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The crypto community is leading the world to a new path of digital atmosphere with its various innovative concepts which include launchpad. Launchpad has been a remarkable solution in bringing token circulation into the crypto sphere.

The Crypto community has developed multiple launchpads with unique features to improve token usability and circulation. Launchpad is one of the reasons for token economy growth. Initiate your own launchpad ecosystem like PinkSale which helps the users to create their token and improve the token economy.


PinkSale is a launchpad ecosystem with its own suite of tools that helps crypto users create tokens on various standards and launchpads to bring your token into the crypto sphere circulation. PinkSale launched its website on Mainnet in the third quarter of 2021 after its white paper launch in the second quarter of 2021.

PinkSale is developed on the Binance Smart Chain network. PinkSale also helps in listing the created token on multiple Defi platforms like PancakeSwap, PinkSwap, UniSwap, and more. A crypto user can launch his own token without any coding knowledge in three steps using PinkSale. Crypto users will be able to create a token and launchpad by paying a service fee.

How to Create a Launchpad like PinkSale?

Blockchain experts mostly prefer the following steps to create a Launchpad like PinkSale.

Step 1: Planning for Launchpad Development

Step 2: Whitepaper Drafting

Step 3: Design and Development

Step 4: Wallet Integration

Step 5: Development of PinkSale Features

Step 6: Deployment of Launchpad Ecosystem

Planning for Launchpad Development

The first step in every project is ideation and planning of the product development and its usage with its own unique features. Plan your Launchpad platform like PinkSale from designing to launch with its unique features and service you wish to serve to the crypto users with the developers for a better outcome.

Whitepaper Drafting

After concluding the launchpad development plan a white paper is published to showcase your product development and what will be the service your product will offer after its launch. The whitepaper presents the complete information inclusive of its service and this highlights your product features and would reach a larger audience.

Design and Development

Launchpad is designed with all the services to be featured for the users. The entire system is designed and developed on the blockchain network with all the functionalities on how the entire ecosystem has to work and respond to the user's requirements. The whole system works with pre-programmed smart contracts.

Wallet Integration

Multiple crypto wallets are set up with the platform which helps the users to perform actions on the platform. Selecting multiple wallets for integration will let you drive multiple users to your platform.

Development of PinkSale Features

The features listed are developed with the launchpad to benefit the users. The unique features developed and showcased on your platform will benefit the platform in driving the tonne of users to your launchpad ecosystem. Multiple innovative features will make our platform reach several goals in the crypto sphere.

Deployment of Launchpad Ecosystem

Once the launchpad ecosystem is developed after fixing the bugs and undergoing all the processes in the testnet. The platform is deployed in the web server and launched to the global market where every user around the world will be able to use the platform.

How does Maticz develop your Launchpad like PinkSale?

Maticz, the pioneer in Launchpad development offers Pink Sale-like launchpad development on various blockchain networks as per the business requirements. The experts of Maticz offer two ways in PinkSale clone platform development, they are,

Option 1: Development of the PinkSale-like platform from Scratch 

Option 2: White Label PinkSale Clone script

Build Pink Sale Clone Platform From Scratch

Development of a launchpad like PinkSale from scratch requires more time and cost than development from a readymade clone. On the other hand, developing from scratch will present a unique platform with unique features. Experts of Maticz will develop your top-notch Launchpad like PinkSale.

PinkSale Clone Script

PinkSale Clone Script is a readymade launchpad protocol that operates similarly to PinkSale by offering a dedicated platform for creating tokens and a launchpad for token sales.

Pink Sale Clone Script is a launchpad platform offering users the option to build their own token and create a dedicated initial token presale platform. The Pink Sale Clone Script is a replica of the most famous launchpad platform Pink Sale Finance. 

Maticz offers a White Label PinkSale Clone Script which is pre-built, multi-tested, and allows customization of the platform based on your requirements. By opting for PinkSale Clone Script, you can launch your own launchpad platform similar to PinkSale in just 15-30 days. 

Components of PinkSale Clone

PinkSale clone is developed with the most performing components to showcase the best platform and drive traffic for token creation and token presale.

Token Creation

PinkSale Clone allows the users to develop their own token in just three simple steps. PinkSale Clone offers multiple standards of token development like Liquidity Generator token, Baby token, and Standard token as of now. The token is developed by providing the name, symbol, total supply, and some service.

Pink Sale Clone brings the easiest way for users to develop their own tokens as they wish. The token can be created only after the user's wallet is connected to the platform and the service fee is paid.

