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Progressive Web App Development

Redefine and deliver the next-gen user experience with futuristic progressive web applications that combine the best of web and native mobile applications.

Progressive Web Application Development Company

Progressive Web Apps are specialized applications that function like a regular website and come with all the advantages of native mobile applications like offline use, push notifications, updates, etc. On a simple note, Progressive Web Applications are intended to deliver the experience of using native mobile apps within a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. These applications help firms to engage with customers more seamlessly and effectively.

As the best Progressive Web App development company, we help organizations differentiate themselves from competitors and improve customer engagement, retention,  and conversion rates. Our progressive web app development solutions increase conversion rates across all niches by rendering a 100% engaging experience retaining the same functionalities as mobile or desktop applications. In addition, our tech-stacked PWAs improve organic traffic & user experience while being less expensive than mobile applications. 

Progressive Web App Development Services

Progressive Web App development services guarantee smooth performance with improved ROI, sales, user engagement, etc.

Responsive Web App Design

Responsive web applications with more advanced frameworks enable users to interact across various browsers and devices at lightning speed. We offer customized responsive web app development based on business requirements.

Progressive Web Design and Development

Standardized progressive UI design and development deliver a unified experience that helps organizations improve mobile conversion rates, ROI, etc.,  with the benefits of browsers and applications.

Progressive App Shell Architecture

Progressive Web App Development with the app shell model provides an immersive experience with easy-to-navigate & distinct features with blazing-fast responses and advanced security protocols.

Customizable Progressive Web App 

Progressive Web Apps can be customizable with diverse features and functionalities, native app frameworks, website ecosystems, engaging UI/UX, etc., based on development requirements.

Progressive Web App Consultation

Progressive Web App Consultation helps firms with various services like evaluation of your website on PWA standard adaptability, migration of existing native apps to a futuristic web app, architecture integration, etc.

Progressive Web App Solutions

Maticz offers high-performing Progressive App development solutions that create an exceptional app experience during a user visit.

Data Migration

We offer migration services that enable brands to seamlessly migrate their data or ecosystem from the mobile app or web to the Progressive Web App with the inclusion of market-demand features.

Quality Testing

Best-in-class QA helps brands identify glitches in their existing PWAs (Progressive Web App) and implement appropriate integration or solutions that enable them to improve their visibility, identity, etc.

SEO Friendly Solution

We help firms or brands customize their existing application or platforms or develop a Progressive Web App from scratch with SEO-friendly modules so that it can be easily accessed & indexed by search engines.

Up-to-date PWA Solution

To help organizations improve conversion rates, we help firms integrate trending PWA solutions into their existing applications or websites, which make them unique and help them differentiate from others.

Post-launch Support

Post-launch support makes the PWA more reliable by integrating market-demand solutions with required maintenance. The PWA ecosystem updates automatically and requires less manual effort.

Progressive Web App Plugin Development

Diverse plugins are developed and integrated to help brands stay on top of the technological landscape to strengthen the PWAs. This solution enables organizations to opt for the required plugins and save costs.

Features of Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App inclusions in businesses enable them to raise revenue and conversion rates with their ground-breaking features.

Auto Update

Progressive Web Applications can be updated or configured automatically, making them reliable and discoverable by search engines.


These applications are built on a HTTPS server where the contents are stored securely & accessible to the authorized user.

App-like Design

The Progressive Web App contains the same shell structure as native applications, enabling them to mimic the interaction and navigation of mobile applications.


Notifications enable users to get to know the latest updates and news on the web app and is an effective marketing strategy.

Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security (TSL) is an advanced protocol that enables secure and reliable data transfer between two applications. 

Service Worker

A Service worker is a core component that supports various features of the Progressive Web App, like offline work mode, background syncs, etc.

Benefits of Progressive Web App Development

The proper blend of web and mobile applications using progressive web app technology creates a futuristic application with a multitude of benefits, like the following.


Progressive Web Applications are multi-device and cross-platform compatibility, delivering seamless engagement across all browsers and devices.


The main attribute of Progressive Web Apps is their user-friendliness, which ensures a smooth experience and glitch-free performance with the ability to transit seamlessly across smart devices.

Connectivity Independent

Progressive Web Applications are built on a powerful technology that makes the applications function smoothly and effectively in high-speed networks and offline.

Data Saving

PWA requires a very small part of internet bandwidth and requires less maintenance & storage space than the respective native applications


Progressive Web Apps redefines transitional mobile applications by extending functionality and improving search engine discovery rate.


Progressive Web Applications are built with dynamic upgrades, easy-to-install features, improved performance & accessibility, etc.

Progressive Web App Development Process 

Progressive Web App development involves the inclusion of cutting-edge frameworks, more advanced technologies, and standardized development procedures like the following.

Requirement Analysis

The first task is to find out the requirements of web apps, technology to be implemented, resources available, project scope, etc., through various brainstorming sessions.

HTML Page Creation  

HTML page creation is a prerequisite procedure, and the data that needs to be displayed is fetched using a fetch function.

Manifest File Creation

A manifest file development takes place that contains meta-data (like icons, app names, etc.) about the application. The path of the manifest file should be added to the HTML file.

UI/UX Design

Next, the web application icons & interfaces are designed with captivating and engaging themes, fonts, colors, etc.

Service Worker Development 

In this stage, the development of the service worker (a code that runs in the background) takes place and handles fetch and other events like installation.


Once the service worker is created, it should be registered, installed, and activated in a web app using the navigator library of the web browser.

QA Testing

The Progressive Web Application development involves the evaluation of the created app to ensure its credibility and reliability.

What Makes Us The Best Progressive Web App Development Company?

Our industry-best Progressive web app development services helped various organizations increase their conversion rate by 65% and boost their revenue by over 250% in a short time. We developed the Progressive Web App with secure protocols like data encryption, multi-security layer, strong architecture, etc. In short, you can trust us to increase your ROI, customer engagement rate, etc., while witnessing our potential to unlock the power of PWAs.

As the best Progressive Web Application Development Company, we create a scalable web app after understanding the business requirements, strategizing, analyzing, and implementing business-oriented PWA solutions. We leverage the power of PWA technology to develop a pitch-perfect web app that makes you stand among your competitors. In addition, we help you increase your brand visibility, install Progressive Web App, and increase the app loyalty ratio. 

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