The digital world is growing with newfangled advancements. The gaming world is raging towards the pinnacle. Recently the play-to-earn trend is surging in popularity among digital gamers. The rise of the web3 is paving the way for the gaming community to reach heights through the in-game NFTs, play-to-earn models, etc.

The term Play To Earn (P2E) is something new to the gaming industry which is changing the landscape of the gaming world. The play-to-earn games have gone into the mainstream as it is allowing the players to earn currencies that have real-world value. On the whole, these P2E games are under the division of game-fi technology. 

Play To Earn Games Development

The Play To Earn games are nothing but blockchain-backed games which compensates the players with rewards like in-game assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This enables the users to take ownership of the in-game items such as weapons, equipment, and so on. Through this P2E model, the gamers can sell their in-game NFTs to other gamers and collectors. 

Maticz, the top-ranking Play to Earn Game Development Company helps you to develop a play-to-earn games platform integrated with the fungible and non-fungible tokens. We have world-class experience in developing blockchain-based games. We offer excellent services to create engaging play-to-earn games by giving the users a chance to make a revenue stream.

What are Play To Earn Games?

In simple terms play to earn games are blockchain-based video games where the players gain rewards that have both virtual and real-world value. These rewards tend to be NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The players can either use the rewards to trade other assets within the game or sold them for actual money in a marketplace. Unlike traditional games, play-to-earn games are decentralized where there is no authority to control you. 

In the early days, players have been earning money through certain practices like gold farming. This has changed with the emergence of NFTs and blockchain technologies. In regular games, the players have not been receiving rewards except for the excitement and fun. With the rise of blockchain-based games, the players got the opportunity to earn rewards and it has evolved as a business model. 

How does the Play to Earn Games Work?

The play-to-earn games basically rely on blockchain technology and with the mix of gaming and finance, the play-to-earn games fall under the game-fi category. The basic concept of play to earn is the players earn rewards by playing games. The users earn income based on the two cases, one with NFTs and the other with Cryptocurrencies. In the case of NFT, it seems to be like the gamers and developers are business partners. The role of the players is they hold valuable assets and trade them by participating in games. 

By this the NFT collection increases which in turn benefits the game developers. The developers earn money every time the NFT is sold to another player. Similarly, in the case of cryptocurrencies, the developers earn money by displaying ads. Here it is mostly based on the time. As long as the player spends time earning certain crypto the developer will be making their revenue. Also, there is an alternative way to earn which is through staking. The users can lock up some NFTs and cryptos which in turn generates rewards.

Our Play to Earn Games Development Services

Drive potential revenue-generating opportunities by creating an alluring NFT-based Play-To-Earn Game platform with our play-to-earn game development services. 

NFT Based Play To Earn Games Development

The NFT gaming platform is developed with the play-to-earn mechanism through which the players gain rewards by playing games. Our developers have vast intelligence on NFTs and hence build a stunning play-to-earn game merging the power of NFTs with a gratifying gaming experience. 

Full Cycle Play To Earn Game Development

Our expert gaming software engineers have extensive skillset in developing gaming platforms. We endure developing your desired p2e game platform from scratch taking into account the concept ideation, art, animation, economy, and server infrastructure till the post-release phase. 

Play To Earn Game Design Development

We have experienced designers who strive to create an alluring and visually addictive p2e game platform by bringing your vision to reality.  We focus on sketching creative 3D characters, and unique NFT collections to enhance your game platform and in-game transactions. 

Play To Earn Game Testing 

We have a team of quality analysts who focuses on identifying bugs, and complexities. We undergo a rigorous process of evaluating and verifying the gaming platform to resolve malfunctions and improve the performance by involving gamers to beta test the game. 

Play To Earn Game Maintenance and Support 

Maintenance and support services are obligatory for the development of the gaming platform to append the features, game levels, new designs, and extra customization for perfect functioning, scalability, high performance, and security. Our certified developers support you by delivering a game platform ensuring uninterrupted and smooth operation.

Play to Earn Gaming Platforms We Develop

Our diligent game developers at maticz develop countless nft-based play to earn gaming platforming as follows.  


DungeonSwap is one of the play-to-earn nft gaming platforms built on the binance smart chain with yield farming features and nfts as equipment that are used in battles in games. Establish your own nft gaming platform like dungeonswap teaming with us.  


