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Crypto Exchange Platform

A Crypto exchange platform is where the users sell/buy cryptocurrencies, tokens, and stablecoins. The exchange platforms with more features and fewer service fees will attract more users. On each transaction, the crypto exchange platform charges some transaction fees in percentage to its traders. This is how many exchange platforms are earning and becoming giants in the crypto world. Most beginners of the crypto world first start their crypto journey by trading cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms. 

Centralized Crypto Exchange

The centralized exchange has a high authority to maintain security and will monitor all the transactions that take place in the exchange. Binance crypto exchange is an example of a centralized exchange. The centralized exchanges have their wallets for every user so that they verify the users and get their information through the verifications of KYC. In simple words, a centralized exchange is a place where a middleman or a third party helps to transfer your funds with the help of your identity.

Decentralized Crypto Exchange

The decentralized crypto exchanges are independent as there are no central bodies to govern the transactions. Here the entire working mechanism is controlled by the predefined Smart Contracts operating on a particular Blockchain network. Binance DEX is one of the best examples of decentralized exchange platforms. Users can take part in the trade with the use of their third-party crypto wallet, here in DEX Exchange there is no usage of core wallet.


Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform at present in the world, taking the daily cryptocurrency trading volume into account. Binance crypto exchange was founded in 2017, from the time of its launch till now Binance has introduced various features and new trading options which make it stand-alone from the other exchange platforms. Binance crypto exchange has more than 50 crypto coins to trade. 

Binance crypto exchange is designed for all levels of traders, even beginners can start their trading and all the advanced features are also provided for experienced traders. Binance crypto exchange has the features of defi platforms and recently Binance introduced NFT officially on their exchange platforms. Maticz has well-experienced crypto exchange platform development experts who will provide you with the best crypto exchange like Binance.

Why Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance?

Crypto is said to be the future and one of the main platforms for users to exchange and trade cryptocurrencies is the crypto exchange platform. Crypto exchange platforms have gained users during the past few years due to their interest in cryptocurrencies and thinking of the future, most of the leading entrepreneurs around the world started focusing on cryptos.

Not all crypto exchange platforms are the best and most secure, at the same time each crypto exchange has its special features. Users move towards the best exchange platforms which have fewer transaction fees, trading time, etc. 

Only a few crypto exchanges like Binance have their best user interface and all trading features. Binance offers both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges with top-notch features that crypto users find more useful in trading. So, launching a crypto exchange similar to Binance will gain you more crypto users.

How to Create a Crypto Exchange Platform like Binance?

Here are some basic steps to Start a Crypto Exchange like Binance

Step 1: Analyze the Crypto market and counterpart.

Step 2: Proper License requirement to start legally.

Step 3: Approach the best crypto exchange development company.

Step 4: Partner with the bank and third-party payment apps.

Step 5: Get Liquidity for your Crypto exchange platform.

Step 6: Launch the exchange platform with beta testing.

Step 7: Offer 24x7 technical support for customers.

Step 8: Proper Marketing to reach the target audiences.

Analyze the Crypto Market

Before launching the crypto exchange, analyze the market in your country and take down the features that most traders want. Analyze the cryptocurrencies needed to be added to your exchange platforms in the interest of the crypto users. Note down the features which will gain you more users on your exchange platforms.

Proper License Requirement to Start Legally

Each country has its own rules and regulations to start a business. Each government provides a license to start a business. In addition, the government provides a set of rules and regulations to start a crypto-related business, in which exchange platforms also have certain regulations that have to be fulfilled to get the license.

Approach the best crypto exchange development company

With all your ideas, approach the best exchange platform development company to develop your crypto exchange. Select your choice of whether to develop your exchange platform from scratch or the clone script. Ask to add your expected features that attract users to your crypto exchange platform.

Partner with Bank and Third-Party Payment Apps

Set up partnerships with the banks so that the users can buy/sell cryptos and transfer the money to their banks from their wallets. Also, integrates with third-party payment apps so that users can easily transfer their funds between their virtual wallets and bank accounts. 

Get Liquidity for Your Exchange

To start your exchange and users to buy the cryptos, the exchange platform should have liquidity in the platform. This is the major issue in starting a crypto exchange platform. This is solved by integrating with the other exchanges to enhance the liquidity, potential users do not trade without an order book.

Launch Exchange with Beta testing

Before launching your exchange platform to all the users, launch to specific numbers of users and get their reviews. Even though the platform may be tested during the development it may cause some issues during the performance in the real world. Get the changes in the exchange platform in case of any problems and launch your app for all the users.

Offer Technical Support

After the launch of your platform, give technical support to your users for any of the problems regarding your platforms. This will help you in retaining your users for a longer period or lifelong and even gain you, new users.

Target Your Users

After all your setup regarding your exchange platform is completed, get your users. Target the crypto users with various campaigns and explain your platform features to attract them to your exchange platform.

Things to consider to Make a Crypto Exchange like Binance

  • Centralized/Decentralized
  • User Interface
  • Trading Engine
  • Wallet Integrations
  • Trading Options
  • Centralized or Decentralized 

One of the main things to consider before launching your exchange platform is whether it is going to be centralized or decentralized.

User Interface

The user interface is the first thing your user is going to see when they open your software/app which should impress your user with the interface.

Wallet Integration

To maintain the speed of the transaction even when a huge amount of transaction takes place. The buy order in the order book matches the sell orders of the users and the trading engine matches the orders and exchanges.

Robust trading engine

The main process is the virtual wallet integration to the account or creating the wallet through KYC verification through which the users transfer funds outside the platforms.

Trading options

There are several trading options like derivative trading, spot trading, margin trading, p2p, etc.

How Maticz Develops a Crypto Exchange Like Binance?

Maticz develops crypto exchange platforms like Binance in two modes,

(1) Binance clone script

(2) Building from scratch.

The development of the exchange platform with the clone script includes its end-to-end functionalities adding up the extra features. It's a White Label crypto exchange platform that allows customization. On the other hand, Building from scratch requires more time from its creation to testing. Developing from scratch will make your platform and user interface unique but the cost for the creation of exchange platforms from scratch is more than the development from the clone script.

Features of the Binance Clone Platform

Maticz builds a feature-packed Binance-like Crypto Exchange platform that meets your business requirement cent percent. We have developed and successfully launched more than 50+ Crypto Exchange Platforms that are now leading the crypto market. Our Binance Clone Platform comprises the following features,

  • Margin trading 
  • P2P trading
  • Derivative trading
  • Spot Trading
  • Dynamic Crypto Pairing
  • Liquidity tools
  • Core Wallet setup
  • Multiple Payment Gateway support
  • Automated KYC & AML verifications 
  • Multi-functional User & Admin dashboard, etc.

Why Maticz to Build a Crypto Exchange Website like Binance?

Maticz, one of the global leaders in Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, has satisfied many customers all over the world by providing the best exchange platforms. We have successfully developed crypto exchange platforms, NFT marketplace and DeFi platforms, and ICO/IDO platforms for many customers all over the world. Our Blockchain developers have worked on various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Polygon, Solana, and Cardano, etc. Having the idea of launching your crypto exchange platform, get in touch with our experts and launch your exchange platform like Binance and become a giant in the crypto world.

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