Metaverse has evolved as the “next battleground for internet technology” which is the amalgamation of immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality that has gained huge traction. The concept of a metaverse is blending the physical world and the virtual world. It has evolved itself as a trillion-dollar investment opportunity. Many enterprises are competing with one other in the race of metaverse to become boss in setting standards. 

Metaverse is shaping the digital world through a paradigm shift in the real estate business by profiting the users. Metaverse real estate is embraced by many technophiles even many leading tech companies are fascinated to own a piece of land in the metaverse and enhance their social interaction. Unlock the opportunities of tomorrow by creating your own real estate in the metaverse. 

Metaverse Real Estate 

Metaverse has led the way for reaping huge returns by capturing the attention of investors in metaverse real estate. The real estate business has always been a huge return investment. Metaverse real estate is hovering among real estate investors to enhance their digital lives. Metaverse real estate is the digital real estate that mirrors real-world real estate. The current advancements in metaverse have transformed the physical real estate industry. 

Metaverse real estate helps the investor or the owner to sell or rent his/her real estate to other users. In the same way, the owner can build educational centers, offices, entertainment places, etc, and make them available for the users to interact with others. From leading brands to celebrities many have started to step into the metaverse real estate by owning their own real estate in metaverse land. This has induced an increase in the price of the metaverse real estate surging to about 500$ million. 

Why Build Real Estate in Metaverse?

The real estate business has always been a profitable business for real estate investors.  As the pandemic has changed the life of everyone digitally, everyone has adopted the digital transformation in their life. Hence, Creating real estate in the metaverse has become an obsession for many people because of its lucrative benefits. The sudden urge in developing metaverse in real estate is because of its scarcity. Scarcity is pegged as the value of the real estate in the metaverse. 

Metaverse real estate business is limitless which brokes down the geographical boundaries as like in physical real estate. People from any border can interact, socialize, content creators can monetize their ideas for huge revenue streams. On the other hand, NFTs play a key role in the metaverse as they are the proof of ownership for real estate in the metaverse. People are craving to own real estate in the metaverse as they are limited commodities and will be having huge benefits in the near future. 

How to Create Metaverse Real Estate?

Developing Metaverse real estate is easier as it does not involve any tedious work like real-world real estate. Go through the following fundamental steps involved to create a metaverse real estate. 

Step 1: Approach Metaverse Development Firm 

Step 2: Design and Develop UI/UX for the Platform

Step 3: Develop and Integrate Smart Contract codes

Step 4: Installation of IPFS Storage System

Step 5: Setup Database to Store Information

Step 6: Incorporate the vital AI and VR functionalities

Step 7: Integrate Front End and Back End

Step 8: Proceed to the test phase to fix bugs

Step 9: Launch the beta version

Step 10: Deployment in client’s server

Let's briefly discuss the step involved to build your own metaverse real estate platform. 

Approach Metaverse Development Firm 

The first step is to analyze and set the objective of the project to be developed. Find a full-fledged metaverse development company that has the appropriate skill set and understanding of the chosen niche to implement your ideas.              

Design and Develop UI/UX for the Platform

The next step is to design and develop a user interface as per the client's requirements and needs. This is nothing but the animated visualization of the interface that will be provided to the client.

Develop and Integrate Smart Contract codes

At this stage, the developers create smart contracts for developing the metaverse real estate platform. After the development of the smart contract, front-end and back-end implementation is carried out and integrated. 

Installation of IPFS Storage System

The next step is to install the IPFS storage system depending on the operating system. IPFS is a decentralized storage protocol to store and share large amounts of data which is cryptographically hashed to ensure safety. 

Setup Database to Store Information

In this stage, the developers set up a database to store and access confidential details like end-user records, transaction records and manage a large amount of data by integrating the security of the data. 

Incorporate the vital AI and VR functionalities

This is the important stage in the development process. Here the core AI and VR functionalities are developed to create avatars, Digital humans like NPCs, build virtual reality scenes with javascript for performing tasks similar to the real world. 

Integrate Front End and Back End

In this phase, The developers integrate the front-end with the back-end. The back-end handles the data of the front-end functionalities to operate seamlessly. Further the developed smart-contract codes, IPFS are integrated and progressed to the testing phase. 

Proceed to the test phase to fix bugs

In this stage, the developed platform is subjected to testing to check computational errors, usability, and also to check the smart contracts to fix any bugs. After the testing phase, the product is ready to launch the beta version. 

Launch beta version

Once the testing is completed successfully, the platform will be deployed as the beta version to check whether it satisfies the market requirements and user preferences. Additional features are incorporated if required and it is ready for the final deployment. 

Deployment in client’s server

This is the final stage of the development process. Once the platform is tested intensively the developed Metaverse Real Estate platform will be deployed on the client's server which will be available for the end-users. 

Benefits of developing Metaverse Real Estate Platform

1. Metaverse real estate offers the users a space to socialize, create 3D content and monetize them, showcase NFTs and trade them.

2. The real estate owners can build professional places, educational centers, entertainment places, and many more amenities and rent or lease to third-party entities.

3. As in the physical world, investors can buy real estate in the metaverse through real estate agents or any other brokerage firms.

4. The metaverse real estate does not require a license and there are no regulatory laws and rules, no property inspections to own real estate in the metaverse.

5. The input cost for developing metaverse real estate is more affordable compared to physical real estate as there are no construction supplies. 

6. The average price of the metaverse real estate has escalated from $100 to $15,000 in a short span and will surge more with growing popularity. 

Why Choose Maticz to build Metaverse Real Estate?

Maticz, the pro-players in Metaverse Real Estate Development offers the best-suited solutions to create real estate in the metaverse. Our diligent developers in maticz have explicit knowledge in metaverse to develop scalable and user-engaging metaverse real estate platforms. Our dedicated team assists you in transforming your digital ideas into reality without compromising on advanced technologies and quality. Set your foot into the metaverse before the spot is taken by creating a reliable real estate in the metaverse. 

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