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Create an ideal foundation for success in the NFT and Blockchain gaming realm by deploying enthralling NFT horse racing game like Zed Run by leveraging our finest Zed Run clone script.

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Launch An NFT Racing Platform Like Zed Run

Blockchain gaming has recently gained massive popularity, combining immersive gaming realms with its decentralized architecture. One such innovation is the NFT horse racing game. Blockchain has transformed horse racing from actual race tracks to virtual ones integrating NFTs. Many digital horse racing platforms are quite popular in the gaming ecosystem. Some of them are Zed Run, DeRace, Pegaxy, and more.

With its increasing demand, investing in NFT horse racing game development has become a lucrative investment opportunity with its potential for significant returns. But developing a virtual horse racing game like Zed Run on your own could be quite challenging. Collaborate with a reliable blockchain game development company like Maticz to create NFT games like Zed Run.

Launching NFT racing game like Zed Run brings both NFT and Blockchain gaming under one roof and aids both businesses and clients embrace the benefit of it. Embark on the next level of NFT gaming either with Zed Run Clone Script or White Label Zed Run Clone Software to accelerate your path to success and deliver an immersive thrilling virtual horse racing experience for your users.

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Zed Run clone script is a ready-made solution or script used to launch your own virtual horse racing game similar to an existing popular game, Zed Run. It replicates the features and functionalities of Zed Run including unique digital horse assets, breeding mechanics, racing competitions, and more. Players can buy, sell, breed, and race their virtual horses as they do in the original Zed Run game in this NFT horse racing platform built using our clone script.

Building a blockchain-powered digital horse racing game platform with Zed Run clone script is a lucrative business venture that offers a unique blend of entertainment and investment opportunities. Providing a platform that lets users build a virtual stable of champions, compete globally for big blockchain rewards, and showcase their collectibles as horses helps you deliver an intriguing and enjoyable experience and turn them into a profit.

Maticz is the top-ranking NFT game development company that designs and develops pixel-perfect Zed Run Clone that aids in launching high-quality horse racing game like Zed Run. Our expert NFT game developers strive to leverage the contemporary technologies to bring in the realistic horse racing experience to the end users. Our Zed Run clone solution is integrated with numerous monetization streams which helps businesses to generate maximum revenue and it can be custiomized according to their needs and requirements.

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Zed Run Clone Script


White-Label Zed Run Clone Software

White-label Zed Run clone software is a pre-built software that allows businesses to customize, rebrand, and create their own blockchain-powered horse racing game without extensive development work. It comes with high-quality graphics and robust smart contract functionalities along with its default features. It is a 100% turn-key solution equipped with an NFT marketplace and crypto wallet to deliver a smooth and seamless NFT gaming experience.

Our white-label Zed Run clone software offers a unique opportunity to make a quick entry into rapidly transforming blockchain gaming. Building a robust digital horse racing platform like Zed Run from the ground up requires a lot of resources and time. Zed Run clone script and white-label solutions are feasible ways to build such gaming platforms in a short period. So with no further delay, step into the future of blockchain gaming with our remarkable white-label Zed Run clone software.

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Mind-Boggling Facts

The craze for Zed Run is surging owing to the surplus benefits of NFTs. The following reasons depicts why zed run is the best choice for creating digital horse racing clone script.

  • In Zed Run game, NFTs are represented as virtual horses that have unique attributes, genotypes, bloodlines, and racing capabilities.
  • Each virtual horse is unique and players own, trade, breed and even race them against others in realistic simulations.
  • The perfect fusion of NFTs and gaming to create immersive blockchain-based gaming make Zed Run game more popular.
  • Zed Run operates on the Ethereum blockchain to offer a secure ecosystem for players to race whenever and wherever they want.
  • Zed Run is known for its impeccable security and immutable data, it avoids fraudulent activities and disputes prevalent in traditional horse racing.
  • The game supports multiple wallets allowing users to make payments with a wallet of their choice at their comfort.
  • It offers a play-to-earn model that lets players make money while playing races and breeding horses.
  • Zed run game uses cryptocurrencies for transactions and rewards and it opens up new avenues for creating revenue through their strategies and skills.

Account Creation

To get started, first users need to create an account in the Zed Run clone software with a unique username and password. They must log in using the same credentials each time they access Zed Run.

Set Up A Stable

Next, users must set up a virtual horse stable and give it a name. To do this, they either need to connect any of their wallets like MetaMask or Coinbase or must have logged in using a social media account earlier.

Buy New Horses

Once the account is created and integrated with a wallet successfully, users need to buy new racehorses from the marketplace. There they can view the details of the horse for sale such as its unique attributes and appearances based on which they can make a purchase.

Horse Breeding

Now users can breed the racehorses to create new legacies. Generational horse breeding helps carry forward bloodlines with inheritance and improves its performance in the race.

