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DeFi BNB, BEP 20 Staking on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

With the Crypto world changing its direction towards Binance Smart Chain, the BSC has kept on impressing its ready audience through its quality of service, BNB Staking is the most recent advancement in the Binance Cryptosphere, to aid its participants with the considerable amount of income to its users.   

BNB Staking Development

BNB Staking Development refers to the process of developing a passive income generating BNB Staking platform capable of availing considerable income to participants through holding a considerable amount of Cryptos chiefly the BNB. 

BNB Staking is done to get leveraging returns through holding the native BNB of the Binance Smart Chain. 

BEP-20 Staking Development

BEP-20 Staking development refers to the process of developing an extensive platform to carry out the process of staking BEP-20 to earn considerable rewards on returns.                        

BNB Staking Platform Development Company

Maticz the leading BNB Staking Platform Development Company offers top-rated DeFi Staking Development Services and develops BEP 20, BNB Staking Platform on Binance Smart Chain. If you are looking to stake BNB, BEP20 tokens and get high-yielding returns, seek the help of pioneers in Binance Smart Chain Development - Maticz Technologies.                

Features of BNB Staking Platform

<< Ability to build DApps on the BSC Ecosystem

<< Possible to include more DeFi projects

<< Cross-Chain Infra matching

<< Proof Of Stake Authority Consensus

<< Enhanced Stability & Endurance

<< Trade-mark Transaction speed

<< Interoperability with multiple tokens

<< Tamper Proof Security implementations 

Business Benefits of BNB Staking

<< High Yielding Activity

<< Approx 27.49% Annual Percentage Yield

<< Locked Staking Format

<< Interest Payout on a daily basis

<< APY adjustment on a daily basis

<< Unlocking period for Locked up staking products

<< Available for iOs and Android.

How does BNB Staking Work?

BNB Staking executes its core functionalities through two available models,      

<< Uni-Token Model

<< Bi-Functional Token Model

Uni-Token Model

In the Uni-Token model, the BNB Staking Platform offers Staking and rewards using the same token, that is the native token the BNB. The user on Staking BNB will be able to receive the rewards in the very same BNB only. 

Multi-Functional Token Model

In Multi-currency Staking mode the BNB Staking Platform processes Staking and rewards making use of different types of Tokens. The user on Staking the native token BNB will be able to receive the rewards in other accepted tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Why Maticz for BNB Staking Platform Development?

  • Attractive rewards for providing Liquidity
  • Larger returns on specific Staking
  • Smart Contracts secured transactions
  • Needless of middlemen to monetize
  • On-time product development
  • Ardent assistance and support 24X7

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