What is an MPC Wallet?

MPC wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet that uses Multi-Party Computation (MPC) cryptography to secure private keys and transactions. MPC wallets are the better alternatives for traditional crypto wallets where our private keys and seed phrases are always at risk. 

As the name suggests, MPC wallets require multiple parties to accept, validate, and sign all types of transactions made on them. They allow users to transfer digital assets to any wallet of their choice. These wallets are widely used by government agencies, companies, and banks to add an extra layer of security. not only gives users complete control over their assets but also allows users to transfer funds to any wallet of their choice while giving them complete control over their assets.

Big players like Fireblocks, ZenGo, and Coinbase also have the upper hand in using MPC wallets. They protect billions of dollars worth of crypto assets owned by big crypto firms. 

Why is MPC Wallet better?

Although MPC technology has been for years, it was recently applied to crypto wallets as the latest innovation. There are so many reasons why you might want to try out an MPC wallet. The main reason behind its wide popularity is that in this wallet everyone gets the bulletproof security that is given only to the pros in other crypto wallets. 

In centralized exchanges, there will be somebody to look after your crypto assets but you have to lose your freedom, ownership, and privacy in return. But in MPC wallets, you get full access to your crypto assets with its self-custody option. You can recover your keys using email or cloud backup just like you do to recover your login and password details. 

It is no wonder that the MPC wallet is highly popular because it offers robust security, on-chain self-custody, and recoverability at the same time. Unlike Multi-signature wallets that do not work on particular blockchains, MPC wallets support different blockchains. In today’s world where data and content are stolen in no time, it is more important to secure your seed phrase and keys with a wallet like MPC. 

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How does MPC Wallet Work?

MPC wallet works by splitting the traditional private keys into multiple pieces and distributing them in multiple places. The main reason behind this distribution is that no one will have full access to the traditional private key.

Even if a hacker gets access to one or two shares, they cannot be successful in hacking the wallet since there are secret shares. So you can make your digital assets much safer than in traditional wallets. There is no single point of vulnerability and nobody will ever have access to any private key. 

Key Generation 

The entire process of creating private and public keys inside the wallet is referred to as key generation. The registry of the private and public keys for the purse-liberation devices is also included.

In this way, the devices that unlock objects produce a set of public and private keys, which are then combined with those of the other devices to produce the private and public keys for the MPC wallet. This approach, like a multi-signature wallet, aims to divide control of the wallet to make it more difficult for a hacker or other bad actor to seize it.


In this step, it makes a special code called a signature by using some secret codes it has got earlier. It also uses a message that everyone knows, like how much money one wants to send. The signature is like a stamp that no one can change, and it shows that the transaction is real and gets added to a big list called the blockchain.

Address Generation

The creation of public keys can be requested by any member of the signing parties. This makes it simpler to send money to that address in the quantity you want.

It is nearly hard to reverse the technique used to derive the public key because it is so complicated. 

As a result, it is secure to create a special public key for every participant, from which other public keys can be extracted to distribute money to the MPC wallet.

Every MPC wallet development project should aim to spread control of the private key among several devices to lower the possibility of money being lost or stolen.

Accessing Funds

Similar to the generating procedure, monies can only be accessed if the requirements established while creating the MPC wallet are satisfied. Three devices with private data must be present to access the wallet if they were introduced in the generation.

At this point, cryptographic systems, security modules (HSM), or other security measures may be responsible for protecting the devices. In reality, only the original associated devices will have access to the MPC wallet and be able to manage the money.

What are the Benefits of MPC Wallets?

MPC wallets are secure alternatives to hot wallets that let you access all of your digital assets using a single private key. It provides a secure on-chain asset management system where a single key is split into multiple keys which makes it harder to steal it or key loss. Here are some of the benefits of MPC wallets that distinguish them from other crypto wallets 


An MPC wallet keeps your digital money extra safe by giving pieces of the secret key to lots of different people, so even if one person tries to take it, they won't be able to steal it.


Companies can make things easier by using a special wallet called an MPC wallet. This helps lots of people work together to move and take care of digital money.

Low gas fees

The cost of using the blockchain is the same no matter how many people are involved in making transactions, as long as the number of transactions stays the same.


MPC wallet keeps your money safe by using secret codes that can't be figured out by someone else. And because many people help control the wallet, bad guys can't take over and steal your money.


MPC wallets are easy for people who are new to cryptocurrencies to use because they have good ways of keeping your information safe. They also let you trade special types of tokens like NFT in a way that's similar to regular ones.

Supports Multi-currency

MPC wallets help you keep track of all your digital money, no matter what kind it is. You don't have to use different ways to sign in or different money wallets because you can do everything with just one system.

5 Best MPC Wallets

While choosing an MPC wallet, you cannot ignore important factors like security, privacy, and ease of use. So before choosing it is necessary to do market research and select the one that meets your demands. 

Some of the top MPC wallets mentioned below have their unique features and benefits. 

Unbound Tech 

Unbound Tech has a special way to keep digital things safe. They can help keep important keys and transactions protected and work with other tools you might already use.

Fire Blocks 

A platform called Fireblocks enables the safe storage and exchange of digital assets. Their MPC-based technology enables institutions to safely store and transmit significant amounts of digital assets by enabling secure multi-party computation. 


Institutions can use Curv's cloud-based MPC wallet system. Their platform provides secure key generation, storage, and signature services with an intuitive user interface that makes maintaining digital assets easier.


ZenGo is a mobile wallet that protects private keys with MPC. The wallet is a popular option for individual investors because it has a user-friendly design and supports a variety of coins.


For the protection of digital assets, KZen Networks provides an MPC-based solution. Their wallet includes cutting-edge security features like multi-layer encryption and threshold signatures and is intended for institutional investors.

Is MPC Wallet a Game Changer?

As technology grows, there is a demand for highly secure and user-friendly solutions to manage digital assets. MPC wallet seems to address the challenges of traditional wallets with its fresh approach and optimal balance between data security and privacy. 

For those people who have taken back from Web3 technologies due to the insecurity of digital assets, this wallet could bring them to the decentralized world of Web3. Its unique and innovative features like emergency escape and self-custody make it unavoidable in the Web3 space. 

As more individuals start utilizing this technology, we can expect a big shift in favor of safer and more effective options for Web3 users all across the world. MPC wallets are positioned to be a key player in self-custody and digital asset management in the future. 

MPC Wallet Development 

Are you ready to take advantage of MPC wallets? Then why wait? 

Maticz is a notable MPC wallet development company that creates robust, reliable, and customizable MPC wallets with intuitive user experience. Maticz takes pride in being the pro player in crypto wallet development and satisfies the diverse needs of companies wishing to integrate blockchain technology into their operations to fully realize their potential.

Our MPC Wallet Developers are constantly focused on making the most of blockchain technology and achieving the best white-label crypto wallet solutions in the shortest amount of time. Enhance your trader's wallet experience by developing your feature-powered MPC wallet today. 

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