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The future of cryptocurrency is very much blitzkrieg in its usability and there are plenty of emerging cryptocurrencies that contribute to going global trade. All through its wide preference the future of crypto is in the safe hands of crypto giants like BTC, LTC, and ETH.

In the emerging trends, decentralized finances are booming. People have opted to move towards finances that involve merely the participants rather than the third parties. The benefit that cryptos bring to light is that the deals and bids are monitored by a digitally operated software called the escrow protocol. In recent years cryptos have large-scale investments from the CEOs of various MNCs. 

Why Crypto is in the trends?

Investors have started to shift their gears to an alternative to conventional banking. It is believed that anything that comes up with an alternate and innovative approach will seek attention in the market. Though the process is similar people will tend to migrate to a new technology that will always show their uniqueness to their counterparts. Crypto talks have been in trend for more than a decade.

First such instance:

The first instance of crypto was spotted in the world back in the 90s through the Flooz (E-currency) which was considered the very first virtual money in the world. From then on it took around 15 years to reach out to the bitcoin. Bitcoin founder Mr. Nakamoto said that he wanted to revolutionize trades through his innovative idea the bitcoin. As far as today he has achieved his statement to be valid.


Bitcoins by far is the best crypto ever known to the world. Slowly bitcoin has become the face of cryptocurrencies. Like the term Xerox which we people opt for representing photocopying, bitcoin has become the trademark identity for cryptocurrencies. Initially, Mr. Nakamoto released a very small amount of only 10 bitcoins.

But today roughly around 9 million bitcoins are released daily. This makes it the best crypto is ever known to date.

Bitcoins Performance in Recent Trends:

Salinas stuns the Crypto World:

Mexican business giant Mr. Ricardo Pliego the founder and CEO of The Salinas group of companies stunned the crypto world by investing a hefty amount of 10% of its shares with the crypto legend’s bitcoins. Mr. Pliego has stated that Bitcoin was a premium option to protect his liquid assets. He also wanted his followers to follow in his footsteps by enrolling themselves with bitcoins in the future. He also suggested the book THE BITCOIN STANDARD to his followers. Salinas’ entry has strengthened the trust in the minds of people who want to invest with bitcoins. This incident proves the current state of bitcoins in recent trends.

Fire blocks funds for global expansion:

Famous crypto exchange platform The Fireblocks has shown its interest in cryptocurrency development.   The Fireblocks have invested a massive 30 million USD in developing its crypto sector. The Fireblocks have had enormous growth in the recent past. The company had an amassing 533% increase in its customer usage; this might have been the key reason for the company to invest its shares in the cryptocurrency platform.  Mr.Michael Shaulov the founder and CEO of The Fireblocks has made it clear, that his firm wishes to extend a warm welcome to the crypto giants the Bitcoins by strengthening his Blockchain network. He also stated that his Blockchain network would be highly beneficial to the financial phenomenal like JP Morgan.  

Curate creditability:

Curate the cryptocurrency exchange platform has set out its goal as to Defi portal. The Curate aims to attain an autonomous ecosystem exclusively for the investors of the Ethereum tokens

Grayscale milestone:

Grayscale the predominant investment platform has made a milestone in its business through its stakes crossing the market value of 10 billion USD. The organization has stated that its stakes were solely invested in developing its back-end frameworks. The funds were allotted through Grayscale Bit Trust which is the controlling authority of the organization.

What do Experts say about Cryptocurrencies? 

Jerome Powell:

Jerome Powell is the chief of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is the central banking authority of the United States of America. In a recent meeting held in association with the Business Hall of Fame awards, he said that the pandemic has collapsed the current economy and has created a necessity for a different type of economy. Experts believe that he might have stated about the rise of the crypto-economy which is a decentralized one. Experts also believe the crypto economy will be the future of any finances in the world.

Ray Dalio:

Ray Dalio the funding manager of the famous finance giant The Billionaire Hedge Funds controversially made a statement that crypto would get banned by the local governments.  Later he admitted that he wasn’t sure of his statement and obliged to get back his statement. He stated the above through his official Twitter handle.

