This article discusses the top 15 must-have features of the white-label Binance clone to help you build a top-notch crypto exchange platform for your crypto business.

Currently, with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies among users all over the world, and also the increasing use of cryptocurrencies for different purposes, many users around the world are looking for a suitable and credible platform for buying, selling, and exchanging their fiat into cryptocurrencies. 

Many users are making cryptocurrencies for various purposes, such as buying and selling goods, making overseas payments, or making crypto profits from fluctuations, and other kinds of revenue-generating methods. This point has multiplied the significance of creating a digitalized currency exchange website like Binance.

If you are willing to generate some revenue by creating a Binance-like crypto exchange platform, then you’ve landed at the right place. This article illustrates the features included in our Binance clone to build a crypto exchange platform is a smart business idea. 

Let’s dive into the king of the topic - Features of the Binance clone.

Electrifying Features of Binance Clone

One of the stepping stones in the crypto exchange ecosystem is trading features. Binance Clone offers basic, advanced, and pro trading feature options for crypto traders. Here are the electrifying features that you can get in our Binance exchange clone.

Spot or Instantaneous Trading

One of the top features in our Binance clone is Spot Trading. With these features, users can experience instant crypto trading that can be done securely between the buyer and seller by posting buy and sell orders that will be matched with the help of a match engine. 

Margin Trading

With the help of these Margin trading features, traders permit their users to borrow funds from the admin to trade the crypto assets in a hassle-free manner. Hence, the users can boost their profit by leveraging the investment.

Futures Trading

One of our cutting-edge key features in our Binance clone is Futures Trading. With this trading, users can buy and sell their assets at a predestined cost on a particular date or without any expiry date. Our script comes with perpetual and quarterly contracts where users can manage their position by speculating the crypto future prices accordingly.

P2P Trading

One of the most preferable trading for crypto traders is P2P Trading. We enabled Peer-to-Peer crypto trading in our software to provide the most satisfactory trading experience. Based on the user preference, they can perform secure P2P crypto exchange by selecting the desired buy/sell advertisements or by posting buy/sell ads.

OTC Trading

The integration of OTC Trading in our Binance clone assists you in trading cryptocurrencies right away by eradicating the requirements to visit the order book. It is an instant buy-and-sell feature where users can trade cryptos with their suitable payment methods.

Matching & Trade Engine

We enhanced our Binance clone with a robust and highly optimized matching & trade engine. This Matching & trade engine launches various orders and transactions with algorithms proficiently.

Crypto Staking

Crypto Staking enables users to stake cryptocurrencies instantly from their crypto wallet stake their desired assets and earn lucrative rewards.

API Integration

Our highly scalable Binance clone is built in with more than 300 APIs to support the participant’s trading and investment requirements.

Multi Crypto Wallet

We have integrated the market's best crypto wallet that permits users to send, receive, deposit, withdraw, and retrieve their cryptocurrencies in a highly secure manner. 

Unlimited Tokens & Cryptos

Our fully-fledged Binance clone enables the trading of unlimited tokens and cryptos with the help of its Multi-signature wallets to experience seamless trading.

Unlimited Payment Gateway

Our binance clone provides compliance with various payment gateway integration that contribute to improving usability.

Bitcoin Escrow Trading

Our Bitcoin Escrow Trading works as a mediator to hold the buyer's money for the transactions in safekeeping until the seller’s cryptos are handed over. 

Multi-lingual Support

Our Binance clone renders multiple language support integrations that assist the users to be easily visible and reachable all over the world. 

Various Order Types

In our Binance clone, we integrate limit, market, and stop limit order types that assist users in trading cryptos as per their essentials based on price fluctuations. 

Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a software application that permits individuals in the financial markets to copy positions opened and managed by another selected expert trader automatically. This technique enables traders to copy certain strategies with the preferred leverage. 

Derivatives Trading (Perpetual & Future Contracts)

We develop Derivative trading to determine the value of the crypto based on the price, performance, and value of underlying assets. We offer both perpetual and future contracts on derivatives trading to trade for long-term or remain constant without any expiration date or value. 

