Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script is NFT based digital horse racing game to Start a Blockchain-powered NFT Game like Zed.Run. Zed Run Clone Script is a 100% White Label Solutions that enable you to build Blockchain Games like Zed Run and an NFT MarketPlace to showcase the Collectibles in the form of horses. 

#Maticz offers a Customizable Zed Run Clone Software that performs similar to Blockchain-based NFT Game like Zed Run. Zed Run Clone Software allows users to play digital horse racing and to have fractional ownership of the digital racehorses.

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In Zed Run Clone Script, the horses are purchased using Metamask, breed, and made to take part in the races. The winning horses will generate a considerable amount of rewards, while the losers will lose points.  

Zed Run - Blockchain-Powered NFT Game

Zed Run is a Blockchain-powered NFT Game bringing both Racing and Crypto or Digital Collectible experiences together. The Zed Run is mainly focused on the audiences readily seeking racing platforms to make money. The Zed Run is synonymous with that of Physical horse races where the bidding is made on the horses taking part in the race. The bidding is taken over to a digital platform through the Zed Run.

How to Start an NFT Game like Zed Run?

Know, How to Create & Start an NFT Game like Zed Run in this article!

To Create NFT Game like Zed Run, it’s good to approach an NFT Game Development Company and Build your own NFT Game like Zed Run. The NFT Game like Zed Run can be readily made available to Passionate racing audiences in two available modes which include, 

  1. Building the Platform from Scratch delivering the exact end-to-end services of the Zed Run. 
  2. The Second mode is opting for White Label Zed Run Clone and customizing as per the user suggested specifications.

Zed Run Clone

Zed Run Clone is a Blockchain-powered NFT game delivering functionalities entirely similar to that of the Zed Run Game. Zed Run Clone is made available to deliver racing and breeding functionalities exactly like the Zed Run Game. Ethereum acts as the basic unit of the transaction to carry out the trade & race.

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Components of Zed Run Clone

The Zed Run Clone is based upon basic components which are the primary attributes of the NFT Racing game to be developed and designed. The basic components include,

  • Marketplace
  • Breeding
  • Racing
  • Next to run  
  • Learn and What's new? functionalities.


The MarketPlace is the basic component of any NFT based platform to list collectibles and in-game assets. The horses are listed based on the classes.

Classes of Horses are defined through the results of their race history.


Breeding is the process of creating new horses by making them breed with the existing horse in the stable or with the horse that is in the marketplace. Breeding with the horse in the marketplace will be charging a considerable amount of ETH to the users.


The Bred and grown horses are made to take part in the upcoming races, the very first race of the horse is the Griffin race based on which they will be grouped into classes. The Racing component comprises the event details and results of the already concluded races and winner details.


The Learn Component comprises the following details 

  • The rarity of the horse
  • Availability of the horse
  • Genotype purity
  • Bloodline Scarcity
  • Zed Ecosystem

What's new?

What's new component specifies the new advancements to the platforms. The upgrades, in-game updates, current availability of new attributes, and entities associated with the platform. This option mostly comprises the data relating to the drops made by the Zed Run Game. The Drops are nothing but the horses directly released through the Platform.

Next to Run

The Next to Run component contains the data of the upcoming races scheduled and the details of the horses taking part in that particular event scheduled to happen.

Zed Run Clone - To Launch NFT MarketPlace like Zed Run

Create Zed Run Clone

Create Zed Run Clone to Start Blockchain NFT Game like Zed.Run. Creating Zed Run Clone allows you to launch an NFT Horse Racing Game and an NFT MarketPlace to showcase the Racehorse as Digital Collectibles. Zed Run Clone extends its quality service into the digital assets collectibles domain through its globalized NFT Marketplace. 

Zed Run MarketPlace Clone Script

Zed Run MarketPlace Clone Script is an NFT MarketPlace Script to Create NFT MarketPlace like Zed Run. The Zed Run MarketPlace Clone showcases the Digital Collectibles in the form of Digital Horses.

#Maticz offers White Label Zed Run MarketPlace Clone Script that allows customization based on user requirements. By opting for the Zed Run MarketPlace Clone, You can Build an NFT MarketPlace like Zed Run in a few business days.

Why Create a Zed Run Clone?

