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Maticz is a pioneer Smart Contract Based MLM Development Company that provides white-label MLM Software solutions and expertise in developing MLM platforms similar to Forsage, Forsage Tron, Million Money, Doubleway, Supersage, etc. we offer quality services in creating the MLM platform based on the requirements of the clients.

Lion’s Share Clone Script:

Lion’s Share Clone Script is a Smart Contract MLM Script built on Tron & Ethereum Blockchain that enables you to launch Smart Contract-Based MLM platform similar to Lion’s

Maticz’s Lion’s Share Clone is a complete White Label solution that enables you to customize the MLM business plans, registration & commission fees based on your requirements & support multiple MLM matrix schemes, etc...

Lion’s Share Overview:

Lion’s share is an MLM based platform designed to work on both Tron as well as Ethereum. It is a business engine with cent percent transparency. Its operations are carried out and viewed publicly. Many investors sort to invest with the Ethereum Blockchain based platforms; Lion’s share is an optimal solution to the investors who think of investing right now.

Why go for Lion’s Share Clone Script?

Lion’s share allows the users to have their own MLM platform like Lion’s Our Lion’s Share Clone ushers the users to go for customizing their platforms based on their requirements. Lion’s share has been designed to look after the traffic created on the Smart Contract-Based MLM business. Owing to the increased investment in Ethereum/Tron, entrepreneurs readily gearing towards starting a smart contract MLM platform on Tron/Ethereum network.

Lion’s Share Clone Script Benefits:

• Cost-efficient asset sharing

• Highly immune to hack attacks

• Cent percent returns to investors.

• Recognized and reputed smart contracts.

• Transparent and trusted smart contracts.

• Completely decentralized platform.

• Comfortable compensation plan.

Lion’s Share Clone:

Lion’s Share Clone is an Ethereum & Tron Blockchain powered Smart Contract Based MLM Platform that replicates the complete working module of Lion’s

Business Benefits of our Lion’s Share Clone:

Our Lion’s share clone offers 32 different ways for our client to make their earnings. Earnings are obtained in the form of Ethereum. Trade begins with the possession of Ethereum coins as low as 0.04 Ethereum. The scheme of our clone comes up with an extremely affordable price to anyone who wishes to start a business relating to the corresponding smart contract-based MLM platforms.

How does our Lion’s Share Clone work on Ethereum Network?

Operating modes:

Lion’s share comes out with two operating modes called the L1 and L2. Both are designed to earn a passive income to the participants of the platform.

L1 mode of operation:

There will be three volunteered performance underlying any of the uplinks. They are prospected to attain certain levels. This L1 is entirely based on the client’s direct referral schemes. The shares of the first two participants will go directly to the person who referred them, while the share of the third participant will reach the upline. There are 16 such spots that are desired to be filled. Each participant will follow the above rules upon attaining certain levels of investment. The earnings here in this L1 is mainly centered upon the direct referrals that are done by the client. By rough calculation, the client will have gains about 55 eth at the end of the entire process.

L2 mode of operation:

L2 also comes up with 16 slots to be filled. But there will be two main uplines in this particular scheme. Each upline will have two participants within its limits. Here the shares of the first five participants will directly reach the person who referred to where else the share of the sixth and final participant reaches the upline, after reaching certain limits. However, in both cases L1 and L2 the person who referred will continue to earn. Projected earnings of 115 eth can be ascertained at the end of this process.

Confirmation and Joining:

After the necessities are fulfilled the client gets enrolled with our clone platforms interface. On completion of the registration process, the client will be re-directed to the dashboard.

How does our Lion’s Share clone work on Tron Blockchain?

Like the Ethereum Blockchain network, Lion’s share also operates on two different modes L1 and L2 on the Tron Blockchain network. Each of the two slots L1 and L2 comprising of 16 slots each. Initially, the client will be required to have a sum of 200TX as a base requirement to take part in the trade.

L1 mode:

This mode is entirely similar to that of an Ethereum operated mode of earning. The client will have 3 numbers of slots under his downlink; shares of the first two will be directly benefitted to him while the third share leads towards the uplink, which opens up the matrix again to the participant.

TRX To slot Ratio:

















The user on completion of the L1 will be able to earn a huge sum of 88,900TRX.

L2 Mode:

L2 mode is also entirely similar to that of Ethereum Blockchain L2 mode.L2 also 16 slots. In this mode each participant will have 6 downlinks, out of which the two shares will lead to global team members, three shares will lead to the participants and one share will lead to the uplink to re-open the matrix for the participant. L2 also has the same amount of TRX generated per every slot as of L1 mode. Downlinks will generate infinite TRX, even the downlink has leveraged to a whole different level. L2 will earn an estimated revenue of 178200TRX as a whole.

Simultaneous involvement:

The participants on simultaneous involvement on both the plans L1 and L2 will generate revenue of over 267100 TRX. Through simultaneous involvement, participants will be able to generate revenues on a multiplication basis.

Highlights of our Lion’s Share Clone:

Interoperable with both Tron and Ethereum:

The Tron blockchain process usually offers a reduced gas fee when compared to Ethereum Blockchain architecture. Our platform comes up with the advantage of reduced gas fees and improved throughput.


Our platform is extremely decentralized and has zero human intervention. There won’t be any mismatching of funds due to third party interference.


Our platform does not collect any user private information to take part in the platform process. This adds security to the participants of the platform.


Transactions taking place in our platform is highly transparent. Anyone can view the process taking place with the help of the Blockchain network. This will add up to the reasons to go with our platform for transacting.

Customization compatible:

The interface of our clone platform is extremely customizable with simple configurations. Our lion’s share clone is designed to be compatible with the requirements of our end users.

Why Maticz for Lion’s Share Clone Development?

We the Maticz through our qualified set of analysts have analyzed the market performance of various MLM platforms and arrive at a very conclusion that lion’s share has a prospective of performing well at the market. It is essential for white label solution providers like us to provide with the clone script of the lion’s share to be highly beneficial to the active participants of the MLM platform business.

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