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Solana DApp

Solana, a high-performance and open-source blockchain support developer to enable a new era of Decentralized Apps. Solana Dapp has emerged as the most successful application than the other applications. Maticz is the leading Solana Blockchain Development Company that provides Solana-related development services. Here at Maticz, we develop Solana-based decentralized applications and smart contracts with user-friendly and latest features.

Solana DApp Development

DApp count is increasing enormously with innovations in blockchain technology. Solana is the fastest-growing blockchain with high performance and high scalability making it suitable for Decentralized application development. Solana is a programmable blockchain so they store the code as smart contracts.

Maticz is the top Solana DApp development company that develops and customizes DApps as per your requirements and helps you launch your application effectively in this thriving world. Our DApp developers are experts in developing decentralized applications on various blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon or Matic, etc.

Benefits of Solana DApp Development

  • As Solana is the fastest blockchain technology compared to other blockchains such as Bitcoin, and Ethereum it makes transactions faster using the DApp.
  • Another main benefit of Solana Dapp is it does not work under any centralized authority.
  • It provides high transparency and very high security.
  • The transaction fee in Solana Dapp is less compared to other applications.
  • The transactions are carried out in approximately 400 milliseconds using Solana DApp.

Solana DApp Development Services

Maticz, a high-ranking DApp development company provides extraordinary Solana DApp Development Services with high transparency and security. Our experts provide the best services on NFT, NFT marketplace, Defi Exchange, Token development, and smart contracts. If you are looking for the best Solana DApp development services then you are at the right place.

Custom Solana DApp Development

DApps are decentralized apps that work under an independent network. These applications can be developed as per the requirements of the customers. So, our team at Maticz customizes Solana Dapp as per the wishes of the customers.

Solana Smart Contract Development

Solana is based on the Proof of History Consensus Algorithm which is a high-frequency verifiable delay function. It performs a certain number of steps to evaluate and produce a unique output. The approach of Solana towards smart contracts is based on how the code is executed. Our experts at maticz provide you with the best trustworthy Solana Smart contract development services.

Solana DeFi Exchange Development

DeFi exchange is a decentralized financial marketplace where you can exchange various cryptocurrencies without any intermediaries like brokerage firms. Anyone ready to start their Solana DeFi exchange platform can get in touch with our team who are ready to provide top-notch services.

Solana Token Development

The value of Solana Tokens is increasing in the crypto world. In recent days Solana's token value has tripled to about $35-billion market value. Hence the transaction has become faster than other crypto tokens. Get in touch with our team to develop your Solana blockchain-based token.

Solana NFT Development

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets with unique codes that are interchangeable. In recent times NFT has hit the market with high rates and it is increasing day by day. Our expert team at Maticz is ready to offer you excellent Solana NFT Development Services to tokenize digital art, music, photography, videos, memes, etc.

Solana NFT Marketplace Development

NFT marketplace is a platform where you can sell, and buy your collectibles. The interesting features of NFT like unique tokens, transparency, and compatibility have attracted more customers to this marketplace. Here in Maticz, our well-equipped team provides you with the best Solana NFT marketplace development services to launch your own Solana NFT marketplace.

Solana dApp Development Process

Decentralized applications are digital programs that run on a peer-to-peer network free from any single authority. These Dapps are expanding rapidly on a day-to-day basis and will continue to grow without bounds in the future. Maticz being the prominent Solana Dapp development company offers you decentralized applications with high and well-designed features.

Some of the basic steps to create a Solana Dapp,

Step 1: Gathering the requirements and scope finalization.

Step 2: Creating a suitable UI design for the DApp

Step 3: Development of DApp Smart Contracts.

Step 4: Passing test cases to Audit Smart Contracts.

Step 5: Coding the necessary features of the DApp.

Step 6: Integrating Smart Contracts with front and back end.

Step 7: Testing the developed application with test cases.

Step 8: Deployment of the developed application in Mainnet.

Features of Solana DApps

Proof of History

Proof of history is a consensus algorithm that performs some sequential steps to produce unique and effective output.

Gulf Stream

This protocol is responsible for mempool fewer transactions. It helps validators to execute transactions at a faster rate.


The turbine is a block propagation protocol. This helps to transfer data easily between the nodes.


Here simultaneous transactions take place which results in better runtime in the network.


The mechanism behind pipelining is the Transaction Processing Unit. Here validation is done faster between the nodes.

Why Maticz for Solana DApp Development?

Maticz is one of the globally leading Solana DApp development companies, providing you with highly refined and promising Solana dApp services. Our main motto is to provide high satisfaction to the customers by developing highly reliable and secured Solana decentralized applications.

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