Futures 125X Trading

This feature assists in increasing your trading position with trustworthy 125x leverage making it highly capital-effective.

Liquidity Integration

API, Trading Bots, and market making are the primary ways of creating high-volume liquidity that helps to build trust in the exchange platform.

Order Book

Our ultra-modernized Binance clone is empowered with the transparent and latest live order book system. It offers a list of all open orders that are available for particular crypto trading pairs on the exchange platform.

Dynamic Trade Pair Management

Our Binance script handles the dynamic trade pairs. Here, the admin has the authority to improve the trading pair based on the trending pairs. With these features, the admin spotlights which of the trade pairs are getting trend so easily. 

Dynamic Token Integration

Dynamic Token Integration will permit the users to use multiple tokens either from ERC20 or BEP20 token standards. Admin can integrate tokens from the admin panel with the help of smart contracts so that users can use multiple tokens to buy or sell. 

Security Features Included in Our Binance Clone

Security features play a significant role in the crypto exchange arena. Because without the right security features, there will be security holes that lead to scams and fraudulent activities. Here is the list of high-security features that you can get in our Binance clone. 

Automated KYC & AML Integration

The inclusion of automated Know-your-customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) assists in protecting users from scams and other fraudulent activities. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Our superior white-label Binance clone is integrated with the two-factor authentication feature for additional login and withdrawal transaction security. This authentication assures higher security and acts as a protective wall from violations. 

Data Encryption

Data encryption in our White Label Binance clone prevents the risk of unauthorized users accessing user credentials and other confidential info. 

Jail Login

One of the main security features is jail login, this feature refuses login requests for a preset amount of time after multiple incorrect logins. 

Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

Anti-Denial of Service (Anti-Dos) captures the ecosystems when the susceptible number of requests is acknowledged. 

Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)

Anti-DoS is another kind of security feature that protects the Binance exchange software when multiple connected devices are targeted. 

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Security Mechanism

Token-based Security Mechanism shields the exchange platform from unwanted activities from an authenticated user.

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) protection defends the systems against attacks from legitimate internal applications. 

HTTPS Authentication

With the inclusion of HTTP authentications, this feature protects the networks from web attacks and also helps to manipulate to retrieve hidden data. 

Top Addons on our Binance clone

Cutting-edge Chart tools

We offer an advanced crypto trading graphical chart feature in our script. This feature helps your users to view orders, positions, crypto prices, etc., Hence, the users can get a better graphical trading experience with the latest chart enhancements. 

Referral and Reward program

Our finest white-label Binance clone has an integrated referral and reward system that provides incentives to the users. It permits the users to earn who promote and refer others to a label industriously. 

Token Launchpad

We enable a robust token launchpad in our script which operates similarly to Binance Launchpad. Crypto Launchpad in our Binance-like exchange will open a portal for the users to sell their newly launched cryptocurrencies and enhance the capital for their business. 

Trading Bot Integration

The integration of the crypto trading bot in the Binance clone assists traders in placing orders and helps in crypto trading. 

Multi-Layered Security

Our script is pre-coded with all up-to-date security mechanisms like XSS and Dos protections. In addition, Google Authentication, Recovery keys, and KYC are the standard features.

Anti-Phishing Code

By setting an Anti-Phishing Code, the user can easily understand whether the Email notification comes from the exchange platform or other phishing attempts. With these features, the platform turns out to be reliable.

Summing Up

Nowadays the crypto market is gaining and developing prominence all over the world. On the flip side, the usage of cryptocurrencies is increasing rapidly. And traders are rising towards the crypto exchange that offers low trading fees. Therefore, it is the perfect time to start your own Crypto exchange business like Binance. 

All you need to do is hire a team of proficient developers from the leading Binance Clone providers in the global marketplace - Maticz. We would help you to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance at a crypto-friendly and cost-effective as per your business requirements. 

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