Cryptokitties is a blockchain-powered nft gaming platform built on the ethereum blockchain where the players can play in the kittyverse community through which you can collect and breed digital cats. Create an ethereum based play to earn games like crypto kitties with us. 

F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time is a popular play to earn nft based car gaming platform where the players can trade cars, drivers, and other equipment. Team up with us and Launch a play-to-earn car gaming platform like F1 Delta Time with high-security features.   

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular play to earn NFT gaming platform which uses ethereum where the players can buy, breed, and pit pokemon type of characters called axies.  Build a play-to-earn NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity by partnering with us. 


Prospectors is a play-to-earn online simulator game platform built on the EOS blockchain. 

Create a blockchain-powered play-to-earn gaming platform like prospectors with high-end gaming features with us. 

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is the first-ever metaverse, game-fi, cross-chain play to earn gaming platform where the players can earn rewards through a transparent lottery. Create a play-to-earn game like Evolution Land with us.

My Crypto Heros

My Crypto Heros is a famous play-to-earn RPG battle game built on the ethereum blockchain where the players can play and earn rewards by participating in quests and finding rare items. Launch a play to earn game like My Crypto Heros by teaming up with us. 

Crypto Dynasty

Crypto Dynasty is the first-ever blockchain-powered play to earn RPG and PvP game where the players can gain rewards from mining. Establish a mobile-based play to earn nft game like Crypto Dynasty with us.

Features of Play to Earn Game Development

Verified Ownership

The users gain verified ownership of their assets with our play to earn game development. The player can use their legacy to create distinctive characters and items which can be sold to others. 


The users can avail of micro payments with our play to earn game development. The users can gain small payments at a very low cost at instant purchases. In addition, the players can find subscribers within the game. 

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts are used in evaluating the vendor winning prices in the role-playing games and gambling industry which is impossible in the central server. This tends to increase the value of the smart contracts whenever it is used. 

Fraud Prevention

The operations and actions based on cryptocurrencies are carried out with high transparency without relying on any third party. This helps to prevent the risk of fraud from both the player's and developers' end. 

In-Game Currency

The in-game currency helps the player to do in-game purchases like power-ups, extra lives, etc. This in-game currency also helps the players play the paid versions which in turn helps them in earning more rewards.

Play to Earn Game Development Process

The play to earn games are so popular because of their capability to generate revenues. Make P2E games your business model by developing a play to earn game platform. Here is how the play to earn games are developed. 

Ideation and Concept Analysis

Game Planning and Design

Build Front-end and Back-end



Ideation and Concept Analysis

This is the first stage of developing a play-to-earn game platform. Here the important aspects like NFT integration, the concept of the game, game mechanics, and in-game currencies as per the user expectations are discussed. We help you to figure out the tools and technologies that help to bring out the best gaming platform. 

Game Planning and Design

In this phase, the scope and project requirements are considered. The visualization of your game is discussed in detail and also the prototype of the product is developed to have a look at how the in-game elements and characters appear and interact.

Build Front-end and Back-end

At this phase, after analyzing and planning the user interface is developed based on the user specifications. Then the backend is developed to make the gaming platform more responsive for utilization. 


At this stage, the developed gaming platform is subjected to testing to make sure the developed gaming platform is bug-free and there are not any malfunctions during the gameplay. Alpha and beta level testing is carried out to guarantee the efficiency of the platform. 


This is the final phase of the play to earn game development. After automated testings and ensuring the quality a full-cycle play-to-earn gaming platform is developed and deployed at the client-server to the targeted audience.

Why Choose Maticz for Play 2 Earn Games Development?

Maticz is the top-ranking Play To Earn Game Development Company offering vision-driven services to create an appealing and unique play-to-earn game. Our dedicated blockchain expert team strives to achieve a measurable result and make sure your gaming platform stands out from the crowd. Enter into the world of blockchain, web3, and game-fi by availing our play to earn game development. 

The play-to-earn games are now a win-win trend and are attracting a plethora of digital gamers. We create a novel play-to-earn game that is tailored to meet the user's expectations with an engaging and immersive experience. Enrich your digital experience with our play to earn games that are developed as per the customer demands like authenticity and sustainability.

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