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In this digital era, many countries completely turned into digitized and handling many virtual currencies. In this stage, MLM business may strike every business person's mind to begin a multi-level marketing business like a Million Money, Forsage, Doubleway, Etrix, etc... 

But when it comes to investing in the MLM platform, most people say it’s a scam. So if you want to start a trusted Cryptocurrency MLM business, then the "Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platform" will be an ideal option.

With Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software, You can easily launch your own Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platform in a week!

Now, you may arise with the following questions:

 < What is an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software?

 < What is the Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platform?

 < How does Ethereum Smart Contract support MLM business?

 < What are the Benefits of Ethereum Smart Contract MLM?

 < How to Start Ethereum Smart Contract MLM business?

Here, you can get the answers to the above questions.

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software is a readymade smart contract-based MLM website script developed on Ethereum blockchain by deploying it you can launch your own decentralized & automated MLM businesses like Million Money, Forsage, Doubleway, LionShare, Etrix, etc...

Get a free technical consultation with our experts and check out How our Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software works!

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At Maticz Technologies, we offer a highly customizable Ethereum Smart Contract MLM script that supports all types of matrix plans & schemes. The major functions of the MLM website like member allocations, commission systems, and other internal p2p transactions will be automatically handled by the ethereum smart contracts.

Features of Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software 

1. Customizable Smart Contract

2. Decentralized MLM environment

3. Supports all types of MLM plans

4. P2P commission payment structure

5. Multi-tested, Un-hackable MLM platform

6. Ensures 100% transparency & trustability

7. Multiple payment gateway integrations

8. 10X faster & secured MLM platform

9. User-friendly UI/UX design

10. Cross-Platform Compatibility – Usability first

11. Easy Down-line making & Network creation

12. Real-time, instant Payout system

13. Easy track & trace of MLM levels & transactions

14. Powerful & Secured Smart Contract Protocols

15. Advanced & Powerful architectural design

What is an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM? 

An Ethereum Smart Contract MLM is an Ethereum Blockchain-powered, decentralized & automated MLM platform without any central authority. In a decentralized MLM business, the Blockchain-powered Ethereum Smart Contracts refrain from the third-party commission that benefits all the entities in the MLM business network. This is the main reason why the Ethereum Smart Contract MLM business is better than the traditional MLM business. 

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Business is a revolution in the MLM business that cut down the involvement of central authorities by bringing automation to MLM platforms. Ethereum Smart Contracts running on the Ethereum Blockchain network bring this revolution by coding the entire functionalities of the MLM platform in Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Ethereum Smart Contract

Generally, an Ethereum Smart Contract is a digital agreement or automated contract between two parties in the form of a computer code run on the Ethereum blockchain, and it cannot be changed or altered and is stored in a public database (Ethereum network). Ethereum Blockchain network is an open-source platform that paved the way for the blooming of a decentralized ecosystem that uses Ethereum Smart Contracts to create DApps.

In the blockchain world, Smart Contracts have emerged as the most utilized application in the current scenario and there are millions of ethereum decentralized applications running live in the market. 

Importance of Ethereum Smart Contracts

Ethereum Smart Contracts play a predominant role in the development of decentralized MLM applications and are very beneficial for business people to start their Smart Contract-Based MLM business. Ethereum Smart Contract is considered by the world as a leading application in blockchain technology. Not only MLM businesses, but nowadays ethereum smart contract supports many fields like smart homes, e-commerce, real estate, and more.

So, once you have decided to start a Crypto MLM business, then the Ethereum Smart Contract-Based MLM business will be the most profitable one! 

How Does Ethereum Smart Contract Support MLM Business?

Unlike the Smart Contract MLM business, traditional MLM business has some major disadvantages which are overcome by the Ethereum Smart Contracts.  Here are some major cons in traditional MLM business:

Drawbacks in Traditional MLM Business

 - Lot of fraudulent activities & scams 

 - Less-trustworthy among people

 - Major benefits only at higher levels

 - Zero transparency & negative perception

 - Less success and a high rejection rate

 - Only a few are successful, the majority fails

 - No guaranteed ROI or income

How Does Ethereum Smart Contract Empower MLM Business?

The majority of the people are aware of Smart Contract so the integration of Ethereum Smart Contract in MLM business brings MORE TRANSPARENCY & TRUSTABILITY among MLM participants.

1. Brings 100% transparency to MLM business.

2. Eliminates fraudulent activities & scams.

3. The MLM platform continues to work until Blockchain exists.

4. Easy track and trace of transactions.

5. Completely Decentralized MLM environment.

6. Eliminates the involvement of a third party.

7. Makes the MLM process easily understandable among users.

8. The entire Smart Contracts can be viewed on Block Explorer.

9. Transparency over Smart Contracts brings more trust among users.

10.  The immense potential of a Smart Contract attracts investors & entrepreneurs.

How Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Works?