Cynthia Lummis:

Cynthia Lummis the proud senate member of Wyoming a renowned politician and attorney general from the US has also made an official statement regarding the bitcoin. When asked about her plans? In an interview. She told the interviewers that she would explain the bitcoins to her colleagues. She also stated that Bitcoin was a great store of value.

Elon Musk:

Maisie Williams the female lead who played the role of Arya Stark in the much-recognized TV series The Game of Thrones. On her, Twitter handle asked their opinion about the future of Bitcoin to her fans through a poll. To her very surprise, Elon Musk commented on her Twitter handle suggesting she invest in bitcoins. He suggested through the comment “Drop a coin to your witcher”.

Brian Brookes:

Brian Brookes the comptroller of currency of the US has made it clear that he has visions for opening up more and more crypto banks shortly.

Incidents that define the rise of bitcoins:

Bitcoin beats Ethereum's all-time best:

Bitcoin has overtaken the per-zone price of Ethereum. Overall zone price of 18k USD, which is a vast increase in its performance.

Completion of Bitcoin Cash Fork:

Every 6 months BTC will have its updates with upgraded features. This update had a feature called the difficulty adjustment algorithm or the aserti3-2d.

Canadian Crypto Legends make milestone:

3iQ the only crypto asset company from Canada has made a milestone by crossing 100 million net worth in its stakes. This incident has made global investors think of the worth of cryptocurrencies in recent trends.

High Bitcoin revenue mining:

Global analytics company, the Glass Node had proved that the bitcoin stakes had doubled far better than before. This proves that mining activity has grown exponentially. The profit has increased at an alarming rate from 9000 USD to 18000 USD. Such an increase in BTC rates proves to the world the current net worth of the crypto legends, the Bitcoins.

Top Investors in Cryptocurrencies:

Barry Silbert: The founder of a digital trading company, The Venture Films is subjected to have at least 1 million bitcoins, he is known by the nickname “the king of the crypto world”.

Dan Morehead: The founder of Pantera, a Bitcoin-based company.

The Winklevoss brothers: The founders of The Winklevoss Company invested 11 million USD and got around 1 billion USD.

Other Cryptos that will rule in 2024:

1. Ethereum

2. Chainlink

3. Uniswap

4. CRO

5. Polkadot

6. Algorand

7. CXN network

8. Cardona


Ethereum is expected to be the counterpart of bitcoins. In most cases, it is expected to overrun the performance of bitcoins by the end of 2024. With plenty of profits through its stakes, it is arguably the best-performing crypto in the current trend alongside the bitcoins.


This decentralized platform is showing booming performance in current trends. This will ideally be an alarming trend for users in 2024. It is known for its safety returns policy.


This best-in-the-market platform works with a daily trade volume of $433,993,155.

CRO: Coin Price - $0.065160

Market Cap Rank - #20

All-Time High - $0.190943 -65.9%, Aug 21, 2020 (3 months)

All-Time Low - $0.01211960 437.5%, Feb 08, 2019 (almost 2 years) Coin/Bitcoin Ratio - 1 BTC = 271092.76 CRO


Polkadot's price today is $4.69 with a 24-hour trading volume of $207,414,283. DOT price is down -3.8% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 1 136 127 331 coins.


Algorand Price - $0.258387

24h Low / 24h High - $0.257496 / $0.267368

7d Low / 7d High - $0.256047 / $0.280521

Market Cap Rank - #68

All-Time High - $3.56 -92.7% Jun 20, 2019 (over 1 year)

Cryptocurrency the current trend:

With the cited evidence, that crypto arguably is the currency of the current trends, investors have shifted their thought process towards the widely accepted phenomenon. In the words of experts, crypto will determine the future economy of the world. By the end of 2024, there will be a lot of companies that will show interest in developing the globally accepted phenomenon that is cryptocurrencies.

What Maticz means to the Crypto World?

Considering the current performance of the crypto market and its entities, we can conclude that, crypto is the future of any exchange. We the Maticz Technologies through our skilled set of developers have thoroughly analyzed the market performance of various cryptos and attempted to provide our clients with a dedicated quality of service in the crypto exchanges. Developing quality crypto products is our prime aim. Maticz makes the crypto marketing experience easy in one go.

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