  • Go Global in Trade
  • Enhanced racing Exposure
  • Taking Racing into digitalization
  • Wide range listing of assets
  • Adventure in amalgamation with Crypto collection

How does Zed Run Clone Works?

The basic Functionalities of Zed Run Clone includes,

  1. Creating a Stable
  2. Racing
  3. Breeding To create a Legacy
  4. Racing Classes and Progression
  5. Understanding Scarcity
  6. Setup a stable
  7. Buy upcoming Racehorse
  8. Confirm Payment and transaction
  9. Racehorse will appear on the Stable and Roster page.

Buying a Racehorse

  • Start or Buy Racehorse 
  • Wallet Integration
  • Connect Zed to account
  • Buy a Racehorse

Racehorse Buying modes

The Racehorse in the Zed Run can be readily purchased through two available modes that include,

  1. From Platform Drops
  2. From MATIC OpenSea Secondary Marketplace

Creating a Stable

  • Connect to the wallet
  • Verify your Account
  • Create a Stable name
  • Check your Connectivity with ETH Mainnet


  • Marketplace
  • Stud Service
  • Select the horse to breed
  • Select the apt Female Breed
  • Selecting from own farm 35% benefits
  • Stud Date specification
  • Pay the Stud Fees
  • Wait for the Newborn
  • Look for the Newborn 

How to Take Part in the Race

  • Go to MetaMAsk
  • ETH to WETH
  • Take part in Griffin Race
  • Select the Race

What is a Griffin Race?

Griffin race is the very first race associated with the lifecycle of any horse developed within the Zed Run Clone Script. It is through the Griffin Race the horses will be grouped into classes. There will be 12 open slots to every race, the first 4 positions will be given points as 4 to the winner, 3 points to the Runner, 2 points to the 3rd place, and 1 point to the 4th Place. While the 9th,10th,11th, and 12th positions will be deprived of points.

Why Zed Run Clone Script to Start Blockchain Games like Zed Run?

  • Plenty of rewards on returns
  • Valuable pass-time mode
  • Well Structured in-game components
  • Ensured for the Long-run
  • Horses grouped into 5 classes
  • 38,000 Genesis Horses listings
  • Genesis Horses grouped into 4 types
  • 1000 simulations before the race
  • Odd creations before the race commencement
  • Attractive rewards to top spot holders.
  • More than 20,150 horses listed
  • Nearly 888 Horses out for sale on OpenSea

Why Maticz's Zed Run Clone Script?

Maticz’s Zed Run effectively groups and lists horses into different genotypes based on their availability.

Classes of Maticz’s Zed Run Clone Script

Here is the list of Classes along with the points associated with each group,

  1. Class 5 0-20 Points
  2. Class 4 21-40 Points
  3. Class 3 41-60 Points
  4. Class 2 61-80 Points
  5. Class 1 81+ Points

Factors That Define the type of Horse

  • Bloodline
  • GEN
  • COAT

What are Genesis Horses?

Genesis Horses are those directly available within the platform as drops. Up to this very instance, there have been around 38,000 Genesis Horses grouped from Z1 to Z10.

Genesis Horses Availability

  • Z1-1000
  • Z2-1000
  • Z3-1000
  • Z4-1000
  • Z5- 2000
  • Z6-3000
  • Z7-4000
  • Z8-6000
  • Z9-9000
  • Z10-10,000

Genesis Horses Naming Criterion

The Genesis Horses categories right from Z1 to Z10 are named into 4 inventories that include Nakamotos, Szabos, Finneys, and Buterins.

Z1 and Z2 class of Genesis comes under Nakamotos, Z3 and Z4 class of Genesis comes under Szabos, Z5, Z6, and Z7 underlie the Finneys while the Z8, Z9 and Z10 Classes of Genesis lie within the Buterins.  

Why Choose Maticz to Start an NFT Game like Zed Run?

We Maticz Technologies the Leading NFT MarketPlace Development Company deliver the interesting NFT Game the Zed Run for the ideal use case of the racing platform seekers. The Zed Run Clone Script is presented to the Cryptosphere with the actual benefits of the original Blockchain-powered NFT Game.

We also design multiple NFT projects making the primary use of the Blockchain as its core operational framework. Owing to the globally active performance of NFT MarketPlace, We offer White Label NFT MarketPlace operating on the basis of Non-Fungible Tokens over different chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Tron serving different applications to different classes of audiences.

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