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Yield Farming currently is in booming trends making use of liquidity pools to earn a considerable income. Yield Farming works synonymous in operation with the Staking which allows earning a passive income by holding up certain Cryptos. Yield Farming can be effectively carried out through a number of available frameworks such as ETH and TRX based on the gas fees.

The ETH usually charges a high gas fee so it is efficient to go with TRX based Yield farming, the Pearl.Finance Clone. We at Maticz deliver the Yield Farming Clone Platforms with optimal precision with TRX based gas fee provisions.  

Pearl.Finance Clone

Pearl.Finance Clone is a readymade DeFi solution of the reputed Yield Farming platform the Pearl.Finance. The Pearl Finance clone is designed with a motto of aiding the users with significant features that makes it the more reputed and responsive platform carrying out the globally accepted phenomenon Yield Farming.

Pearl.Finance Overview:

Pearl.Finance functions primarily as a yield farming platform that comes out with the desiring features in line with the recognized platforms Sushi swap and Yam. Pearl.Finance is an exchange platform operating primarily on the basis of Tron Blockchain architecture. It is merely an exchange taking place by swapping a particular Tron with that of a pearl.

Why Yield Farming?

Yield Farming is the lending of a considerable amount of Cryptocurrencies to generate corresponding revenue in that particular transaction, yield farming can be done through the Crypto Exchange Wallets or through the swapping protocols.

Pearl Finance Clone Script

Pearl Finance Clone Script is a readymade solution to carry out Yield Farming. The Pearl.Finance Clone Script functions with the prime motto of exchanging funds between two protocols.

We at Maticz, provide you with an excellent set of solutions that make the process associated with yield farming easy and accessible to anyone taking part in the platform. Our product is an exclusive yield farming platform working on the basis of Tron Blockchain Architecture.

We offer a quality set of solutions through its extensively available Pearl Finance clone to bring about the yield farming related queries like the swapping between two transactable units etc.


Since our product is designed to be functional on the basis of Tron Blockchain architecture, it is essential for anyone to have Tron powered wallet to take part in the transaction of assets through our yield farming platform. It is also noted that the working of our platform requires linkage with an Exclusive platform like Justswap for the conversion of rates between Tron and Pearl.

Base process:

Our yield farming has three main processes as the base process associated with the main transaction process.

• Buy pearl tokens

• Lock it with Tron

• Earn through pearl tokens

How Our Pearl.Finance Clone Script Work?

Our Pearl.Finance Clone’s interface directly takes the user to the audit certification portal. The security audit is direct proof stating the transparency and security involved in the transaction process. This proof can be a high traffic generating factor to any service providing platform.

Just Swap:

Below the certification audit lies the link to the Justswap protocol. Justswap is nothing but a TRX based crypto exchange platform, which functions on the basis of having TRX as a base unit of transaction. Justswap exchanges other tokens with the TRX.

Icons and Utilities:

Icons and utilities of our clone script include the balance tab and the total supply tab.

Balance tab:

The balance tab keeps track of the amount of currently available pearl that is left as reserves; this tab allows the participant to directly stake with a particular crypto platform to promote Yield Farming.

Total Supply:

The total supply denotes the total amount of stakes that are currently available to the entire market. This allows the user to have a thorough knowledge of the performance of particular crypto in the market. 

Stats of the Supported Coins:

Below the total supply, tab lays the statistics tab that denotes the performance of various other Cryptos that are supported by our clone script.

The stats tab includes the stats from USDT, TAI, and TRX/Pearl.

Stats Tab:

The stats tab contains certain data under certain other tabs, defining the performance of the specified Cryptos.

Stakes Option:

The stakes option denotes the number of stakes that are left for the transaction under certain crypto, also it specifies the total supply of cryptos that are available in the current market. The stakes are denoted in the units of pearl and the three available modes for carrying out transactions (i.e) USDT, TAI, and TX/Pearl.

Pricings Option:

The pricing bar denotes the current performance in pricings of Pearl as well as any of the three available Cryptos. This tab will help the investors to make a move either to invest or to wait till the value of the stakes gets improved.

The Rewards Option:

This bar collectively displays the various types of rewards that are aided to the participants by our clone script.

Rewards specified:

• Claimable rewards

• Hourly rewards

• Daily rewards

• Weekly rewards

• Hourly ROI

• Daily ROI

• Weekly ROI


Farming refers to the act of providing liquidity to the platform. Providing liquidity to the platform aids the user with considerable units of pearl. There are seven modes through which the user can provide liquidity to the platform.

Farming Modes:

• Pearl/TRX LP

• USDT/Homestead

• TRX Hills

• JST Farm

• USDJ Juices

• DZI Gardens

• TAI Field

Pearl/TRX LP:

The participant will be able to deposit in units of Pearl/ TRX L and he will be directly benefitted in units of Pearl.


The client on depositing in units of USDT will be able to gain in terms of Pearl.

TRX Hills:

The client on depositing in units of TRX will be able to gain in terms of Pearl.

JST Farm:

The client on depositing in terms of TRX will be able to gain in terms of JST Farm.

USDJ Juices:

The client on depositing in terms of USDJ will be able to gain in units of Pearl.


The client on depositing in units of TAI will be able to generate revenue in terms of pearl.

FAQ Session Tab:

Next to the farming tab lies the FAQ tab, giving the solutions to the widespread queries raised by various participants taking part in the Yield Farming process. 

Pearl Vault:

Pearl Vault denotes the amount of pearl transacted to date with the corresponding date, time, and the mode through which it was transacted. This vault appears to be direct proof to participants denoting that the ongoing transactions are valid and appear to be securing the direct participants involving in the platform.

Business Benefits of Pearl Finance Clone Script

• Compatible with different currencies

• Attractive rewards and returns

• Accessible in multiple languages

• Supported coins stats proof

• User-friendly UI

• Integration with Justswap protocol

• Integration with Tron link

• Wallets with wide range specification

Why Choose Maticz’s Pearl Finance Clone Script?

We the Maticz, the pioneer DeFi Development Company on a thorough examination of the current market, have made out to come up with the clone version of the Pearl.Finance offering its highlight features such as ease of access, multi-currency support, multi-lingual mode of approach, and integration with the global yield farming protocols. 

We aim at defining the importance of Yield Farming and deliver Yield Farming Development Services at optimized and optimal pricing.

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