Horse Racing Levels

Before participating in a race, racing levels are assigned. There are different racing levels in the Zed Run clone. Based on the levels of a racehorse, racing classes are assigned. Once the racehorses have leveled up, they can upgrade and race in higher classes.

Participate In Various Races

Now the real race starts. Once their racehorse's class filters users, they must choose the entry fee (Free or paid), event format, and distance to race their horses against others in exciting competitions.

Get Rewards

If their horses win the race, they get rewards in the form of cryptocurrency or tokens such as ZED tokens or XP that can reinvested into the stable or used to participate in some other prestigious races.

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The Zed Run gaming platform functions similar to the real-life horse racing right from account set up to reward withdrawal. Here is a breakdown of how the our Zed Run clone works.

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We craft zed run clone solutions by integrating top-notch features that aids gamers and businesses to generate ample profits.

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Zed Breeding Chart

Zed breeding chart provides detailed information on the bloodline, breed type, resulting offspring, and minimum breeding cost of a racehorse. It helps identify the location of the racehorse in its family line.


Zed Coat Chart

Zed coat chart shows the seven coat colors categorized by rarity to indicate genetic traits and breeding outcomes. It classifies the coat colors to help users easily understand and identify the appearance of their virtual horses.


Virtual Horse Racing NFT

This platform offers virtual horse racing NFT in the form of racehorses that players can breed and race to build a virtual stable of champions with strong genetics.


Filtering Mechanism

Our Zed Run clone app contains advanced sorting and filtering options that allow users to search and sort racehorses based on their breed, price, capability, performance, and more. This helps them make informed decisions while buying and selling them.


Race Slot Management

This clone script provides an inclusive system to manage and schedule virtual racing slots. Users can reserve their racing slots in advance and get a fair chance to compete in horse racing.


Wallet Integration

This digital horse racing platform is integrated with multiple digital wallets that allow users to make secure transactions and manage their NFT racehorses, simplifying the trading process.


Roster Dashboard

The Roster dashboard provides a complete overview of the horse's capability, its performance at specific distances, profitability in paid races, and the effect of tournament winnings.


Comprehensive Breeding System

The comprehensive breeding system of this platform allows users to seamlessly engage in the breeding of virtual racehorses. Also, it provides accurate breeding costs based on factors like bloodlines and breed types.


Immersive In-Game Elements

Our Zed Run clone incorporates engaging and interactive in-game elements such as virtual racehorses and stables, that make the racing experience more interactive and enjoyable.


Event Dashboard

A dedicated event dashboard provides detailed information on upcoming competitions, tournaments, and special events within the platform to help users stay updated on in-game events.


3D Racing View

3D racing view allows users to watch their horses compete in the race. They can view all past and live races and tweak the settings to get a smoother viewing experience.


Referral Programs

Our Zed Run clone script also offers a referral program through which players can refer their family and friends. They get discount codes on their next purchase and more rewards in return.

High ROI

There is an increasing demand for virtual horse racing that offers numerous opportunities to get substantial returns on investment.

Massive Prize Pool

The Zed Run clone script offers massive prize pools to reward active participants. This helps attract new players and build a wider user base.

Enriched Gaming Experience

The main reason to consider Zed Run for the NFT racing game clone script is the enriched gaming experience it provides. It is known for its innovative features, extensive simulations, and immersive gameplay that can be easily replicated.

User-friendly APIs and Plugins

We built the clone script with a user-friendly Application Programming Interface (API) and plugins that can be easily integrated to deploy the virtual horse racing platform in no time.

Customizable Solutions

Our Zed Run clone script is highly customizable and you can add any new feature as per your preference. It helps you make your brand unique and stay ahead of the competition.

Reduced Capital Investment

Mostly clone scripts are highly cost-effective and involve less capital when compared to developing a game platform from scratch. It contains all the pre-built features and functionalities required to launch a NFT racing game platform quickly.


Our Zed Run clone encompasses compelling benefits that empowers the gamers with the thrill of digital horse racing.

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Best Zed Run Clone Script Provider

Best Zed Run Clone Script Provider

Maticz is a leading game development company that delivers custom NFT racing gaming solutions for those looking for a racing platform. Our Zed Run clone script is packed with features and replicates the popular NFT horse racing game, Zed Run. With our extensive experience in NFT game development, we create games that appeal to gamers of all ages. Our team of experts provides technical support to our clients throughout the development process, addressing any bugs, errors, or issues on the platform for a reasonable period after the launch of their online horse racing app.

As a top provider of blockchain games, we offer comprehensive blockchain game development services on various chains such as Binance Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Tron, and more, catering to diverse gaming platforms and audiences. If you have an NFT use case that you want to turn into a leading NFT Marketplace, we've got you covered. Whether developing an NFT Marketplace using a clone script or building one from scratch, our team of developers is versatile and skilled. Contact us for a demo today.

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