Cryptokitties clone script is a pre-built and white-label solution to launch a blockchain-powered NFT gaming platform that operates similarly to Cryptokitties.

Maticz, the leading NFT game development company, offers the best cryptokitties clone script solutions. We empower you to create a feature-rich Ethereum-based NFT gaming script to build DApps games like Cryptokitties, and we have expertise in crafting exceptional P2E gaming experiences.

Overview of Cryptokitties NFT Powered Game

CryptoKitties is a blockchain game developed by the Canadian studio Dapper Labs, launched in 2017 by Axiom Zen, CryptoKitties is the pioneer in the NFT gaming space. It introduces the concept of collectible digital cats, each with a unique genetic trait stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

These CryptoKitties are not just virtual pets, these pets are tradable assets, that allow players to collect, breed, and sell their kitties for real-world value. This is the reason that skyrockets the game's popularity among gamers. It demonstrates the potential of NFTs to create engaging and lucrative online experiences. This paves the new wave of NFT games that transforms how players interact with the games.

Each crypto kitty represents a non-fungible token that uses the token standards of ERC 721 on Ethereum. Which makes every kitty unique and makes them a tradable asset. This is how CryptoKitties paved the way for the booming play-to-earn (P2E) model and the explosion of NFT games we see today. 

Cryptokitties Clone Script

The CryptoKitties game is a proven concept that has pulled millions of audiences. The White-label CryptoKitties Clone Script empowers you to build your own immersive NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. This pre-build solution will provide a robust foundation for your NFT game, in which you can craft a unique gaming world filled with collectible pets or creatures. With the power of blockchain technology, the game will provide a captive play-to-earn gaming experience where users can collect, breed, and trade virtual assets with real-world value.

Maticz offers the Cryptokitties clone script, which is packed with essential features, from secured smart contract development to managed ownership to a user-friendly marketplace for NFT trading. Our CryptoKitties Clone has tons of customizable options for your game, you can able to tailor the game ecosystem, gameplay mechanics, and in-game economy to your specific vision. Which also allows you to hit the market in a quick period at an affordable price.

Features of our CryptoKitties Clone Script

Our expert developers will provide a comprehensive suite of features that help you build a thriving NFT game. Here is the list of features that our CryptoKitties clone script offers,

Secure Smart Contract

The heart of cryptokitties games lies in the smart contract, That’s why our expert smart contract developer will make sure that your smart contract ensures transparency and tamper-proof ownership management of your in-game NFTs, which promotes trust and security within your player base.

Customized Avatars

Maticz allows you to create highly customizable avatars. Which allows players to personalize their digital assets and brings individuality into your game world. This will lead to player engagement and make your NFT game a huge success.

Clock Auction

Our expert will help you create the clock auction system for your crypto kitties games. This will help the sellers fix the topmost opening bid and the least closing bid, so the players can strategically bid on NFT kitty, creating a dynamic marketplace that fuels the game economy.

Advanced Search Bar & Filter

This feature will help the users with the user-friendly advanced search option and the multiple filter options like rarity, traits, and price, will help the players quickly find the specific kitty they desire.

Breed Your Avatar

This is the core gaming mechanic. Our Cryptokitties clone script will allow players to combine their NFT and create new and unique offspring. This allows the players to stay engaged and potentially generate highly valuable new assets within your game.

Effortless Minting

In the minting process, players convert digital creations into tradable NFTs. We make sure that the minting process is streamlined and user-friendly. This will ensure a smooth experience for both the gamers and business people.

Liquidity Management

Our liquidity management features will help maintain a healthy flow of transactions and attract more players to your NFT game. This will provide steady and smooth liquidity to the players without any interruption.

Built-in Wallet

Maticz will provide the players with the ease of a built-in wallet for managing their in-game assets. This will get rid of the need for external wallets and simplify the overall user experience.

How To Make Money With CryptoKitties Clone?

The beauty of Cryptokitties clone script empowers you to create a custom revenue stream for you to foster a vibrant in-game economy. This allows you to implement the small transaction fee on the marketplace activities, and charge the players whenever players buy, sell, or breed their creatures. Also offering purchasable consumable boosts will allow the players to personalize their gaming experience and also provide a new revenue stream for your business.

Additionally, you can also charge the fee for users to mint new creatures adding to your income while also controlling the flow of NFTs within the game. Remember, the key success of your game lies in creating a well-balanced game that attracts a passionate player base. This will fuel the in-game economy and allow you to leverage various monetization strategies without compromising player enjoyment. Charging too many fees to the users will potentially reduce the interest in the game so choose it wisely before monetizing your game.

