NFT Marketplace Script

Captivate a large number of users by providing them a marketplace to create, buy, and sell NFTs using business-grade NFT Marketplace Script. At Maticz, we provide NFT Marketplace Clone built with phenomenal features and functionalities that will bring massive profits.


White Label NFT Marketplace Script

NFT Marketplace Script is a ready-to-deploy White label NFT Marketplace Solution that helps you to start your own NFT Marketplace like Rarible, Opensea, etc. It helps business owners to provide services that can cater to any type of domain needs such as art, music, video, real estate, sports, games, metaverse, and much more. Using our intuitive NFT marketplace script, create a seamless NFT trading experience for your users and generate a digital revenue stream from your NFT business. Get a readymade NFT Marketplace Clone Script developed by our team of experts that is 100% customizable and feature-packed.

Our readymade NFT Marketplace Script helps you launch your own NFT Marketplace Website in no time with a minimal amount of cost.With the success of business giants like Rarible, OpenSea, demand for NFT Marketplace Script are in a surge. Maticz is the leading NFT Marketplace Development Company that holds extensive experience in delivering NFT Marketplace Development solutions for various market needs and business models. We provide the best-in-class customized NFT Website Script for startups, individual digital content creators, and large businesses. NFT Website Script is a complete technology suite to start an NFT Business.

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Ecommerce Storefront

Our NFT Marketplace Script comes up with a Storefront that acts as a window to showcase all NFTs from different content creators under a single roof.


Smart Filters

With a bunch of smart filters, users can find NFTs based on their requirements that enables them to save time and purchase on the marketplace easily.


Advanced Search

Sailing through an ocean of NFTs can be done effectively with the help of powerful search options including the advanced ones through an intuitive search bar.


Product Listing

We have created our NFT Marketplace Clone with a great product listing feature that lets users create and list NFTs with Titles, Description and Tags etc.


Buying Functionality

The buying functionality allows users to add their NFTs to shopping carts and proceed checkout by paying through their desired payment gateways.


Auctioning Functionality

When a user wishes to Buy an NFT that is listed on the auction, they can place a bid and buy using the bidding option which contains the expiration date and Bid's current status.


Multiple Wallet Support

NFT Marketplace Script is integrated with highly secured wallets that allows users to connect their wallets to the platform and buy, store NFTs at ease.


Payment Gateway

NFT Marketplace Clone is integrated with multiple payment gateway options that allows users to pay through their favorite payment options like PayPal, Stripe, Debit/Credit Cards, Net banking etc.


Reviews and Ratings

The users can leave their reviews and rating for the NFTs listed on the platform which helps to know the performance statistics of the NFTs and also adds value to them.


Your business model involves various revenue-generating acts along with the below-mentioned streams and it is brought to the global market with the best blockchain team.

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How Does NFT Marketplace Script Work

Our NFT marketplace script is developed with an appealing user interface that makes the NFT platform work productively.


Set up the wallet of your choice or wallet supported by the marketplace platform and connect it to the NFT Marketplace to add cryptos.


Buyers can register and create accounts on the NFT Marketplace.


After setting up your Wallet, create your collections to add NFTs.


Set up the wallet of your choice or wallet supported by the marketplace platform and connect it to the NFT Marketplace


Now you can upload your digital artworks or digital collectibles and customize your NFTs with a proper title and description.


Now the users can search for their desired NFTs using various filter options and advanced search options. Once users have choose the NFT, They can add it to their cart and proceed to checkout.


List your NFTs for sale by listing them under any of the options such as fixed-price listings, auction, and declining-price listings.


Once they have selected and added to cart, they can buy NFT through their payment gateway options.

NFT Marketplace Clone is a 100% Customizable, White Label NFT Marketplace solution that’s infused with a pack of stunning features and functionalities. With the help of the NFT Marketplace Clone, one can customize it and deploy an NFT Marketplace like Rarible, OpenSea, Foundation, etc. The most significant advantage of our NFT Marketplace Clone is its manifold ability to adapt to various business markets like digital artworks, music, digital collectibles, in-game items even real estate. Whatever might be your market, Our NFT Marketplace Clone delivers.

