly served through the design and development of SafeMoon-like Token delivering the exact features and functionalities of the SafeMoon - Token protocol in trends. SafeMoon like Token Development is the ideal measure to promote effective asset management along with efficient fundraising activities.

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SafeMoon Clone

Maticz Technologies, the leading Token Development Company develops SafeMoon Clone (Token like SafeMoon) that performs similarly to SafeMoon.

The SafeMoon Clone is a combination of RFI Tokenomics and Automated liquidity-generating tokens similar to SafeMoon. We offer a White Label SafeMoon Token Clone that allows the launch of a robust & scalable token like SafeMoon with a Minting and Burning mechanism based on user requirements with tamper-proof security implementations.

Why Choose SafeMoon Clone to Create Token Like SafeMoon?

  1. User suggested UI
  2. Algorithmic Trade-off
  3. Market-ready product
  4. Low Instance of loss
  5. Improved use case
  6. Enhanced Exposure to reflection
  7. Trademark Tokenomics
  8. Auto-Locked Liquidity
  9. Market-based minting mechanism
  10. Multiple Token burn mechanism

Features of the SafeMoon Clone

SafeMoon Token Clone protocol functions efficiently and proves its worth in the market through certain desirable features that include,

<< Increased Annual Percentage Yields

<< Community-driven 

<< Protocol Mass Adoption

<< Less-complex reward schemes

<< Market-compatible asset system

<< Launching is done fair to Mainnet

<< 5% Total fee to all its holders

<< 5% Total fee for Liquidity pair provisions

Components of SafeMoon Token Clone 

The Safemoon Clone consists of the following components that enlist Safemoon as a top-shot Decentralized Financial platform.

  1. Reflection
  2. Static Rewards
  3. Manual Token burns
  4. Automatic Liquidity Provision


The Reflection attribute is a current-day innovation in the Decentralized Finance domains. the reflection attribute contributes to a passive share of income to every Token holder. The number of Tokens held determines the number of rewards.

Static Rewards

Static Rewards can solve a variety of problems associated with the Safemoon protocol. The reward is made available to participants on a conditional basis. This condition-based reward can solve the issue regarding the downward trade-off.

Manual Burns

Manual Burns can make the protocol balance with the fluctuating performance of the market. The manual burns contribute to the long-term benefits of the Token holders.

Automated Liquidity

The Safemoon protocol automatically takes assets from holders and locks them up as Liquidity. The motive is to help the holder stay in touch with the performance of Safemoon. thereby preventing the dips from the Crypto whales when they adopt mass trade-offs.

How does the Safemoon-like Token Work?

SafeMoon Token can be made available for the general use of the audience through 5 basic steps that account for its undisturbed functioning,

Crypto Wallet Setting Up

The First and foremost step is to set up the Crypto Wallet. Usually, Safemoon extends quality service through the Metamask or Trust wallet.

Network Selection

The Primary and Mandatory process associated with any DeFi Platform is its ability to operate across chains(i.e) the chief operational network is selected.

Account Setting Up

Since Safemoon executes functionalities through Binance Smart Chain, the user account is set up at the Binance Network making it the primary agent for transactions.


On successful account creation over the Binance Smart Chain, the user will be prompted to buy the BNB which acts as the basic unit of transacting the Safemoon.

Swap using PancakeSwap

The Purchased BNB from the Binance account is now made available for swapping. The BNB is swapped with the desired SafeMoon through the PancakeSwap DeFi Platform.

Why Create a DeFi Token like Safemoon?

  • Passive Income to holders & Hodlers
  • Approximately 2M Token Holders
  • Total Supply of 1 quadrillion
  • Total Burned Tokens 223 Trillion
  • Fair Launch supply of 777 Trillion

Why Choose Maticz to Create Token like SafeMoon?

Maticz Technologies, the leading Blockchain Development Company, delivers the clone version of the Safemoon protocol to serve the ready use-case of the Reflection Tokenomics aspirants. The Safemoon Token Clone is obtained with cent percent similar attributes availing the core functionalities such as Reflection, Automated Liquidity, and Manual burns.

We also design and deliver numerous Tokenomics over different chains to help the Crypto entrepreneurs make a considerable share of income just upon holding up certain Crypto Tokens.

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SafeMoon Like Token can be developed from the scratch or as a clone delivering the functionalities. Try building your token from the pioneers in Token Development-The Maticz.

DeFi Token like SafeMoon has considerable importance in the Cryptosphere due to its attributes promoting Automated Liquidity, Auto-locked liquidity and Reflect attribute.

SafeMoon like token Development aids the users with plenty of benefits that include Leveraging returns on investment market adaptable token burn mechanism and Token minting.

Maticz is known for its impeccable track records in designing and developing DeFi Tokens over different chains serving different applications. Develop Safemoon like Token with Maticz for highlighting benefits.

Maticz is known for its cent percent perfect product delivery along with highly nominal pricings. The cost of the Development is based on the attributes and add-ons to the SafeMoon Platform available.

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