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Are you a business tycoon wanting to launch your futuristic online casino game that paves the way? Then, Maticz's Keno Game Software Development is the one-stop solution for you. Let’s dive in and depth understand the Keno app development services with cutting-edge technologies. 

Keno Game Development 

Maticz is the top-notch Keno Game App Development Company that creates a multitude of Keno lottery games and also has ample experience in the casino industry. We have strong game developers who strive to provide you with the finest Keno game software solutions for startups and entrepreneurs. 

Maticz provides keno software solutions in the form of native mobile applications, desktop software, and multi-browser web-compatible platforms. If you want to initiate a keno-based casino game business or you are a newly launched business in the casino vertical, Our keno lottery game software can be the end-to-end solution that assists these business people in generating lucrative revenue for their casino business by captivating a plethora of target audiences.

Keno Game Development Services

With the help of our casino game developers, we render you highly efficient Keno Game Development Services to create excellent keno game software along with unique features.

Crypto-Based Keno Game Development 

We provide Crypto-based Keno game development services that integrate and support major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and more.,These Crypto-based solutions make payment more convenient for users in a user-friendly way and protect against riskier complexities. 

Bitcoin-Based Keno Game Development

Maticz offers you top-notch Bitcoin-based keno game solutions that assist business people in making their payments and transactions with Bitcoin. Also, it provides a process of payment to the users more flexibly. 

Blockchain-Based Keno Game Development

As a leading solution setter in the field of blockchain, we offer the Blockchain-based Keno game solution that aids businesses in making secure transactions. Due to the immutability of the blockchain, the transaction that occurred in the keno game platform is more transparent. 

Keno Mobile Application Development

With the aid of our great craftsmanship, we deliver the keno platform in mobile application solutions in both Android and iOS. This keno mobile application took more attention from mobile users to play.

Custom Keno Game Software Development

Maticz provides white-label Keno game software development services in addition to design, UI/UX, support maintenance, and more., Also, we provide both readily-available products, along with On-demand customization, Integration of add-on features, brand-specific designing, and more.,

Features of Keno Game App Development

User Dashboard

Our Keno Game app software features an appealing user dashboard, empowering your users to seamlessly manage their gaming profiles and oversee crucial gaming operations

Custom On-demand Integration

Our Keno Lottery Game Software covers multiple on-demand custom integrations based on the business's specific necessities, along with the required set of features. 

Integration of Back-end Admin & Report Module

The integration of a robust Back-end admin and report module in our platform lets the admin control and manage important functionalities associated with the platform including player, finance management, and more.,

Referral Bonus

In our Keno Game Development solution, Referral Bonuses are provided to loyal and frequent users for referring the Keno game platform to the friends and family of the user and engaging them with the Keno game software. 

Game Pace Control

We proffer your users the ability to control the pace of their keno game which enables them to choose between a fast-paced or slow gaming experience to match their preferences.

Multiple Keno Games

Our Keno Game Software supports multiple keno games that include online keno, free keno, casino keno, cavemen keno, klub keno, and more.,

Easy-to-use CMS

Our Keno Game Software holds an easy-to-use Content Management System so that you can make small changes in the platform on your own in an easier way. 


The Integration of the Scoreboard feature in our Keno Game Software keeps your players well-informed about the scoring updates of the different gaming levels. 

Multiple Payment Gateways

With the inclusion of Multiple Payment Gateways in our Keno Lottery Game, your users can easily choose the one they like best without any hassle. 

Player Management

Our Keno Game Software includes a player management module that assists you in better handling various players and their gaming activities on your platform

Benefits of Our Keno Game Development

Highly-Secure Transaction System

Our Transaction system is highly secure and can easily handle tasks like ticket management, bets, accounting, verifications, and reporting functions conveniently. 

Market-Friendly Platform

Our Keno Game Software app platform is market-friendly as it comes optimized with all the required marketing factors including search engine optimization, social media optimization, and more.,

Easy-to-use Front-End Design

Our Keno Game Software has a user-friendly front-end theme that is simple to navigate for users and will keep your audience engaged with the platform.

Lucrative Features for Engaged Users

Our Keno game platform is incorporated with all the significant and cutting-edge features for attracting your target audience and providing them with an exciting gaming experience. 

Mobile Responsive

Our Keno Game Software is highly mobile responsive which makes it a more convenient option for your targeted mobile users. 

Revenue Model of Keno Game Software 

Online Bets

The process of playing keno begins with registering at the casino and placing your bets. Players must bet to earn the actual winnings. The chances of winning every time are quite low, but more applications earn from their bets. 


Another monetization strategy for every mobile app especially for the Keno game platform is Advertisements. Keno Casino game app just needs to display commercials to earn lucrative profits from third-party networks.

In-app Purchases

In-app Purchases permit selling a wide range of interactive features directly through mobile applications, which assist in improving the rate of user acquisition. This model tends to earn a high amount of revenue. 

Hire Keno Game Developers

Interested in starting your own Keno casino game business in the digital world? Why not you prefer Maticz's casino niche providing - Keno game software solutions? We render Keno casino game software to budding startups, entrepreneurs, and bigger ventures and assist them and setting up niche online gambling businesses right from start to end. 

Hire a talented team of keno game developers at Maticz to develop highly customized online keno game solutions for web platforms, mobile devices, and PCs. Whether it is for Android, iOS, or Windows mobile apps, or user-friendly desktop software, we create cutting-edge solutions for all. For those interested in launching a Keno gaming business on web platforms, we create multiple browser-compatible, highly responsive web applications built on HTML5 technology.

You can Hire a Keno Game Developer from our team of innovators or develop a fully customized solution for your online casino business. While developing a keno game platform, our hired game developers keep you aware of all the ongoing activities and also consider your thoughts and requirements to offer you with most appropriate game solution. 

Maticz is a renowned Keno Software Provider all over the globe. We proudly serve clients in all the major countries of the world. With the best craftsmanship, we are a trustworthy Game Development Company

Create your own Keno Game Platform

Currently, Keno is getting a huge hit among lottery players who spend more than a million dollars on that game every day - why not think about starting your keno game platform? It’s a good idea to take advantage of the popularity of the Keno Lottery and develop your platform based on modern keno game software that will allow lottery fans to play via their smartphone, without leaving their home.

To launch a Keno Game Platform, it is not true that business people need an army of tech innovators, and graphic designers that satisfy their business requirements. The only necessity is to choose the brand name of the casino game and the internet domain for your business. The rest will be taken care of by our tech developers from Maticz, the innovators of the finest Keno Game Solution setter in the casino world. 

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