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Maticz the pioneer Blockchain solution provider, through our quality set of analysts, has thoroughly analyzed the market and has found the Tron Matrix to be of extreme benefit to the exclusive users of Tron Blockchain Network Architecture. 

Tron Matrix Clone

Tron Matrix Clone is a readymade Smart contract-powered Tron Investment Platform designed to deliver the features offered by the Tron Matrix Platform. The Tron Matrix Clone can interoperate with a number of other applications associated with the Decentralized Finances paving the way for endless benefits to the users.

Our Tron Matrix Clone functions more or less like the Forsage Tron Exchange Platform and the Ethereum Matrix Exchange Platform. 

Tron Matrix - Overview:

Tron Matrix is a Decentralized Smart Contract running over the Tron Blockchain Network architecture that operates with the main motto of distributing the TRX Cryptocurrency Tokens evenly among the participants of the Platform. The distribution strategies are automated through the use of specialized Smart Contracts.

How to Start a Tron Investment Platform like Tron Matrix?

There are two available methods to develop a similar Platform like the Tron Matrix.

Option 1:

The first option is to build a platform that delivers desiring features like the Tron Matrix from scratch.

Option 2:

The second option is the Tron Matrix Clone Script that performs the projected process as desired by the participant taking part with respect to the Tron Matrix Platform. The second option is a more efficient solution for anyone who wishes to start their own Tron Investment platform like the Tron 

Tron Matrix Clone Script

Tron Matrix Clone Script is a Smart Contract BasedTron Investment Script built on Tron Blockchain to deliver an investment platform similar to Tron Matrix. Tron Matrix Clone Script is a multi-tested & readymade solution to operate ROI-based plans on a hassle-free, highly secured Tron Investment Platform based on Smart Contract protocols built on Tron Blockchain.

Why go for Tron Matrix Clone Script?

• Scalable and secure Tron asset transfer.

• Tron Matrix had active participants of up to 6091 in a mere 160 days.

• Approximately 12 million TRX are transacted up to this instant of time.

• Multi-lingual modes of operation

• Platform supports over 97 languages of the world.

Feature of our Tron Matrix Clone Script

• Permanent Investment

• No Expiry date or time

• Uncontrollable Smart Contracts

• Un-customizable permanent Smart contracts.

• Payments are mined over the Tron Blockchain Architecture

• Immutable 

• Algorithm-based asset transfer.

• Very low enrollment fee(700 TRX)

• Attractive investment plans.

Synonymous with Forsage:

Our Tron Matrix operates and delivers the desirable features entirely similar to that of the globally recognized Exchange Script the Forsage Exchange Script.

Our Tron Matrix Clone comes out with very few distinct attributes that differ from that of the Forsage Exchange Script. The differences include the Extremely reduced transaction costs compared to the Forsage and Lifetime permanent earnings through the dividends.

Schemes available:

Our Tron Matrix Clone Platform operates in two different modes which include

• X3 Matrix

• X6 Matrix

Each scheme will be able to fulfill a maximum of 12 operational slots under it.

How does Our Tron Matrix Clone Platform work?

• Enrollment

• Referral

• Building a network

• Multiply TRX.


The first and foremost step in taking part with respect to our Tron Matrix Clone Platform is the initial enrollment. The participant will have to pay an initial and mandatory deposit of 700 TRX to take part in transactions associated with our Clone Platform.

Divide and take part:

The Platform auto-allocates the 700 TRX thus received from the prospective audience into its available schemes. 350 TRX is subject to be added as collateral to take part in the X3 scheme and the same is done with respect to the X6 Scheme to promote transactions to take place.


Each prospective participant will have to refer to make a good earning with respect to the Clone Platform. The referral will provide for the effective functioning of the platform through the effective transaction of Tron-based assets.

Building a Network:

The participant will be able to refer to three other participants as his downlink in the X3 Matrix, while the participant will be able to add only two prospective participants as his direct downlink.

Multiply TRX:

Once the network is complete by fulfilling the slots under each downlink the participants will attain the prime motto of our Tron Matrix Clone Platform by multiplying their Tron-based assets.

X3 Scheme:

X3 Matrix allows entry into it by accepting the mandatory sum of 350TRX. Each main participant will be allowed to fulfill slots of 3 direct participants under his downlink. The percentage shares of the first two participants will directly be directed into our wallet, while the share of the third participant will be promoted to the upper link of the main participant. This act opens up endless benefits to the corresponding main participant.

X6 Scheme:

X6 Matrix also allows entry by accepting a mandatory sum of 350 TRX. Each main participant will be allowed to fulfill slots of 2 direct participants under his downlink. And the same mandatory applies with respect to the downlinks.

Here the shares from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th participants will be directed directly into the main participant’s wallet, while the shares relating to 1st, 2nd, and 6th shares are led to the upper link to open up the slots for the main participant.

Rewards through Spillovers:

Spillovers are the revenue generated through the participants not directly invited by the main participants. There are three modes through which the participants will be able to generate revenue through the spillovers.

• Level renewal spillovers

• Level upgrade spillovers

• Level Block spillovers

Level renewal Spillovers:

When all the slots are fulfilled by the main participant the final share will be re-directed to renew the Matrix, the X3 will get spillovers through this process of up to 3 payments while the X6 will be able to generate a spillover payment of up to 4 payments.

Level Upgrade Spillovers:

This refers to the process when one of the main participant’s downlinks reaches the maximum levels and the main participant fails to reach his maximum level. In this case, the main participant’s share will be re-directed to his upper link as an act of penalty. This is to make sure that every participant is forced to level up.

Level Block Spillovers:

These spillovers occur when all of the downlinks to the main participant have completed the maximum levels assigned to him/her but have failed to upgrade to the next level. Then that particular participant’s share will also be re-directed to the main Participant’s wallet.

Upgradable levels of our Tron Matrix Clone

There are 12 levels available as upgrades with respect to our Tron Matrix Clone Platform with an ascertained amount of TRX to each level thus attained.

Levels and corresponding TRX:

• Level 1 - 350 TRX

• Level 2 - 700TRX

• Level 3 - 1400TRX

• Level 4 - 2800TRX

• Level 5 - 5600TRX

• Level 6 - 11,200TRX

• Level 7 - 22,400TRX

• Level 8 - 44,800TRX

• Level 9 - 89,600TRX

• Level 10 - 1,79,200TRX

• Level 11-3,58,400TRX

• Level 12-7,16,800TRX

Why Choose Maticz for Tron Matrix Clone Script?

We Maticz, the pioneer white-label crypto solution provider in the Crypto related queries have analyzed the market performance of various Cryptos and found that the Tron investment platform based on Tron Matrix Clone to be of endless benefits to the end-users exclusively transacting over the Tron Blockchain Network Architecture and obliged to deliver its desirable features through our ready-made Tron Matrix Clone Platform.   

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