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In this digital world, Decentralized Finance has become the criterion for determining the global financial market. We shall well conclude that in the future, DeFi exchanges will dominate and rule major trends involved in Crypto markets.

Some of the DeFi protocols like Uniswap, Justswap, Yearn.Finance, Compound, etc… are ruling the DeFi ecosystem and it is the perfect time for you to enter into the DeFi environment by making use of professional DeFi solutions from the industry-leading players in DeFi – Maticz Technologies.

Maticz offers readymade software solutions as well as DeFi Protocol Development from scratch to launch a DeFi platform similar to the current sensation – JUSTSWAP.

Just Swap Clone Script

Just Swap Clone Script is a readymade Tron-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on Tron Blockchain used to kick-start a decentralized platform for Swapping & Automated Liquidity provision of Tron and its tokens that operates 100% similar to Justswap. 

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Just Swap Clone - One-Stop Solution

Just Swap Clone will be the sure-shot solution for launching a Tron-based decentralized trading protocol for automated liquidity provision on TRON that replicates the core features & functionalities of

What Is a Just Swap Clone?

Just Swap Clone is an alternate but synonymous solution in line with the already existing Tron-based DeFi protocol (i.e.) Just Swap. Just swap allows swapping and liquidity provision services between the widely accepted tokens in the TRON base.

It is a decentralized platform for opening up the market by offering liquidity through pools. This clone is similar in functions of Uniswap, but its transactions are exclusively made for TRON & its token on TRON Blockchain.

Why DeFi On Tron Blockchain?

About its transparency and reliability, the technology world has shifted gears towards this globally performing approach. TRON Blockchain offers an uninterrupted quality of service with no third-party interference and it is the current trusted blockchain network after Ethereum that exists in recent trends.

Just Swap Overview

Justswap is a TRON-based exchange protocol, exclusively designed for transacting digital assets associated with TRON-based coins.

Justswap protocol is ideally used for TRC20 transactions.

The system price determines the trade-off of any 2 TRC20 tokens.

Trade-off prices function with the motto of paying back the liquidity generators to the protocol.

How Does Just Swap Work?

Justswap is a decentralized portal for generating liquidity. 

Justswap offers optimized automation to the liquidity generation process.

Justswap effectively enhances the legitimacy of the transactions.

Justswap creates a trading pair through which pooling takes place.

Modes Of Operation:

Justswap offers two main functionalities: Pooling, and Swapping.


Swapping in Justswap refers to the swapping of TRX to the desired TRC token or two TRC tokens.

Swapping interoperates with several TRX tokens which are highly in use with the current crypto trends.

Users get to swap their base currency with the alternating token generating a passive income as liquidity directly to the portal rather than as an income to any third parties.


The first step in pooling is the creation of a liquidity pair.

Pooling decides to fund for your ascertained liquidity pair.

After notification, the pooling bar shows the balance that remains after the transaction is complete.

After confirmation, the supply button pops up at the top.

Supply requires approval to grant access from the wallet.

What Does Offering Liquidity Mean?

The term Liquidity is more synchronized with creating a supply to TRX or any TRC20 token. The Just Swap Clone process swapping by accepting certain tokens as funds for the processing and offers equivalent tokens as returns to the user.

Key Ideology:

The key ideology behind this much-awaited clone script is its DeFi-based approach.

What Is DeFi?

Decentralized finance is the most modern form of finance that rules up the market. It ensures that transactions are entirely brokered free as well as free from third-party dominance or interference. Defi gives us the provision of multiple financial products and services around the globe.

Ultimate Way to Launch Defi Protocol Like Justswap

Just Swap Clone Software 

Justswap Clone Software is a readymade DeFi software solution built on the Tron blockchain that facilitates automated liquidity provision on Tron & its tokens. By deploying this ready-to-launch software, you can kick-start DeFi protocol similar to Justswap.

Maticz offers White-Label Justswap Clone Software that allows customization based on your business requirements.

Highlights of Just Swap Clone

This type of protocol offers optimized automation with zero organizational interference on liquidity provision & swapping. Lending and Borrowing services take place through a legacy-level interface. Wallets build, maintain, and manage currencies through a secured gateway.


The only requisite of this clone is that the user should have active access to TRON wallets, as the wallet is explicitly made for the exchange of TRON & its tokens.