Being a top-rated NFT Marketplace clone script provider, Maticz provides a complete tech suite of NFT Marketplace Clone Script with a clean code structure assuring the best NFT trading experience to your users. Get out robust NFT Marketplace Clone Script, customize it based on your business requirements, and deploy your NFT Marketplace Platform.

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NFT Marketplace Clone


Maticz develops the top-performing NFT Marketplace Clone scripts for the global NFT market to launch a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace.

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Opensea Clone

Strom into the highly profitable NFT Marketplace Space with our OpenSea Clone. Our OpenSea Clone is integrated with rich features, 100% customizable and Ready to Deploy solution.

Rarible Clone

Rarible Clone Script is a ready made NFT Marketplace Script that helps you to launch your Own NFT Marketplace like Rarible. It is 100% customizable based on business requirements.

Binance NFT Clone

Binance NFT Clone is an operational replica of Binance NFT Marketplace that helps creators to showcase their digital collectibles. It helps entrepreneurs to launch nft marketplace quickly.

Solanart Clone

Solanart Clone Script is a decentralized NFT Marketplace Script built over a blockchain network that can be used to launch an NFT Marketplace like Solanart instantly and cost effectively.

Decentraland Clone

Decentraland Clone is a powerful NFT Marketplace Clone Script that assists you to build and deploy your own NFT Marketplace that provides you a seamless experience like Decentraland.

Foundation Clone

Foundation Clone is an white-label NFT Marketplace solution offered by Maticz to Startups and Entrepreneurs to launch an NFT Marketplace to deliver effective trading of NFTs like Foundation.

Sorare Clone

Sorare Clone Script is a NFT Marketplace Clone Solution that allows users/traders to Create, Buy, Sell and Store NFTs simultaneously helping entrepreneurs earn huge revenues.

NBA Top Shot Clone

NBA Top Shot Clone script is Maticz's ready to launch 100% Customizable Solution of an NFT Marketplace like NBA Top Shot. Launch a world class intuitive NFT Marketplace now.

Listing Fee

The NFTs are categorized in the NFT Marketplace based on demand and price. Hence, you can set a listing fee for each listing as passive income.

Transaction Fee

Transactions are held in the NFT Marketplace between the sellers and buyers. You can charge a transaction fee for each transaction processed.

Initial Setup Fee

Every NFT Marketplace platform imposes a setup fee for every creator registering for the first time in your marketplace to trade NFTs.

Private Sale

You can conduct a private sale by enabling the purchasing right to a specific investor in the Marketplace. This needs a certain time so, you can set a fee for the private sale.

Minting Fee

The creators must mint their digital collectibles as an NFT to list them on the platform. Hence, you can impose a minting fee for minting the digital assets.

The Promising

The NFT Marketplace business model helps you to gain access to various revenue-generating streams which are mentioned below,

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We have developed NFT Marketplace Clone solution in such a way that the platform can serve any business market. Here are some of the ready-to-deploy NFT Marketplace platforms for various markets.

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NFT Marketplace Script for Art helps artists and digital content creators to showcase and trade their artworks globally without the involvement of a middle man giving full ownership to the creators.



NFT Marketplace Script for Games allows players of games to collect in-game items as NFTs and transfer them. As Gaming platforms gain more user base, Marketplaces help generate huge revenues.



One of the Trending Marketplaces among NFTs is NFT Marketplace for Music which allows musicians to tokenize their music creations as NFTs and can be sold on the marketplace.



NFT Marketplace Script for Videos allows users to tokenize the Videos as NFTs and list them on the NFT Marketplace for sale making best revenue generating business for Creators.



Sports NFT Marketplace allows sport enthusiasts to create and trade their favorite sport moments or personalities. Users can create NFTs for various sports such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, and even NBA.



As the world of digital photography and design is growing, it combines with trending NFTs to provide a certificate of authenticity and royalty to photographers.



