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Top 10 DeFi Tokens defining the future of Crypto world in 2021

The Decentralized Finances are the alternatives to the available Conventional financial tools delivering the financial services through the Decentralized applications that offer dynamic services to the participants seeking Cryptocurrency Management. Cryptocurrency Management is done through a distributive dedicated ledger called the Blockchain network.

It is essential for the investors to keep track of the best performing crypto in the current trends to efficiently trade-off their Cryptos. The DeFi tokens provide the investors with smooth and secured transactions of their assets.

The top ten DeFi tokens available in the current trends are to be kept tracked by the investors readily seeking to transact their assets. Their performances are ranked based on the factors that include Cross-functional platform compliance Reasonable Market price and Reliable Market performance. Based on these factors the top ten DeFi tokens are ranked below,


The Chainlink takes up the first position in the list of renowned DeFi tokens with a trading volume of 157,759,510 LINK  and a circulating supply of 399,509,556USD. The market cap of 5,934,264,766 USD  makes it the best performer of the Crypto market along with the pricing of  14.85 USD.

Wrapped Bitcoin

The Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC takes up the runner up position in the current Crypto race with a market cap of 3,961,374,917USD and a trading volume of 4,627 WBTC. The WBTC comes up with a pricing of 34,235 USD with a total circulating supply of 115,711WBTC.


The UniSwap ranks third in the list of DeFi tokens currently available in the Crypto trends. The UniSwap tokens come up with 6.14USD  pricing, 1,653,949,423USD market cap, 367,658,519 UNI as a trading volume, and 269,162,680 UNI  as total circulating supply.


The AAVE tokens rank 4th in the Crypto race, with pricing of 117.85 USD, 1,422,421,722 USD market cap, 3879892 AAVE trade volume, and 12070115 AAVE as total circulating supply that takes part actively in the trade.


The Synthetix tokens rank 5th in the list of top DeFi tokens with pricing of  12.69 USD, 1403020186 USD market cap, 21850838 SNX as a trading volume, and 110519345 SNX as a total number of tokens available as circulating supply.


The DAI DeFi token takes up the 6th position in the list of top DeFi tokens with pricing of 1.0USD. Dai is a stable token that has a stable market pricing. The DAI token comes with a 1,318,277,326 USD  market cap, 418,673,797 DAI as the trade volume, and 1,316,589,972 DAI total circulating supply currently in life.


The maker token takes up the 7th position in the list of top DeFi tokens with a pricing of 804 USD, 802,109,835 USD as market cap, 129,612 MKR as trade volume, and 996,541 MKR as the total circulating supply in the market.


The Compound DeFi token takes up the 8th spot in the Crypto race with the pricing of  167.20 USD, 739,631,353 USD as market cap, 1,140,295 COMP as trade volume, and 4,423,517 COMP as the total circulating supply in the market.


The YFI tokens take up the 9th position in the list of top DeFi tokens with pricing of 23,847 USD, 714,670,754 USD market cap, 16,830 YFI as a trade volume, and a total circulating supply of 29,969 YFI.


The SushiSwap takes up the tenth position in the list of top-performing DeFi tokens with the pricing of 3.90 USD, 702,278,626 USD as the total market cap, 122,253,762 Sushi as the trade volume, and a total circulating supply of 179,870,576 Sushi.

These are the top DeFi tokens that would largely benefit the investors with a considerable amount of buyback returns. These tokens will surely aid the users with the benefits that promote the long run of any Cryptocurrency Exchange based business taking over the Decentralization phenomenon.

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