Maticz develops customizable Tron Investment Smart Contracts to Start a 100% Decentralized Tron Investment Platform supporting multiple ROI plans.

The world has turned towards an alternate source of making money through virtual currencies called Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have dominated the decade, ever since the Bitcoin adoption. Currently, with the availability of multiple Crypto assets, it is essential for investors to keep track of the worldwide performance of various Cryptos and start investing.

After going through the current market cap and current performance in the market, the investor can very well come to a conclusion that Tron obviously is their choice to go with investing their hard-earned assets.

There are multiple factors that count for choosing Tron investment platforms over the other investment platforms, including current market supply, current market prices, the volume of trade taking place in that instance, and the percentage change the Tron has undergone in less than a year. These factors are largely aided by the use of the Tron Investment Smart Contracts.

Tron Investment Smart Contract

Tron Investment Smart Contracts are Software-driven protocols monitoring the transactions that are taking place with respect to the transfer of Tron-based Crypto assets. These Smart Contracts are developed with the potential to pull more investors into the Tron Investment Platforms.

Tron Investment Smart Contract Development

Tron Investment Smart Contract Development aims at developing the much favored Tron Investment Smart Contract with desirable features such as GDPR compliance, multi-layered security, and a multi-point architectural framework that would largely benefit the potential investors of the Tron-based entities. 

Why Build Tron Investment Platform?

• High ROI in a short span of time

• High Liquidity generating attributes

• Two-factor Authenticated service

• Trusted wallet service

• Supply of Tron & its base tokens

Features of Tron Investment Smart Contract

• Ease of access to beginners

• Marginal Trading compliant

• Multiple payment modes

• Multiple staking modes

• Transparent and accurate trade-off fee

• Leveraged liquidity

• Compatible with a variety of Cryptocurrency pairs

• Works on GDPR Compliance

Tron Investment Smart Contracts that are in trends

• Bank of Tron

• Tronex World

• Tron Matrix

• Tron Chain

How to Start Tron Investment Smart Contract Platform?

There are two available modes to start off with the Tron Investment Smart Contract  Platform.

Option 1:

Building the investment platform from scratch delivering the entire process related to Tron investment and Tron-based Asset Transfer. The developers will have to be precise and precarious in product delivery.

Option 2:

The second option is to build the Tron Investment Platform to deliver very specific functions that are specifically requested by the participants of the Tron-based platforms. A second option is an efficient option for anyone who wishes to start off his very own Tron-based investment platform.

Tron Investment Smart Contract Development Process:

The Tron Investment Smart Contract Development process is streamlined through a couple of mandatory processes. The process includes the creation and compilation of codes to run the Smart Contract.


The codes to the Smart Contract are generated with the necessary amount and corresponding energy. Based on the amount and energy the Smart Contracts can be broadly grouped into three categories. The categories include,

• Small contracts

• Medium Contracts

• Large Contracts

Based on energy consumption and bandwidth the Tron Smart Contracts are grouped into three categories that include,

• Tron1

• Tron2

• Tron3

Tron 1:

• Smart Contracts do not use bandwidth or energy.

• Tron 1 is the direct sum of the energy fee as well as the bandwidth fee.

• Tron 1= Energy fee+ Bandwidth fee.

Tron 2:

• Smart Contracts make use of free bandwidth or else frozen bandwidth.

• Free bandwidth refers to the bandwidth corresponding to frozen tokens.

• Tron 2 = Tron1-Free bandwidth quota-frozen bandwidth quota.

Tron 3:

• Tron3 takes inputs from both the Bandwidth and energy of frozen tokens.

• Tron3= Tron2-Frozen Energy Quota.


After the creation of corresponding codes, the codes have to be compiled over the specified frameworks or tools to deliver their optimal functionalities. The functionalities include the compile and deploy tool and the converter tool.

Compile and Deploy tool:

The Tron Investment Smart Contract makes use of a compilation tool called the Tron box for its deployment over the framework.

Tron Conversion:

Tron conversion takes place over the Tron convert tool. The Tron convert tool is a very detailed inventory giving Transaction history through the Tronscan extension inventory.


There is a certain standard set of rules that will allow for the Tron Investment Smart Contracts to be deployed for its action.

Energy Calculation:

The energy calculation denotes the amount of energy required to carry out the transaction of Tron-based assets. 

Energy = (energy from frozen TRX/ energy from frozen total TRX available)*50,000,000,000. 

Energy Requirements of various Smart Contracts:

• Small contract requires 2-2.5 TRX to function independently

• Medium contract requires 5-20 TRX to function independently

• Large contracts will require 50 TRX to function.

Tron Smart Contract's Current Market Performance

• Over 9300 Smart Contracts currently in use

• Manage multiple audits per second

• Cutting-edge asset management protocol

• Tron is ranked 18 worldwide in transactions

• Current market pricing is 1990,000,000. USD

• 950,000,000. USD approximately transacted trade volume.

• Approximately 72,000,000,000/100850743812 are currently available in circulation.

• Current performance in rising trends.

Why Choose Maticz’s Tron Investment Smart Contract?

We deliver the Tron investment Smart contract with highly beneficial features like high liquidity low transaction fees and low latent transactions we also provide post-product delivery assistance with market performance notifications of the Tron-based assets.

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