Want to know what is a sandwich bot? Here's a 2024 guide defining crypto sandwich bots and the development process to create a crypto sandwich trading bot.

Sandwich Bot Development 

Sandwich bot development is the process of creating and deploying a trading bot that can exploit price impact on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) by placing buy and sell orders around a target order, usually with higher gas fees. 

Sandwich bot development also requires a good understanding of the market dynamics, trading strategies, and potential risks and rewards of sandwich attacks. Sandwich bot development is a challenging but rewarding field, as it can generate profits by taking advantage of price movements and market inefficiencies, while also providing liquidity and arbitrage services to the DEX ecosystem. 

What is a Sandwich Bot?

A Sandwich bot is a type of trading bot that profits from price differences on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). As the name itself suggests, it places trades both before and after a target transaction by sandwiching it. 

It is one of the types of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) bot. It places buy and sell orders around a target order, usually with higher gas fees. This bot can monitor the mempool for profitable opportunities and execute a sandwich trade before the target order is confirmed on the blockchain. 

For example, if a target order is trying to buy 100 ETH with USDT, a sandwich bot places a buy order for 100 ETH before the target order, and then places a sell order for 100 ETH after the target order. This way, the sandwich bot can buy ETH at a lower price and sell it at a higher price, while also making the target order pay more USDT for the same amount of ETH. 

How Does a Sandwich Bot Work?

There are various types of MEV bots such as arbitrage, front-running, and Sniper bots. Not all bots work the same way. Each follows a unique mechanism. Understanding the mechanics of how a sandwich bot operates can provide valuable insights into its strategies and impact on the market. Here's a breakdown of key aspects of sandwich bot functionality.

Set a Low Slippage 

Slippage refers to the variance between the anticipated trade price and the actual execution price. Sandwich bots aim to minimize slippage by strategically placing buy and sell orders in a way that takes advantage of price discrepancies. By setting a low slippage threshold, these bots seek to execute trades at prices that closely align with the expected market value.

Use Larger Liquidity Pools 

These bots often target decentralized exchanges with significant liquidity, enabling them to execute trades with minimal market impact. By operating in larger pools, sandwich bots can capitalize on price inefficiencies without causing substantial price fluctuations.

Pay Higher Gas Fees to Prioritize Transactions

Sandwich bots may choose to pay higher gas fees to prioritize their transactions, ensuring quick execution and reducing the risk of other traders front-running their strategies. This prioritization is essential for the timely execution of trades, especially in fast-moving markets.

Benefits of Sandwich Bot 

Sandwich Bots have emerged as powerful tools offering a range of benefits to traders and investors. Here are the key benefits associated with Sandwich Bots. 

Automated Trading

Sandwich bots excel in the realm of automated trading, executing predefined strategies without the need for constant human supervision. This automation allows for quick responses to market changes, ensuring the timely execution of trades based on predetermined criteria. 


One of the primary advantages of employing Sandwich Bots is the significant time savings they offer. Traders can automate repetitive tasks, market monitoring, and order execution, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making, portfolio management, and analysis.

Risk Management 

Sandwich Bots contribute to robust risk management by adhering to predefined parameters and executing trades systematically. These bots are equipped to analyze market conditions in real time and adjust crypto trading strategies accordingly.

Efficient Price Discovery 

Through continuous analysis of market data and timely execution of trades, these bots contribute to fair and accurate price formation. This not only benefits individual traders but also enhances the overall liquidity and transparency of the market.

Enhanced Liquidity

Sandwich Bots operate with a focus on liquidity, strategically placing orders to optimize trade execution. By participating in larger liquidity pools, these bots contribute to the overall liquidity of the market, reducing slippage and enhancing the trading experience for participants.  

Features of Sandwich Bot 

Sandwich Bots employ a variety of features to optimize trading strategies and gain a competitive edge. Here, we delve into the key features that define the functionality of Sandwich Bots. 

Front-Run Buy

Front-running is a strategic move where Sandwich Bots identify and execute buy orders ahead of other market participants. By leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time market data, these bots aim to capitalize on imminent large buy orders, positioning themselves to benefit from favorable price movements.

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Back-Run Sell 

Sandwich Bots may employ back-running strategies to exploit impending large sell orders. By strategically placing sell orders behind significant market movements, these bots seek to profit from the ensuing price fluctuations and market momentum.


Sandwich Bots closely monitor the mempool, the pool of unconfirmed transactions awaiting validation on the blockchain. This feature allows the bots to gain insights into upcoming transactions, helping them strategically position trades in anticipation of market movements driven by these transactions.

Liquidity Management 

These bots analyze order book depth and liquidity pools to ensure optimal execution of trades. By participating in larger liquidity pools, Sandwich Bots aim to minimize slippage and facilitate smoother trade execution.

Gas Fee Optimization 

Sandwich Bots may optimize gas fees to prioritize their transactions, ensuring swift execution and reducing the risk of other traders' front-running or back-running strategies.

Market Analysis 

These bots utilize sophisticated algorithms to analyze historical and real-time market data, identifying patterns, trends, and potential market-moving events. This analysis informs their trading decisions and enhances the precision of their execution strategies.

How to Create a Crypto Sandwich Bot?

Creating a Sandwich Bot for cryptocurrency trading requires careful planning, technical expertise, and a solid understanding of algorithmic trading principles. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create your trading bot.

Gather The Requirements 

Clearly define the objectives of your Sandwich Bot. Identify the specific functionalities, features, and trading strategies you want to implement. Determine the technical and infrastructure requirements, including hardware, software, and data sources.

Select Programming Languages 

Choose the programming languages and frameworks that align with your development skills and project requirements. Popular choices for building trading bots include Python, JavaScript (Node.js), and languages compatible with algorithmic trading libraries.

Build the Architecture of the Bot 

Design the architecture of your Sandwich Bot, outlining the components, modules, and their interactions. Consider factors such as data storage, order execution, and integration with external APIs. 

Design UI/UX 

If your Sandwich Bot requires a user interface for configuration and monitoring, design a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The UI/UX design should facilitate easy parameter adjustments, strategy customization, and real-time performance monitoring.

Design and Implement Sandwich Bot Strategy 

Develop the trading strategy for your Sandwich Bot. Define how it will identify front-running and back-running opportunities, set trading parameters, and execute orders. Implement algorithmic logic to ensure the bot makes informed decisions based on market conditions.

Set Up an API Connection 

Establish API connections to cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms that your Sandwich Bot will interact with. Ensure secure authentication and proper handling of API keys. Implement error-handling mechanisms to manage unexpected issues during API communication.

Testing and Bug Fixing 

Rigorously test your Sandwich Bot in a simulated or sandbox environment. Identify and fix bugs, and conduct various scenario-based tests to validate the bot's performance under different market conditions. Thorough software testing is crucial to ensure the bot behaves as expected.


Deploy your Sandwich Bot to a production environment. Implement version control and deployment procedures to streamline updates and ensure the bot's reliability in a live trading environment.

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Build Your Sandwich Bot Today 

In conclusion, cryptocurrency trading is always evolving, and Sandwich Bots bring a new level of efficiency and strategy to the game. As we've looked at the benefits and features of these bots, it's clear they can change how traders work in the crypto world. The opportunities are wide open, and now is the perfect time to get into crypto bot development. 

If you're interested in this exciting field of algorithmic trading, consider exploring the leading crypto trading bot development company - Maticz. Whether you're a skilled developer or a passionate trader, creating your own Sandwich Bot can be both intellectually rewarding and potentially profitable. 

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