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Metaverse is the most superheated topic in the present tech world of 2021. According to the expert's research, metaverse will evolve more outgrowths & benefits. The world's expanding technology breakthroughs, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR), are turning people's attraction to themselves. As a result, techies all around the globe are competing to win the future of the metaverse market. The metaverse can be thought of as a digital replication of the world. This aids in the creation of human profiles as avatars, which are a true reflection of how the real world appears.

What is Metaverse and Why is it popular?

The Metaverse is a virtual realm in which the actual world and the internet gets met. To put it another way, Metaverse is a platform that is independent of any place or application and allows users to share their 3D virtual environment, which is both dynamic and collaborative.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, "Metaverse will be predominant one in the next five to ten years" which entices more people to the metaverse. He predicts that metaverse will reach a billion people in the next decade, and that will be providing jobs for millions of developers and inventors. Hence, undoubtedly the world of the future will exist within a metaverse. 

How to Create a Metaverse? 

Here are some basic steps to Create your own Metaverse Website

1. Elect appropriate use case of a metaverse

2. Developing UI/UX for Metaverse

3. Smart contract code for Metaverse

4. Installing the IPFS storage system 

5. Creating a DB for information storage 

6. Incorporation of core functionalities

7. Deployed for Testing and bug fixing

8. Launch for beta-version

9. Installation on the client's server

10. Deliver 24/7 support system

Build Metaverse for Various Industries

1. Entertainment:  From interacting with real-life users and befriending AI-driven avatars to overseeing a virtual concert captivating your favorite artists, Metaverse takes entertainment to a whole new level.

2. Gaming Industry: Metaverse gaming has been around for a decade in the form of multiplayer online games. It offers an entirely immersive gaming experience. As a result, people are utilizing this technology for their business advancement. 

3. Real Estate: Metaverse real estate sets new highs in the sandbox and other virtual worlds. It is regarded as the next big step in the technological world, and the volume of real estate in the metaverse has ramped up.

4. Corporate:  Working online is already a reality for many people due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, MNCs like Microsoft are following suit and in the future, more corporations will attempt to send their employees into the metaverse.

5. Social Interaction: Metaverse allows people to socialize through activities as it creates technology that enables imaginary environments in which individuals can connect, collaborate and communicate without the need to be physically present.

6. Education: Metaverse on education simplifies the education learning system by creating the metaverse. It assists in running classes and creates an immersive learning experience that runs the campus activities while using the latest digital technologies.

7. Economy: The economy is a pillar of society, so the viability of the economy depends on the recognition of digital attributes such as one's house, car, farm, furniture. It also necessitates the ability to travel and trade freely that might have different laws and rules.

Create Metaverse NFT Marketplace

The development of NFT Marketplace plays a central role in the metaverse. This metaverse NFT Marketplace offers an interactive experience to the users and encourages them to tokenize their NFT assets as soon as possible. This metaverse does not have any restricted list of specific things; it could be created beyond dreams. Maticz specializes in Metaverse-based platform development services. Our pool of metaverse developers will help you to build a versatile Metaverse NFT marketplace on various blockchain networks like Polygon, Solana, BSC with security protocols.

Build your own Metaverse Game

Metaverse Game Development is a technical process of developing a gaming platform that supports gaming assets, realistic gaming characters, and gaming accessories. It gives a realistic experience for the users while playing the game on metaverse technology. This virtual world metaverse game has been around for decades as if filled with real humans in real-time. So, hop into the future by launching your Metaverse Gaming Platform with the help of Maticz.

Create Metaverse Virtual Land

Metaverse encourages investors to invest in the digital belongings presented in new virtual worlds and it vanquished NFT sales over the past week. It broke decentraland's record for the most expensive digital land ever sold. When it comes to Metaverse-based virtual lands, incorporating the most fundamental features will contribute to its success. Purchasing a plot of virtual land, on the other hand, has the potential to make you extremely wealthy. If you want to earn more profit, start your business right now with Maticz's Metaverse-based software solution.

Characteristics of Metaverse 

Interoperability - This allows for seamless travel between virtual space and virtual assets. The interoperability of Metaverse will provide users with greater continuity of originality and experience when compared to the modern internet.

