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iOS Game Development 

iOS Game development has recently witnessed great traction in the digital space. In the ever-shifting world of games, iOS has emerged as the powerhouse platform to invent games that intrigue millions of gamers worldwide. iOS games are seizing the attention of gamers as well as entrepreneurs to make it their venture. iOS game development streamlines the process of creating games on the Apple operating system for diverse iOS devices such as iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

Maticz is a renowned iOS game development company that delivers top-performing iOS games that resonate with the expectations of the client. Our iOS game developers create games using various game engines such as Unreal, and Unity to bring out the best of all the games offering gamers an engaging game experience. We integrate the latest tools and strategies to create successful iOS games that help in increasing player engagement and the number of downloads. We focus on the player's desire and deliver premium-quality iOS games with addictive gameplay. 

iOS Game App Development 

The world of mobile gaming is witnessing a tragic momentum as they bring the games to the user's fingertips. This created the impact of creating iOS games with rewarding gaming app solutions. iOS game apps revolutionize the way of gaming by providing enchanting gaming experience and also offers unbelievable opportunities for players with unique innovations and possibilities for monetization.

Maticz is the top-rated iOS game app development company that designs and develops iOS high-standard iOS game apps with a unique game genre that shifts your ideas into real-life game experiences. Being rooted in iPhone game development our dynamic iOS game developers will refine your creative gaming ideas and craft unique game solutions according to your requirements. Our seasoned developers help you step closer to success by fabricating iOS game apps with rich visuals and engagement. 

iOS Game Development Services

Maticz renders quality iOS game development services helping clients lead their way in the dynamic gaming landscape.

Custom iOS Game Development 

Maticz offers custom iOS game development services helping you with creating custom games that can be tailored with advanced features, astonishing animations, and graphics without compromising the quality of the game. 

Full-cycle iOS Game Development 

Being the leading iOS game development studio, Maticz delivers full-cycle iOS or iPhone game development services that help in developing iOS games right from scratch considering all the client's requirements and preferences.  

2D/3D iOS Game Development 

With our 2D/3D iOS game development services, our developers ensure to create games with astounding 2D/3D graphics by implementing attractive game mechanics, audio, and appealing user interface. 

iOS Game Asset Creation 

Our creative designers at Maticz deliver iOS game asset creation services that facilitate the creation of realistic and unique game assets, 3D models, textures, and animations based on the storyline of the games. 

iOS Game Maintenace and Support 

Our technical team at Maticz delivers full-scale post-maintenance support to sure the games are fully optimized and update regularly to fix bugs and other upgrades based on the market thereby improving the retention rate.  

Benefits of iOS Game Development

Having deep expertise in Video game development Maticz develops fascinating iOS games that benefits players with satisfying gaming experience. 

High User Engagement

As the name suggests iOS platforms deliver high-quality. We develop iOS games with high quality and standards which results in high user engagement with an increased retention rate. 

Realistic Gameplay 

We develop iOS games that render captivating and appealing gaming experiences to users by incorporating high-level graphics and animations. 

Enriched Security

The iOS platforms are known for security and confidentiality. Hence our iOS games are developed by ensuring a high level of security and reducing the risk of any other malicious activities. 

Monetization Opportunities

Our game developers create iOS games with a wide range of monetization opportunities such as In-app purchases, advertisements, and subscription models which helps in generating passive income. 

Cutting-Edge Tech Stack

We assure to develop iOS games with contemporary technologies and gaming trends which helps in keeping the gaming platform up-to-date based on the market trends. 

iOS Game Development Process 

We develop iOS games by employing various stages right from the concept to launch. Have a look at the step-by-step overview of our iOS game development process. 

iOS Game Ideation and Planning

The first and foremost step in developing an iOS game is crafting the storyline and gameplay. Also, the game concept is defined including the game mechanics, game genre, tech stack, and target audience, and planned according based on the business goals.  

Determine Programming Language

Once the game concept is finalized, we proceed with choosing the appropriate programming languages such as Swift or Objective C as they play a major role in developing a perfect iOS game platform. 

Select Game Engine

After selecting the programming language the developers go ahead by selecting the game engine. Unreal Engine and Unity are the popular gaming engines in recent time which offers unique features and functionalities and will be the best fit to develop impressive games. 

Design Game Structure 

In this phase, the game structure is designed by creating unique characters, 3D models, textures, and level designs based on the game genre and style. These assets are created in such a way it attracts the players and retains the dedicated players. 

Setup Animations and Graphics 

After designing the game structure, we go ahead with setting up animations and graphics. The characters and models are brought to life by setting up animations that satisfy the players and give an addictive gaming experience.  

Integrate Game Models 

This is the crucial phase in the game development process. After setting up the animations, characters, and models, the front-end and back-end are integrated to bring out a fully developed game. 

iOS Game Testing 

Once the game is fully-developed it is subjected to the testing phase. Here the Software testing team conducts multiple testing to identify and fix bugs and ensure that the games run without any quality reduction. 

iOS Game Deployment and Post Maintenance 

After the successful completion of testing the game, it is ready for launch. The fully-developed game is deployed on the appropriate platform and let to the end-users. Post-deployment the game is continuously monitored for further support and upgrades. 

Hire iOS Game Developers

Having rich experience in the gaming industry Maticz is accompanied by a pool of game developers who are highly proficient in developing games with unique gaming solutions. Our developers adhere to the iOS standards and develop iOS games with rich-quality graphics, and animations attracting players of all ages. 

Hire our tech-savvy game developers who are specialized in iOS programming languages such as Swift, Objective C, and creative iOS games with more flexibility and compatibility. With a strong knowledge base in Mobile game development, our game developers focus on creating highly exclusive and intuitive games within the given period without compromising the quality of the game. 

What Makes Us a Best iOS Game Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best iOS game development companies in India that offers next-gen iOS game solutions with the industry's top game developers at an affordable cost. Maticz will be the right fit for delivering Game development services that satisfy your passion for developing games by defining your vision and unique identity. Our skilled game developers blend creativity with practicality to deliver a realistic gaming experience. 

We make good use of our game professionals to transform your creative game idea into a successful gaming platform. Our technical experts provide complete support right from defining the game concept to the game launch and assure that the game process is smooth and refined. Achieve a top position in the gaming industry by crafting enthralling iOS games that deliver a memorable gaming experience. 

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