How Does Our Cryptokitties Clone Script Work?

To bring the engaging cryptokitties game to life. Here is the key breakdown of our crypto kitties clone script that is required to function, 


Our Cryptokitties clone makes sure the new player is onboarding with ease, our user-friendly registration process will let the players sign up to the platform with their nicknames and email addresses, so the players can quickly create accounts and embark on their NFT adventure within your game.

Wallet Integration

Our script integrates the popular crypto wallets, that allow the players to connect their existing wallets or create new ones directly within the game. This helps the user buy, sell, and breed the avatars. This will ensure the secure storage and management of their in-game assets.

Avatars for Sale

This will help the users to jumpstart their kitty collections by acquiring avatars from your marketplace. So the player can play the game after they have purchased that kitty, which allows the players to begin breeding right away.

Take Part in a War

CryptoKitties games allow the users to participate in the battle, and the players can use their kitty for the battle. This helps the players to have more fun and excitement in the battle and helps them earn rewards in the battle.

Breed the CryptoKitties

The main mechanism of crypto kitties is beading the two kitties and creating new offspring. This breading allows the players to combine their NFT creatures to generate unique offspring. This keeps the players engaged and they strive to breed the rarest with the game.


The marketplace is the core gaming economy. Here, players can buy, sell, and trade their NFT kitties with other players. Our script will facilitate a user-friendly marketplace, and allow players to browse new breeds, make bids, and complete transactions seamlessly.

Steps to Build a CryptoKitties Clone

At Maticz, we follow a streamlined development process to easily launch your Cryptokitties clone script. Here are the proven step-by-step procedures that Maticz follows to launch your clone script,

Planning and Ideation

This is the initial stage that requires the game concept, defining the game’s unique features and functionalities, and crafting a compelling backstory for your NFT Kitties. Maticz can provide expert guidance on NFT game mechanics and economic models to help you solidify your vision.

Customization and Script Integration

Our expert development team works closely with you to customize the pre-built script as per your gaming-specific needs. This includes modifying functionalities, integrating new features, and designing the visual elements for your game.

Smart Contract Development

Secure smart contract is the backbone of NFT games, which manage the ownership and ensure the immutability of player assets. Our expert developer will craft robust smart contracts tailored to your game's unique mechanics.

Testing and Deployment

Our testing team will conduct a rigorous testing process to ensure the smooth operation and security of your game. Once your game passes all the tests, we deploy your NFT game onto the chosen blockchain network, making it accessible to players worldwide.

Cryptokitties Game Launch

After all the processes are done, we launch your game to a mainstream audience to attract potential gamers to your platform. And we make sure that your game performs smoothly for the gamers.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Even after launching your game, Maticz provides ongoing maintenance and support for your game. Which will ensure that your NFT game continues to run smoothly and provide a positive player experience.


How much does it cost to build a Cryptokitties clone?

The cost of building a Cryptokitties clone can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of features, desired level of customization, and development team location. Generally, developing the crypto kitties clone will cost you around $20,000 to $100,000 or more.

How long does it take to build an NFT gaming platform like CryptoKitties?

The development timeline for a Cryptokitties clone script can vary depending on the complexity of features, and the development team. The basic version with core functionalities can be built in 3-6 months, while a highly customized platform with intricate features might take 6-12 months or even longer.

What are the key features of the CryptoKitties clone script?

These are the highlights of our Cryptokitties clone

- Secure Smart Contracts to track ownership

- Different Monetization Options

- Scalable and Customizable

- User-Friendly Marketplace

- Built with Non-fungible Token ERC721

- Breed a new offspring by two Cryptokitties

What Makes Our CryptoKitties Clone Exclusive?

Here are the exclusive features that make our Cryptokitties clone stand out from our competitors,

- Build-In Integrated Wallet

- Multi-Language Support

- Liquidity Management

- Two Factor Authentication

- Automated Withdrawal

- Flexible Payment

Why Choose Maticz for Cryptokitties Clone Development?

Blockchain gaming is an ever-evolving world, and choosing the right blockchain game development partner will help guide you to success. That’s where Maticz comes in, We are a leading game development company that offers top-tier gaming solutions. To bring your NFT gaming idea into reality.

We understand the significance of blockchain technology and NFT game mechanics. Our pre-build cryptokitties game will provide a secure and scalable foundation, saving you valuable development time, resources, and cost. But it doesn’t stop there we offer the high customizable options for your gaming platform that align with your target audience and business goals. With Maticz by your side, you will gain access to a team of passionate and experienced developers who are dedicated to making your NFT game a reality.

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