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PantherSwap Clone Script

PantherSwap Clone Script is an Automated Market Making Decentralized Exchange operating similar to PantherSwap. PantherSwap Clone Script is built on Binance Smart Chain that enables automatic liquidity acquisition yield farms, with unique Rewards Lockup & Anti Whale Mechanism.

Panther Swap Clone Script is a 100% Smart Contract Audited DEX Exchange Script that remains in line in operation with the PantherSwap and consists of a lot of unique and creative features that allow users to earn and win.

At Maticz, we offer White Label PantherSwap Clone Script that allows customization of UI design and functionalities to meet your business requirements cent percent. You can Book a Live Demo from our Experts and Check How PantherSwap Clone Works!!

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Features of PantherSwap Clone Script 

The PantherSwap Clone Script extends its functionalities through tons of benefits that account for its longevity and Improved participation,

<< Plenty of benefits through new address creations

<< Benefits through airdropped

<< More number of active Stakers

<< Block Processes 75 Tokens per Block

<< Process more number of Validators

<< Staking Events and Rewards

<< Transparent Economy

<< Completely Decentralized Exchange

<< Permissionless Enaction Modes

<< 100% White Label Solutions

Core Components of PantherSwap Clone Script 

Our Products are developed with basic components that define its standards in the current Cryptosphere.

  • Multi-Wallet Integration
  • Multi-Authentication
  • Cross-Chain Compliance
  • Crypto-Bridging
  • Increased Transactions per second
  • Reliable Network
  • Ardent Admin Support
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatible
  • Proof Of Stake Consensus compatible
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization provision

PantherSwap - Overview

PantherSwap is the First Automated Market Making (AMM) protocol executing functionalities such as the Exchange, Liquidity, Farming and Staking over the Binance Smart Chain. PantherSwap is currently in trends with its booming performance known for executing functionalities like Auto-Liquidity and its auto-locking along with automated Token burns.  


Panther is a BEP20 based Token operating chiefly over the Binance Smart Chain. The Panther serves as the native Token of the PantherSwap AMM Protocol, through which it serves as the basic unit of transaction associated with the platform there by providing Governance to its holders. 

How To Start A Decentralized Exchange Like PantherSwap?

The widespread performance of the PantherSwap has fairly impressed the Cryptosphere, If you are an active investor looking to Start a DeFi based DEX Exchange like the PantherSwap then you are in the right place.

Maticz Technologies, the leading DeFi Development Company provides two options in building DeFi Exchange similar to PantherSwap. 

Option 1:

Building the Platform from Scratch 

Developing PantherSwap like DeFi Exchange on the desired Blockchain network from scratch and by implementing the features meeting your business requirements.

Option 2:

White Label PantherSwap Clone 

Avail Pancakeswap Clone and customizing it based on your requirements.

PantherSwap Clone

PantherSwap Clone is a Functional replica of the trending DeFi Platform the PantherSwap. The PantherSwap Clone is operational over the BSC Chain and delivers functionalities that accept Liquidity to process Exchange, Farming, Lottery Schemes, Referal Programs and Staking along with time-limited rewards on returns.

In other words, PantherSwap Clone is an Automated Marketing Making (AMM) Decentralized Exchange with Automatic Liquidity Acquisition Yield Farm attributes operating similar to PantherSwap on Binance Smart Chain network. 

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PantherSwap Clone Functionalities

<< Wallet Integration

<< Network Selection

<< Network Token Type selection

<< Buy BNB on Binance Exchange

<< Take Part in Farms

<< Provide Liquidity 

<< Earn rewards through Participation in the farms

<< Stake LP Tokens and Earn rewards

How Does Our PantherSwap Clone Script Work?

The PantherSwap Clone Script executes certain basic core functionalities over the Binance Smart Chain to contribute to the cause of serving The BSC seekers. The Functionalities include Liquidity, Farming, Staking, Exchange, and Lottery.


The Platform accepts funds from the participants and makes them the ready Liquidity Providers to the Platform. The Liquidity providers on providing liquidity will be able to generate the LP Tokens which will be further used in the farms.


The Farms process the Tokens in Pairs and yield rewards to the platform seekers with a considerable Percentage yield. One of the Tokens in the pair definitely requires a Liquidity Provision Token obtained as a result of providing Liquidity to the Platform for its operation.


Staking pools allow the participants to earn Panther by staking some other Tokens of their wish. The Panther can also be Staked in certain pools to generate some other Tokens rewards. Staking Panther for some other Tokens is carried out in exclusive entities called the Jungles. 


The Exchange Feature allows the swapping of Tokens between currencies as well as the networks promoting the bridging attribute. This attribute makes the Platform more than just earning and making it an Exchange for those seeking Exchange of currencies across different Networks.

PancakeSwap Fork

The PantherSwap is very much identical in operation to that of the PancakeSwap, hence our PantherSwap Clone Script is added with permissions promoting accessibility to the PancakeSwap. The Operations such as the Exchange, Liquidity, Farming and staking may very well be carried out directly from the PancakeSwap.


The PantherSwap has provisions for a lottery scheme for the platform seekers.

The Lotteries can be bought through the Panther Token, the rewards will be awarded based on the matching of numbers or serials in the tickets purchased.

Benefits Of PantherSwap Clone Script 

The PantherSwap Clone Script offers endless benefits to its seekers through certain definite desirable features. These features account for improving the scalability of the platform.

Automatic LP

Automatic Liquidity is the recent trend in the current Cryptosphere. There will be a fixed charge of 5% transfer fee to every transaction. of which 4% is added to the Panther-BNB Liquidity pool automatically. Also, the Liquidity is locked and made inaccessible raising the token price every time a transaction is made.  

Automatic Burning

The PantherSwap Clone Script's Tokenomics is designed with an Automated Token burn mechanism to improve the Token's further and future utility. Of the 5% transaction fee obtained by the platform, the 1% fee is automatically burnt at that instant.

Harvest Lockup

This is an enhanced security feature of the PantherSwap Clone Script's Farms. The Farms will be given a particular time limit only up to which the participant can make earnings from the farms. This prevents the repetitive participation and earning of making use of the farm. But the lock-up is accustomed to only the rewards; the withdrawal of Tokens and LPs have no effect to be locked.

Anti-Whale Mechanism

Anti-Whale is a community performance improving attribute. This attribute prohibits transactions that are over 0.15% of the Total supply. Such an act will directly impact the further growth of this new BSC-driven community. The Anti-Whale will be in use until the community attains a standard position in the BSC Market.

Why Start a DEX Exchange like PantherSwap on BSC?

Within a week of launch, the PantherSwap has proved its worth through its impressive stats,

  • 7K Twitter Followers
  • 6.5K Telegram Followers
  • 12K Token Holders
  • 0.1B Total Value Locked
  • 100X Pricing

Why Choose Maticz for PantherSwap Clone Script?

Maticz Technologies, the prominent Blockchain Development Company offers the PantherSwap Clone Script to effectively contribute to the ready seekers of the Binance Smart Chain. The PantherSwap Clone Script is delivered by Maticz to its aspirants with completely secured source codes unaffected by the invaders, standardized compilation modes available in the market and scalability improving User Interfaces.

We Maticz also design and develop different DeFi Projects on different chains to empower the Crypto aspirants and Crypto Entrepreneurs to avail their products with highly optimized pricing and authorized precision in product delivery.

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