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Finance has been a never-ending entity ever since the growth of mankind, the modes of finances have effectively evolved based on the current market performance and the participant’s requirements leading to the development of various instruments also contributing to innovation in Financial Technology.

In Recent trends, the Mobile application serves as the base to avail Financial services to enthusiasts and businessmen looking to effectively transact their assets in different forms.

Build your very own decentralized financial application like Revolut to get enhanced quality of services with #Maticz the leading DeFi Development Company.  

Revolut Clone Script

Revolut Clone Script is a decentralized money transfer application built with Blockchain technology that operates similarly to Revolut. The Revolut Clone Script is an all-in-one financial application that allows hassle-free money transfers all over the world.

#Maticz offers White Label Revolut Clone Script which is a 100% customizable financial app that allows the users to spend, hold, and receive assets in multiple forms that include fiat, stocks, securities, and even cryptos.    

Features of Revolut Clone Script

<< Free of cost access to 130+ currencies

<< Transact as per the market rate

<< Globalization at a single tap

<< Incentives on Travel Insurance

<< Fiat-Crypto Feasibility

<< Crypto Price Tracking

<< Effective Expenditure Tracking

<< Global access sanction in less period.

<< Free Foreign Currency Withdrawal

<< Rapid Re-direction messages

<< On-spot Blocking in case of losing

Revolut - Overview

Revolut currently is an outstanding performer in the FinTech Solutions provider domains through its wide range of opportunities and availability to a wide range of operations and applications.

The Operations supported by Revolut include Budget Analytics, stocks and Crypto Trade-off, and money transfers. 

Revolut is currently the most sought among financial experts as well as Cryptopreneurs owing to its highlighting features that ease access as well as processing, finding use in several nations.     

Revolut Clone - Create a Finance App like Revolut

Avail the Revolut Clone to get exposed to the endless benefits of the Financial services provided through the platform, Try seeking the help of the best-in-market Financial Service provider like Maticz to build your very own Blockchain-Powered Financial Platform 

Revolut Clone

Revolut Clone is a Blockchain-powered Asset transfer application operating similar to Revolut. The Revolut Clone package comes with the Revolut Clone Script & Revolut Clone App that gives access to many available assets in various modes that include Stocks, Securities, Fiats as well as Cryptos.

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Revolut Clone App

The Revolut Clone App is a Blockchain-powered mobile app that remains in line with the Revolut App. Maticz offers a user-friendly Revolut Clone App that performs functionalities that include spending money, transferring money, and buying insurance concerning a variety of domains including medical, transport, etc... promoting effective asset management services.  

How Does Our Revolut Clone Work?

1. Get enrolled with the application

2. Funding Tracking

3. Amount Specification

4. Asset Mode Selection 

5. Transact Amount

6. Confirm Process

7. Notification tracking

8. Amount Withdrawal

9. Earn Passive Income for each transaction through the admin panel

10. Earn a considerable amount for every Currency to Crypto Conversion

Revolut Clone Script Operational modes

The Revolut Clone Script is available in two modes based on the quality of service delivered,

<< Personal Mode

<< Business Mode

Revolut Clone Script Personal Mode

Personal Mode allows the participants to get personalized Money transfer experience finding use in a variety of domains. The Personal mode is inclusive within the Platform mainly to focus on the participants looking to transact their assets in a fairly minimal amount for their personal use.   

Personal Mode Schemes

  • Standard
  • Plus
  • Premium
  • Metal

Personal Mode Areas of Operation

  • Accounts
  • Wealth
  • Payments
  • Extra benefits

Accounts Section Comprising

  • Linked Accounts
  • Budget & Analytics
  • Cards
  • Junior Account Details
  • Pocket Schemes

Wealth Section

  • Stocks
  • Cryptos
  • Commodities
  • Vaults
  • Savings Vaults

Payments Section

  • Money Transfers
  • Group Bills
  • Subscriptions

Extra Benefits

<< Rewards

<< Donations

<< Overseas Insurance

<< Device Insurance

<< Safety

Personal Mode Distinguishing Features

The Personal mode is grouped into 4 modes Standard, Plus, Premium, and Metal based on certain attributes including the price of the particular scheme.

The Base attributes that account for grouping the plans include the Everyday Withdrawals, Everyday Protection, Investments, and Travel attributes.

These attributes are subdivided based on certain inner attributes that account for defining their distinguishing features under each base attribute.

Base Attributes and Their Underlying Attributes

Everyday Withdrawals

  • Account Cost
  • IBAN Account provision
  • No Cost Withdrawals
  • Customizable Cards
  • Card Designs
  • Card Payment Cashbacks
  • International Payments
  • 24x7 query solving
  • Junior Accounts and features

Everyday Protection

  • Purchase Protection
  • Ticket Protection
  • Returns Protection
  • Safer Shopping
  • Device Insurance Discounts


  • Daily Savings Interest
  • Cryptocurrencies Exchange Markup
  • Commodities Exchange Markup


  • International Spending
  • No fee Exchange
  • Overseas Medical Exchange
  • Delayed Baggage and Flight Insurance
  • Free Lounge Access
  • Car Hiring

Revolut Clone Script Business Mode

The Revolut Clone Script is built with a motive to contribute on a large scale to the Businessmen who ought to make use of their ample time efficiently. The Business mode is a highlighting feature that largely promotes high-voluminous transactions being carried out in any instance. 

Revolut Clone Script areas that find use

<< Accounts

<< Payments

<< Market Place

Accounts Section Enhanced Services

<< Multi-currency account

<< Linked Accounts

<< Cards

Payments Section Enhanced Services

<< Money Transfers

<< Online Payments

<< Payment Requests

<< Subscriptions

<< Expenses

Market Place Extended Services

<< Partner Apps

<< Rewards

<< Pay-Roll

Revolut Clone Script Business Mode Features

--> Nominal Take-part fee

--> Costless International Transactions

--> Structured Organisational accounts

--> Optimized Card usage

--> On-the-spot order avoidance

--> Business API Integrations

--> Wide range exposure to the business world

Why Choose Maticz for Revolut Clone Script?

Maticz is a leading Blockchain Development Company that analyzes the widespread performance of varieties of financial entities and avails at the very conclusion that Revolut has the very perspective of availing the users with glorified benefits through its high rates on returns.

Avail the Revolut Clone Script with optimized architectural design and an all-time attentive admin panel creating an enhanced exposure and environment for the very users of the Financial Ecosystem.  

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