As the world of digital photography and design is growing, it combines with trending NFTs to provide a certificate of authenticity and royalty to photographers.



NFTs are influencing the Metaverse - an online 3D virtual environment. Launching Metaverse NFT Marketplace to support the growing Metaverse marketplace can be a great start to your Business.


Real Estate

NFT Marketplace script for real estate allows the users to tokenize the real estate properties as NFTs and list them in the NFT marketplace for further purchase.

Ethereum NFT Marketplace Script

Ethereum NFT Marketplace Script enables you to launch NFT Marketplace on Ethereum which increases scalability. Our NFT Developers offer tailor-made NFT Marketplace Solutions for quickly launching your NFT Marketplace over Ethereum Network.

BSC NFT Marketplace Script

Binance Smart Chain has been the recent trending choice for building NFT Marketplaces due to its low gas fee. With our BSC NFT Marketplace Script, Launch NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain that enables faster transactions to your global users.

Solana NFT Marketplace Script

Our Solana NFT Marketplace Script allows you to launch an NFT Marketplace on the fastest blockchain with low cost transactions. With Solana in picture, NFT Marketplace Platform built on it will be user-friendly and better experience to users.

Polygon NFT Marketplace Script

Polygon NFT Marketplace Script allows you to launch NFT Marketplace on the Polygon network which is a full-fledged multi chain system combined with Ethereum that ensures top security to users and provides the lowest transaction fees.


We ensure that your business gets our fullest services by creating NFT Marketplaces on any Blockchain platforms of your wish. So here are some blockchain platforms we have expertise in from which you can choose the suitable one.

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For NFT Marketplace Clone Development

For NFT Marketplace Clone Development

As the leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, we provide growth oriented NFT Marketplace Clone development services that help turn your business idea a huge success and reap huge revenues. With a cross-functional Team of 50+ experts we analyze our client's business requirements from scratch to end completely and only render high quality services. Our NFT Marketplace script is the best fit solution to scale up your business value. With NFT Marketplace Script Package you get 100% source code so that you can customize it in the feature without depending on us. We have a proven track record of 75+ successful NFT Marketplace project delivery. Our NFT Developers work seamlessly across all blockchain platforms like Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon etc to develop NFT Marketplaces. We have delivered some of the best NFT Marketplaces available in the market and yours could be the next big one in the market when you partnered with Maticz. Connect with our Experts now!

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


NFT Marketplace Script is the ready-to-go solution to develop an NFT Marketplace which enables the users to sell, buy and trade NFTs like artworks, videos, music, games, real estate, etc. By using an NFT marketplace script one can easily launch an NFT marketplace platform in a few days.

Here listed below are the top 10 NFT marketplace clone scripts,

  • 1. Opensea Clone Script
  • 2. Rarible Clone Script
  • 3. Sorare Clone Script
  • 4. Foundation Clone Script
  • 5. Decentraland Clone Script
  • 6. Binance NFT Clone Script
  • 7. Solsea Clone Script
  • 8. Solanart Clone Script
  • 9. NBA Top Shot Clone Script
  • 10. Wazirx NFT Clone Script

NFT Marketplace Script comes with the captivating features such as an e-commerce storefront, buying, selling, and auctioning functionality, multiple wallet support, smart filters, product listing, etc

NFT Marketplace Script costs around 10,000 USD to 70,000 USD. Usually, the NFT marketplace script cost varies with the features and functionalities you need to integrate into your NFT marketplace platform. The more features you need require more time for product development and automatically the cost of the NFT marketplace script get increases.

The top 10 popular NFT marketplace clones are as follows:

  • 1. Opensea Clone
  • 2. Rarible Clone
  • 3. Binance NFT Clone
  • 4. Sorare Clone
  • 5. Foundation Clone
  • 6. MakersPlace Clone
  • 7. Solsea Clone
  • 8. Solanart Clone
  • 9. NBA Top Shot Clone
  • 10. Decentraland Clone

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