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Following the popularity and tremendous growth of the Opensea NFT marketplace, many aspiring entrepreneurs have started launching feature-packed NFT marketplace like Opensea.

Building a platform like Opensea from scratch is a tedious and cumbersome process. In addition, one should require massive capital and enormous resources for building and launching a flawless NFT platform like Opensea.

So, it is wiser to utilize a fine-tuned Opensea clone script to build and deploy a P2P NFT platform like Opensea.

An Opensea clone script is a ready-to-use and easy-to-deploy NFT marketplace script that facilitates faster development and launch of a comprehensive NFT marketplace like Opensea in a short period.

There are plenty of Opensea clone scripts available on the global market, but only a few prominent clone scripts are integrated with advanced functionalities and can be customized according to the NFT marketplace requirements.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to launch a lucrative NFT marketplace like Opensea, we strongly suggest you opt for Opensea Clone Script to build and launch an all-inclusive NFT marketplace like Opensea.

Furthermore, you must select a prominent Opensea clone with the following astonishing features for an effective and profitable NFT marketplace development.

Features of Enterprise-grade Opensea Clone Script

An Opensea clone must come with the basic features of the Opensea NFT marketplace and should include many cutting-edge functionalities. Some of the notable features that should be included in the Opensea clone script are described below.


An Opensea clone script must include a captivating front-end display with mesmerizing banners to convey complete details about the NFT marketplace and NFTs. These features will increase the user base and improve the user retention rate.


To effortlessly and quickly allow users to identify the NFTs of their choice, an Opensea clone script must include more advanced filter options. A user can locate the NFTs using filter options like category, price range, collections, etc.

Effective NFT Listing

The Effecting listing features allow the artists or sellers to list their NFTs with complete details in relevant categories. This feature also helps users to get information on specific NFTs like owner details, price, listing status, etc.

NFT Minting

An opensea clone script comes with basic minting processes like Single Minting (ERC -721) and Multiple Minting (ERC - 1155) standards that allow sellers or creators to list and sell their NFTs. 

NFT Staking

This rewarding feature of the Opensea clone script allows platform users to stake their NFTs in a liquidity pool and earn according to the duration of staking and their values. Higher the staking values and the longer the staking duration, the higher the reward.

Lazy Minting

Our advanced Opensea clone script includes a more demanding feature - Lazy minting which allows users to mint NFTs upon purchase. So, the users don't have to pay for the minting until the NFT is sold.

Multiple Wallets

The Multi-wallet feature of Opensea Clone Script allows NFT traders to integrate their wallets (Trust, Metamask, Coinbase, etc.) into the NFT marketplace to buy, sell and store NFTs using the wallets of their choice.

Multi-chain Interoperability

To seamlessly trade NFT across various platforms, the Opensea clone script should include a multi-chain interoperability feature. Using this feature, trading of NFTs across EVM-compatible platforms is possible and very easy.


An Opensea clone script must include unique and hassle-free auction processes allowing sellers or buyers to sell or buy listed NFTs in a decentralized environment. Some of the notable auction processes of Opensea clone are Make an Offer and Bidding.

NFT Promotion

The promotion feature of the Opensea clone script allows sellers to promote their NFTs to improve their visibility for better tradability. Users can choose the NFT promotion packages like feature and ad sections based on their budget.

API Integration

An Opensea clone script should be incorporated with essential APIs for business growth. It should be flexible enough to integrate additional or more advanced APIs according to the global market evolution and business needs.

Multi-Payment Gateway

Multi-payment gateway feature of the Opensea clone script enables NFT enthusiasts to buy their favourite NFTs using various payment options like credit/debit cards, crypto, or Fiat currencies.

Dark-theme support

The dark theme feature of the Opensea clone script improves visibility and adjusts the brightness based on daylight. It improves users' experience by enhancing visual ergonomics and enables them to use the platform conveniently while saving the battery life of their devices.

Smart Notifications

Smart notification is one of the essential features of an Opensea clone script which allows users to get to know all the activities of the NFT marketplace. This feature sends information regarding the latest updates, changes in NFT rankings, etc., in terms of notifications.

​​NFT Royalty

NFT Royalty feature allows NFT creators to earn (5-10% of the sale price) whenever their NFTs are sold on the platform. This feature will encourage NFT creators to list their top creations in your NFT marketplace.

The above features are the key to attracting a wide range of NFT users to your NFT marketplace. Users' demands will change as the NFT marketplace evolves, so the continuous incorporation of state-of-the-art features into your NFT marketplace is inevitable.

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, an Opensea clone script without the above features is like a magnet without magnetic properties. You cannot pull the target audiences without including the above features in your Opensea Clone script.

If you are an entrepreneur, who wants to venture into the flourishing NFT industry, you should waste no time and launch an all-inclusive NFT marketplace using an Opensea clone script. 

Launching a flawless NFT marketplace with the above features using your hard-earned money will reward you tremendously.

Are you wondering where to look for a peerless Opensea clone script with the above features?

Relax! Maticz is here to help you out!

We, at Maticz, offer you an impeccable Opensea clone script that includes all the above state-of-the-art features and much more. Furthermore, our Opensea Clone script can be customizable and comes with an enterprise-grade security system. 

In addition, our experts help you turn your NFT marketplace vision into a realizable platform. Some notable features like Store-front, landing page, admin dashboard, revenue-generating sources, etc. can be custom-made according to your NFT marketplace requirements. Additionally, any new and innovative features or interesting ideas can be incorporated as add-ons.

Launch a remunerative NFT marketplace like Opensea with many revenue-generating factors using our industry-leading Opensea clone script and shine bright in this flourishing industry.

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