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On-demand business ideas are gaining ample amount of popularity all over the world since the pandemic period. At that time, Many newly minted entrepreneurs discovered the on-demand apps instantly and created pandemic-friendly business ideas that could be successful until today. 

If you are interested in starting a business or looking for business ideas, this On-demand application might be a jackpot ticket. Think about it! Who doesn’t like to get a taxi or go out and purchase their everyday product or services, comfortably in their own house? Yes! Humans currently being lazy to purchase something, so they prefer the most convenient way to satisfy their requirements via their smartphones.

Here we listed out the key principles of on-demand startup products and services that the customer looking for their crucial necessities they are.,

Want an instant food at your doorstep?

Looking for a Taxi?

Want to be washed and ironed their clothes?

Need an immediate home repair?

Want an instant service for cleaning?

For all these inquiries the answer is on-demand applications. Thanks to technology to the flourishing on-demand startup applications for delivery and services. This on-demand solution is the modern gift of technology that has been notably assisting us to satisfy all such crucial and immediate necessities that encounter in our day-to-day lives. 

Now we will explore the massive 10 On-demand startup ideas in 2023 and the upcoming year 2024. Let’s jump straight in.,

Best On-demand Startup Ideas in 2024

On-Demand Food Delivery

On-Demand Taxi Booking

On-Demand Video Streaming

On-Demand Truck and Delivery

On-Demand Grocery Delivery

On-Demand Healthcare

On-Demand Laundry

On-Demand Learning

On-Demand Handyman

On-Demand Pharmacy

On-Demand Travel and Vacation

1. On-Demand Food Delivery Business

No one can’t stop buying their favorite food. Right! Foodies have found their unique ways to give up their favorite dishes under any circumstances. Many people avoid going to dine out because of safety or other inconvenient reasons. So the on-demand app gifted the food delivery apps for every foodie. Foodies can order their desired foods online and the foods are delivered to their doorstep or they can order online and go to the eatable area for safe takeout options. 

If you want to start a business in the food industry, then the On-demand Food Delivery App is the perfect option for you. You can take inspiration from the most popular apps and integrate unique features based on your food business. 

Top On-demand Food Delivery App






2. On-Demand Taxi Booking Business

Once upon a time, we had to call for a taxi or cab, just to have it drive straight by. If was the most difficult thing that every human faced. Among many other advantages, Smartphones have rendered work easier in some way by providing on-demand taxi booking app services

In recent times, hailing a taxi is no longer a difficult process that involves standing and signaling at a place to wait for it. There are applications on the market that make it simple to book a taxi or cab with just a single tap, and a taxi will arrive at the doorstep in a few minutes.  

If you are interested in investing your hard-earned money in any on-demand startup ideas, then you can count on them with On-demand taxi booking services. 

Best On-demand Taxi Booking App






3. On-Demand Video Streaming Platform

During the pandemic period, many applications are getting fast-tracked digital transformation globally. It has an enormous impact on the video streaming market segment. More people initiated to consume video content online, watching their favorite videos and playing games, attending classes for fitness or events, these are all the things that businesses turned to live streaming to get lucrative profit.

Netflix has been on a roll since 2020. It is the video streaming app now it is an entertainment platform, right? Many proficients have predicted that TV programs are going to die and the splendid video streaming platform will take their place. Because after the pandemic, many people are moving towards only video streaming apps. With on-demand video streaming apps, people can watch series, live shows, movies, and concerts from anywhere at any time. 

Top On-demand Video Streaming Applications 


Amazon Prime



YouTube Red

4. On-Demand Truck and Delivery Business

If you are planning to initiate your own trucking delivery business, you have plenty of time to execute and create it adequately. Explore the ideal business model for you, whether it is all-in-one trucking services, dump truck business and delivery services, livestock transportation service, air transport service, marine shipping service, medical transport service, and more., 

Get Started to analyze its target market, and develop a marketing strategy, once you start making money from your business, you can think about establishing an application.