Introduction to Just Swap Clone

On surfing through the net, links will take you to the interfacing page of the clone script. Two main functionalities are streamlined at the center of the user interface. The functionalities include swapping and pooling.

Overview of the Interface

Pool and Swap options are available at the top.

Scan option available to compare tokens with the other tokens of the world provided it is a TRON-based token.

Ease of access is provided by the search toolbar provided at the user's point of view.

Multi-language compatibility ensures user simplicity in understanding the process.

Highlights of the Interface

Toolbar indicating the current price rates of TRX in the market, this will save the time of our clients.

Clients will get to know about the current liquidity rates through the liquidity toolbar available at the top.

People will get to know the volume of traffic taking part in the given instant of time to create assurance in the mindset of users.

Swapping in Justswap Clone

Swapping in Justswap Clone refers to the swapping of TRX to the desired TRC token or any two TRC tokens.

Conversion rates as well as liquidity rate comparisons are also provided by the swap bar.

After the transaction, the swap bar will indicate the amount of balance available with both coins as well as tokens in your wallet.

Processible Cryptos & Tokens















Liquidity Provision in Justswap Clone

The main concept of the DeFi Pooling mechanism is to add liquidity to the liquidity pools. Deposition of TRX & an equivalent value of TRC20 token into the pool will be considered as adding liquidity to the pool. The client on depositing TRX & TRC20 tokens will be considered as a liquidity provider to the pool.
The liquidity providers offering liquidity to the pool are rewarded with a specific commission based on the pooling guidelines of the protocol and this act allows the user to have a passive income by adding liquidity to the pools.

6-step Process in Adding Liquidity to a Liquidity Pool

<< Step:1 – Pick the liquidity pool and click "Add Liquidity" to add liquidity.

<< Step:2 - Select the two tokens you want to add liquidity (One must be the TRX) and enter the number of tokens you need to add and then click "Supply".

<< Step:3 – When you enter the amount of a TRX, the clone platform will calculate the corresponding amount of the other selected token based on the relative price of the token pair in that pool.

<< Step:4 – After confirming the supply, you need to confirm from your TRON wallet.

<< Step:5 – After confirming from the wallet, the token & TRX get debited from the wallet and you will get a pop-up box showing a transaction summit message.

<< Step:6 – You can view your transaction status on and after liquidity gets added, you will get a confirmation message. 

Beneficial Features of Justswap Clone Script

The framework is designed in such a way that the protocol attracts investors globally.

Clients get to analyze the counterpart’s performance through this widely accepted protocol.

Pool on-demand and tokenized method of withdrawal of funds is the key secure element of this protocol.

The protocol is designed in such a way as to facilitate the users to use all TRON-supported wallets.

Just swap Vs Uniswap:

Due to the high volume of traffic pulled within Ethereum, the gas fee is charged at an enormous amount, while the TRON gas fee is comparatively low.

  • TRON functions faster than Ethereum.

  • Transaction fee on TRON is less in comparison with Ethereum.

  • TRON shows a higher conversion rate than most other competitors.

  • Investment in TRON and its tokens has enormously increased in recent times.

Note: We have a proven solution to reduce the Gas Fee on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

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What Does It Mean to Have a Defi Just Swap Clone?

The proceeding will always be dependent on product maturity.

Para-chained applications offer a high degree of security and scalability to the end-users.

Reports are published at regular intervals, which will ensure customer preference over the other existing counterparts.

This protocol offers state-of-the-art security to its end customers through a secured gateway designed by a skilled set of blockchain architects.

Why Maticz for Justswap Clone Development?

Maticz is a leading DeFi Development Company that offers you world-class DeFi solutions through the master-class quality of service delivered by professionals who are the best in the market. A charismatic team championing the core concepts of Blockchain architecture fetches you with fantastic solutions to the current trending talks of the crypto sphere.

Here are some fantabulous features of our Just Swap Clone:

1. Complete White Label Solution

2. 100% Decentralized environment

3. Customizable Smart Contracts on TRON 

4. Advanced Multi-tier Architectural design

     • To reduce server maintenance cost

     • 100% resistance to ransomware attacks & hacks

5. Supports unlimited number of tokens

6. Military-Grade Security to safeguard digital assets

7. Attractive & Mobile-friendly UI/UX design

8. Protocol supports the integration of multiple TRON wallets.

9. Multi-tested, Bug-free Smart Contract with test audit reports

10. Rapid Launch of DeFi Platform within a few business days

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