Create Launchpad

Just developing a token is not worth it. The token has to be brought into circulation in the digital space, so the launchpad concept comes in to bring your token to the crypto users. PinkSale Clone also allows users to create their own launchpad for their own token thereby improving the token economy and token sales.

User can Create their own Launchpad in a few steps as simple as token development by paying a service fee. The details of the token presale are determined by the creator of the launchpad.


The most surprising and attractive one which is one of the main causes of attracting tonnes of users to the platform is the presence of an Anti-bot. The Anti-bot performs multiple actions to prevent various spams like inflations in the price after listing in the exchange, control the total tradable amount of token per trade in the market, prevent the token from being traded to the blacklist, and more.

The Anti-Bot performs multiple actions in driving the token to ultimate heights without causing a token crash in the global market.

Token Vesting

Token Vesting is one of the ultimate components used in the launchpad development by the creator. The token vesting concept performs the ultimate action in controlling the circulation of tokens in the digital space at certain time periods.

The token vesting concept will let the tokens into circulation after locking them for a period of time. The creator of the token determines how much the token has to be locked and the time interval of the locking period. Meanwhile, the amount of tokens released at each time duration is also determined by the person who creates the token.

How Pink Sale Clone Script Works?

PinkSale Clone Script operates the same as the PinkSale platform. The platform offers multiple options with respect to token development and launch.

  1. Users need to connect to the crypto wallet and sign up.
  2. After signing up, the user will be able to create a token with simple steps with different standards.
  3. The user develops a Launchpad to improve the token economy and circulation in the crypto world with a few steps by paying a small service fee.
  4. Airdrop, another function that attracts users, helps the token creators drop free tokens to the users for a specific time.
  5. These operations have a special function that allows the creator of the token to distribute the developed token to specific users with the whitelist function.
  6. After all, the PinkSale clone also allows the creator to lock his tokens for a period to avoid inflation in the token price.

Features of PinkSale Clone Script

PinkSale clone script is developed with alluring features to drive active users to your platform and improve your audience.


The most promising feature for token creators of the PinkSale clone, it helps to drop free tokens to specific crypto users which helps the token circulation in the crypto world.

Instant Token Supply

PinkSale clone allows the creator to develop a token and launch it instantly with just three steps and the creator can take the next step to improve the token circulation.

Token Branding

PinkSale clone allows the creator to take his token to reach several goals with the branding features in the PinkSale clone app.

Token Locking

To avoid inflation of the token the creator is allowed to lock a specific amount of token for any time period and will be released partially to improve the token circulation.

White Listing 

A predominant function of the PinkSale clone which allows the token creator to drop the token to a specific crypto user with their unique IDs.

Benefits of PinkSale Clone Script

Pinksale clone script benefits the user and the admin will last long and will result in building their own community and business platform

Simple Token Design

Crypto users without any coding knowledge can create a crypto token of their own in just a few steps, even the creator is allowed to determine the total supply of the token.

Simple Token Launch

Crypto users can create a launchpad of their own providing the information, Pink Sale clone allows the user to create a token launchpad in just three tabs.

Community Growth

Launching a PinkSale clone will benefit the entrepreneurs to build a crypto community under their shelter.


The entire system is decentralized and the whole system is programmed and monitored with the smart contracts so no third person interferes in token creation and launch.

Impact on the Token Economy

The platform allows the user to launch their token and reach a huge audience with a launchpad and airdrop that result in the token economy growth.

Why Plump for the Pink Sale Clone Script?

PinkSale Clone Script is a top-notch launchpad platform that provides the best experience and multiple functions to the users to create a token and improve the token economy by doing token presales in a few simple steps.

Even a person without any coding knowledge can develop a token of their own and even brand their token with the features in the Pink Sale clone.

Entrepreneurs thinking of a new business opportunity with a large community user base can launch their PinkSale clone platform. A trending business opportunity at present in the crypto world is to earn millions of profits.

Why Maticz for PinkSale Clone Development?

Maticz, a world-class Launchpad development company offers top-notch PinkSale clone script. Our experts develop a custom PinkSale clone platform that is capable of functioning on various blockchain networks like Binance Smart chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, and other blockchain networks that are in the current trend. The developers of Maticz provide next-gen blockchain development services and have successfully developed and launched 250+ blockchain projects for clients all around the world.

Maticz offers a PinkSale clone script as well as develops a custom-made PinkSale clone platform from scratch as per your business requirements to attract users. Launching your own Launchpad protocol with our well-developed PinkSale Clone Script will boost your business standard to reach new heights and also will improve your business reputation in the crypto sphere which will result in your Launchpad business growth. 

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