Top On-demand Trucking and Delivery App




Uber Freight


5. On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps

From Grocery to Food, Customers want everything at their doorstep these days. Right! The conceptualization of On-demand Grocery Delivery applications has drastically evolved that assist users can easily ordering their groceries where and when they need them. Especially, when there is no time to go to the grocery store for purchasing, this On-demand grocery app will make it easy for you to make one of your own business. 

Profitable On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps



Walmart Grocery



6. On-Demand Healthcare App

Healthcare is being transformed via digitalization also it improves the services. With the evolution of technology, Patients are increasingly accessing the internet to learn more about their health, certainly in the case of cancer and chronic illness, and returning to their doctors with tons of fresh inquiries and insights. 

Organizations can assist patients with digital healthcare solutions to maximize the patient’s drive for this self-guided study. These apps can assist patients in improving their self-management and assist them to clear all their doubts and inquiries.

Top On-demand Healthcare Apps




Doctor On Demand

7. On-Demand Laundry Business

Planning to generate your revenue with the laundry business? Then the On-demand Laundry app solution is the perfect solution for you. These On-demand laundry solutions have outstanding features such as GPS Route, Laundry Pickup and Pickoff Scheduling, live tracking, and more., that assist users who are workers who do have not any time to wash their clothes, these apps can assist them. 

Best On-Demand Laundry Apps



Tide Spin


8. On-Demand Learning Platform

For learning anything new, you will need a skill expert or trainer, and finding one is easier said than done. Educational on-demand apps assist the students (users) in discovering the best tutor for learning anything like studies, and other classes such as dance, piano, singing, cooking, and more., This On-demand learning can include almost any kind of content such as videos, podcasts, blog posts, elearning modules, job aids, and much more.,

Top e-Learning Apps

Khan Academy




9. On-Demand Handyman Business

The world is moving so quickly that people are having difficulty or busy completing their household responsibilities. Nowadays, people want to find a solution to complete their tasks in minutes. However, in today's hectic world, consumers don't have time to search for a service provider and wait in line to book their services.

This solution includes all on-demand handyman solutions such as fitness coaches, beauticians, lawyers, plumbers, maids, massage therapists, carpenters, plumbers and much more., 

Top On-Demand Handyman Apps



Urban Company



10. On-Demand Pharmacy Business

Customers are going digital way and want to buy everything from the convenience of their own homes, so these businesses and enterprises must hurry up the pace to meet the demand. Medicine is one of the most notable sectors that will thrive at all times. Medicine delivery apps have instantly gained more popularity and made their place in the app world in no time. So if you are interested in launching such an application for your pharmacy business then connect with our highly experienced and professional team of mobile app developers.

Best Pharmacy Delivery Apps 





CVS Pharmacy

11. On-demand Travel and Vacation App

People are now showing more interest in travel applications as they can meet all their travel requirements with just one tap. The demand is further going to enhance in the upcoming days. Leveraging this opportunity, more and more travel tech partners are now investing in such platforms. 

So are you prepared to face the challenges directly and dive right into creating your on-demand travel app? You can get assistance from an on-demand travel and vacation app and create the best mobile on-demand travel app as per business needs.

Top On-demand Travel Apps







The Future of On-Demand Solutions is bright, as fresh technology advancements enhance customer experience. The primary goal of an on-demand business model is to expand the business while enhancing accessibility. 

As a result, it is crucial to upgrade your product regularly. Hence, you must have on-demand business equipment and supporting architecture. In addition, satisfying the clients will benefit your business in the long run. So that, you will be able to enjoy a high Return on Investment. 

So, Are you ready to invest in your On-demand business? Then Maticz Technologies is a top-notch On-demand App Development company that assists you in creating a highly scalable and robust application. Whether you want to invest in food, grocery, taxi, handyman, travel, healthcare, learning, or eCommerce industry, Our on-demand app services are built for all. 

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