The Decentralized Smart Contract MLM Platform’s task is to redirect the user’s transactions from one wallet to another wallet, according to the given marketing conditions. Smart Contract MLM platform does not keep the funds of the users on the site. It has the ability to repeat the profit-earning cycle for every particular day at all levels at the same time.

Basically, Decentralized MLM is simple and more effective. First of all, users have to invest a small amount of ETH(0.03 or 0.05) in the MLM platform to join. Then the user needs to bring in 2 serious referrals with the same capital amount (0.03ETH or 0.05 ETH) and the user could earn over 100 million nairas every 3 months!!

Yes, every 3 months, and maybe you might think this is a Ponzi scheme or some other kind of scam. 

Well, continue reading ……..

Now, if you’re using Cryptocurrencies, then you’ll know that any cryptocurrency that finds its way into your wallet is yours. Now, a decentralized MLM platform is so amazing, genuine, and transparent in that no admin controls the transactions.

Anyone who has coding knowledge can read the code and see how the system works. Because the system uses an open-source coding pattern. That should tell the users that decentralized MLM is legit.

It’s basic peer-to-peer. Now, when users register, they pay an upline. If the user refers 2 persons and if they also register in this system, then the money they used to register will be sent to the user who refers those 2 persons and they will see this money in their wallet.

They can even withdraw it if they want. But they don’t want to do that, because this system is not created for that. Users have to upgrade to the next level using 0.05 ETH for their earnings. Remember, 0.06 was sent to the user by their 2 down lines (0.03 each). Normally, once one user brings in 2 referrals, their job is done. 

Benefits of Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software

1. Trust, Transparency, and highly immutable

2. No hacking 

3. Risk-free, No scam

4. Instant payout

5. No Admin or owner

6. High ROI

7. Supports meta-mask and trust wallet.

8. Easy to code 

9. Data stored in the blockchain

10. Instant payment

11. Low operating cost

12. Reduction of Scam 

13. Guarantees high ROI

14. Easily traceable assets

15. Accelerated transactions

How to Start an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Business?

Maticz Technologies is a leading Smart Contract MLM Development Company that offers top-class Smart Contract MLM Development Services that come with two options for starting a Smart Contract-Based MLM business.

Option - 1

Building an MLM Platform from scratch (i.e.) Developing an MLM platform and then integrating Smart Contracts built on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

#Maticz has a team of Certified Ethereum Experts who are pioneers in Ethereum Smart Contract development for any kind of business & enterprise and specialize in the development & auditing of Smart Contracts for MLM businesses.

Option - 2

The most cost-effective way to start a Smart Contract MLM platform is the Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script.

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script is a multi-tested & ready-made MLM website script based on Ethereum blockchain-powered smart contracts used to start a Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract-based MLM platform like Million Money, Forsage, LionsShare, Etrix, etc... 

Maticz's Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script is completely a White-Label Solution - Which allows the client to customize the MLM platform based on their business requirements. By deploying this ready-to-launch Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script, you can launch the Ethereum Smart Contract MLM platform within a week! Book a Live demo & check how our Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Script works:

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Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Development

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Development is a step-by-step process of developing an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platform from scratch that involves the following 10 steps in developing an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platform:

10 Step Process

1. Gathering Requirements from clients.

2. Finalizing MLM plans and commission structures.

3. Designing UI/UX for the MLM platform.

4. Developing Smart Contracts for MLM platforms.

   - Registration and commission system development.

   - Referral system development and integration.

5. Matrix Algorithms integration. 

6. Smart Contract customization & integration.

7. Wallet development and integration.

8. Smart Contract Auditing with test cases.

9. Deploying Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain.

10. After confirmation with the Client, deploy to the Client's server.

Why Choose Maticz for Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Development?

Maticz Technologies is a leading Smart Contract MLM Development Company having certified Smart Contract developers who excel in Smart Contract MLM Development with a proven track record of success with 100% customer satisfaction offering top-rated Smart Contract MLM Software based on Ethereum & Tron Blockchain networks.

Here are some key reasons to choose our Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software:

 >> 100% highly secured MLM platform.

 >> Handle up to 10 Million users at a time.

 >> Supports multiple Matrix schemes.

 >> Privacy and transparency at it are best.

 >> Fully automated MLM environment.

 >> Decentralized P2P Commissions structure.

 >> Use of Ethereum Smart Contract rules out chances of scams.

 >> The best way to earn ETH in a short duration.

 >> Instant Peer-to-Peer Payments systems.

 >> Risk-free way to earn a huge profit.

 >> Completely decentralized MLM environment.

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Our Blockchain Developers are also experts in clone development of famous Smart Contract MLM platforms like Million Money, Forsage, Etrix, Lions Share, EthereumsCashForsageTRON, Supersage, etc…

Get our ready-made, customizable Smart Contract MLM Software (DEXARK) to kick-start your Smart Contract MLM platform within a week!

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