Interactive - People can interact with one another in the Metaverse. It connects people who live thousands of miles apart, improves instructiveness, and aids development. Therefore, people are more connected than ever before in this interactive world. 

Persist - Metaverse technology is persistent, which does not allow closing the virtual world like traditional applications, ensuring that the virtual world remains active and integrated with the real world. Metaverse will exist as long as there is a gateway for these technologies.

Advantages of Metaverse Business

1. Three-Dimensional Display provides people with more entertainment and delight.

2. It improves the quality of social relationships and provides the experience regardless of the user's physical presence.

3. Metaverse enables every enterprise to win with minimum expenditures and more effectiveness.

4. It ushers in a new era of entertainment and economy while also posing new challenges to mankind.

Why choose Maticz to Start a Metaverse Business?

Maticz, a supreme Metaverse Development Company that offers development services on Metaverse. Our team of seasoned experts will help you to deliver the guaranteed noteworthy products. If you want to dive into the bandwagon of the Metaverse and also get the benefits of Metaverse, partner with the best industry-leading top development company like Maticz to unleash the actual potential of your platform. If you want to be the forerunner of the metaverse movement, this is the right time to do it.


Metaverse is pretty much difficult to predict the outcome of the product. But the important thing is, the future will be in the Metaverse. Similarly, conferences with clients, digital amusement, job internship, and even online demonstration are all anticipated to be available online in the future. That is why many tech giants are entering into the Metaverse such as Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia. And if you want to become a part of the future version of the internet, then you must think about creating either metaverse or applications. On the whole, entering into the Metaverse industry bears unimaginable benefits and lets users catch up on more things that tempt users.

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Yes, you can make your own metaverse by approaching the right metaverse development firm. You can create metaverse for various use cases out of which metaverse games, and metaverse real estate is preferred by the majority of metaverse investors and entrepreneurs. 

1. Pick a target industry vertical for the Metaverse project.
2. Choose the right Metaverse development firm.
3. Build a suitable UI for your Metaverse platform.
4. Select an appropriate public blockchain network.
5. Code smart contracts for core functionalities.
6. If required, integrate AI and VR functionalities.
7. Database and IPFS storage system creation.
8. Integrate blockchain, front end, and back end.
9. Smart contract auditing, product testing & bug fixing.
10. Release beta version or mainnet release.

The cost to build a metaverse platform ranges from 20,000 USD to 1,50,000 USD. The cost for metaverse development depends upon the client’s business requirements.

Yes, the metaverse is built on blockchain technology. It is the most integral part of the metaverse as blockchain enables users to store, protect, buy and sell digital assets in the metaverse platform. Blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, etc are the most preferred blockchain networks for creating metaverse platforms.

You can make money on metaverse in several ways, 
1. Play and earn metaverse games.
2. Advertisement in the platform.
3. Marketplace in the metaverse.
4. Metaverse virtual real estate, etc.

Maticz is a globally recognized Metaverse development company that has developed more than 150+ blockchain projects which are now top-performing in the market. With a vast experience in various cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, solidity, unreal, augmented, and virtual reality, our metaverse developers can deliver you an outstanding metaverse platform fulfilling your business requirements 100%.

In the next 10 years, Metaverse Technology and projects leads the main role and make exceptional standards in the advanced tech ecosystem. It is a diverse platform which means unlimited prototypes with various specifications.

You can easily launch a Metaverse firm in any field you want. There are three different ways to create a metaverse business. 1. Become a member of the team and help them with their metaverse business. 2. Design a Metaverse Project for yourself or with one or more collaborators. 3. Add the AR and VR technologies to your existing business - Metaverse.

(I) Select your metaverse platform app name
(II) Drop the outline of the metaspace
(II) Add the specifications and features
(IV) Develop a user interaction prototype in virtual meta
(V) Build a consistent standard to support the exchange in various system
(VI) Use the external components 
(VII) Go live on the app store 

It is entirely dependent on the time to construct and magnitude level. It will take approximately 6 months to create a metaverse project for your respective field.

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