Maticz offers NBA Top Shot Clone Script to Create NFT MarketPlace like NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot Clone Software allows to Build NFT MarketPlace for Sports

NBA Top Shot Clone Script

NBA Top Shot Clone Script is a functional replica of the Decentralized NFT Platform the NBA Top Shot. The NBA Top Shot Clone Script is an NFT MarketPlace Platform for Sports that promotes the trading of events, player trump cards, match clips, signature moves of the National Basketball Association Tournament. 

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Our NBA Top Shot Clone Script is secured and safeguarded through the Blockchain in delivering optimal quality service to its participants. #Maticz offers White Label NBA Top Shot Clone Script that allows customization of UI and functionalities based on user requirements.

NBA Top Shot - Overview

The NBA Top Shot is the only sports domain that is in booming trends with respect to the Non-Fungible Tokens available in use. NBA Top Shot is an official NBA and NBPA-recognized platform supporting the rare moments of the tournament to be available as a rare collectible within the platform. 

The National Basketball Association is one of the favorite pastimes of Americans ever since 1946. The NBA comprises 30 teams and a humongous amount of 530 players officially registered in the NBA ledger. 

NBA Top Shot like NFT Platform Development

NBA Top Shot-like platform showcases the player’s performance, statistics and groups them based on their current performance in the NBA and also offers to trade off their moments for a considerable amount of funds based on their availability and rarity in the current tournament.

NBA Top Shot Clone to Create NFT MarketPlace like NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot Clone Development effectively contributes to the design and development of the NFT Marketplace like the NBA Top Shot. The NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace is desired to deliver the qualities of services much like the NBA Top Shot along with the effective usage of Non-Fungibles Tokens.  

NBA Top Shot Clone

NBA Top Shot Clone is an operational replica of the NFT Marketplace the NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot Clone can be obtained in two available modes based on the user suggested specifications that include building the absolute replica of the platform from scratch and the other mode is by building the platform on a White Label basis with customization attributes allowing the users to have their interface as per their own wish. 

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Players in Trends

Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee Bucks with an NBA Top Shot market pricing of approximately 75,000 USD, Lebron James of Los Angeles Lakers with an NBA Top Shot of 80,000 USD, and Kevin Durant of  Brooklyn Nets with an NBA Top Shot 70,000 USD are the most valuable players in the current trends of the NBA Top Shot platform.

Assets available as Collectibles

  • Top Superstars
  • Elite Rookies
  • Most Secured points
  • Most Valuable Player
  • Signature Moves
  • Game-Winning shots
  • Jaw-dropping Blocks
  • Unbelievable Jumps


The Moments celebrate the most epic highlights from most epic athletes. Each moment is unique and numbered. the moments are ordered and listed on the Blockchain. The moments are listed or grouped into tiers based on their availability and scarcity. Each tier will own its share of editions or slots. the more the rarest collectible is the lesser the edition available for the tier.

NBA Top Shot Tiers Collectible Tiers

Each collectible lists the player's stats along with personal details along with highlights descriptions about the player.

  • Common Tier 
  • Rare Tier
  • Legendary Tier
  • Ultimate Tier-Platinum Ice
  • Ultimate Tier-Genesis

Common Tier

The common tier comprises the most common moments available for trade-off, the common tier comprises up to nearly 10,000 slots within it. the collectibles remaining within this tier can be minted until the moment undergoes retirement.  

Circulating Count

The Circulating Count indicates the total supply of collectibles available for trade at the movement.  The CC also promotes a more number of moments prospects to be minted in the near future.

Rare Tier

The Moments that underlie this tier account for the limited edition-based entities and are more valuable and rarer than the common tier-based entities. They are superior in features to the common tier entrants and offer an edition space of up to 500-4999 entries.

Legendary Tier

Most epic enhanced designs and smaller edition sizes are the insignia of the entries that remain under the Legendary tier. The edition size of the Legendary Tier includes 50-499 entries.

Ultimate Tier

The Ultimate Tier has two main modes, which are the rarest modes of collectibles available on the platform that deserve considerable importance over most other forms of collectibles. The two modes include the Platinum Ice which allows for only three edition slots to be available while the Genesis mode includes only one edition slot available within it.              

How is effective Listing done in NBA Top Shot Clone?

Effective listing is done on the basis of two available criteria that includes,

<< Points By Average 

<< Youngsters who will be most valuable in the future

NBA Top Shot Clone Script Interface Comprises

  • Packs
  • Marketplace
  • Community
  • Collection

Why NBA Top Shot is in Trends?

  • NBA is one of the most sought sources of entertainment 
  • Global fore-runner in the Basketball streams
  • Involves active participation of Basketball giants like Lebron James
  • Digital Platform to get in touch with the NBA stars.
  • The Platform offers Security and Scalability exclusively over the Blockchain.
  • NBA Top Shot like Platform not only proves as a source of entertainment but also promotes the increased revenue to participants
  • The Platform is officially authorized and recognized by NBA and NBPA
  • Wide range of exposure to collectibles as well as NBA. 

Why Start NFT MarketPlace like NBA Top Shot?

With the ever-increasing needs of the Cryptosphere for the Digital collectibles and digital assets, the Crypto aspirants and enthusiasts have begun looking for an exclusive platform to showcase and display their rarest form of collectibles and digital assets. The NBA Top Shot-like platform is a sure shot of success in ensuring the Cryptopreneurs with a leveraging revenue.     

How does NBA Top Shot Clone Work?

  • DApper account setting up
  • Load funds into DApper
  • Select the item to be traded-off
  • Buy/Sell of moments 

Features of NBA Top Shot Clone Script

<< Officially licensed collectibles

<< Community operated guidelines

<< Up to date Player stats and performance ledger

<< Make money along with entertainment 

<< Active specification of the assets

<< Credible Collectible stats

<< Pro-level player stats

<< Keeping Great Track of NBA and its based assets

<< Grants Gateway to joining your team's Favourite club

Why Choose Maticz for an NBA Top Shot Clone Script?

We Maticz Technologies the pioneer of NFT MarketPlace Development through its professional and in-core knowledge of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency domains design and develop the NFT MarketPlace Platform in the sports domain promoting the effective showcasing of the collectibles that include high-quality video clips, images, and cards for users to get benefitted through the platform. The Platform poses an efficient strategy for the participants to leverage their financial status.           

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