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PooCoin Clone Script

PooCoin Clone Script is a White Label DApp on the Binance Smart Chain delivering similar functionalities to the Poocoin Platform. The PooCoin Clone Script comes up with an attractive Token burn mechanism accounting for the Reflect attribute. 

Poocoin Clone Software is a 100% Smart Contract Audited BSC powered Token protocol that allows the participant to make a considerable earning without actually holding or staking that particular coin, rather than just making use of the particular Token the PooCoin Token.

Poocoin like Token Development

The Poocoin-like token development involves the development of a DeFi token operating similar to Poocoin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The Poocoin like Token can be readily made available to the users through the basic steps that include,

  • Token Identity: Poop Logo
  • Base Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Application: Meme Coin
  • Wallet: Metamask or Trust
  • Account: Binance Account
  • Set up Smart Contract on BSC
  • Token Trade mode: Through PancakeSwap
  • Token Burning : Reflect(8%)


PooCoin is a meme-type Token like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, executing the Token burn mechanism and minting through promoting the Reflect attribute. The Reflect attribute allows the participants to have a considerable income upon using up the particular currency. Poocoin charges about 8% to every transaction made, 4% of which is burnt instantly while the remaining 4% is distributed to other holders.   

PooCoin Token

PooCoin Token currently is the best-performing token in the crypto trends. Based on the Binance Smart Chain, the Token happens to be the only class of meme tokens serving a particular use case. The PooCoin token is made available with a beneficial Token burn mechanism that maintains the market cap as well as the current market supply of the token. This attribute accounts for the improvised token utility.

How to Create a DeFi DApp like PooCoin?

Looking to create a dApp like PooCoin? You are in the right place!

Considering the worldwide performance and distribution of the Poocoin, Cryptopreneurs show interest in developing it. The qualities of services of Poocoin can be readily made available through the Poocoin Clone perfectly serving the aspirants seeking Binance Smart Chain for operations.

Maticz the leading Crypto Token Development Company offers BSC Token Development Services to the active seekers of BEP20 token development. We offer two options for building a token like Poocoin namely,

1. DeFi Token Development like Poocoin from Scratch.

2. White Label PooCoin Clone.

PooCoin Clone

PooCoin Clone is a Binance Smart Chain powered DApp working similar to PooCoin.App. The Poocoin Clone enables the launch of a token protocol like PooCoin by exhibiting its core functionalities. Maticz offers a White Label PooCoin Clone that allows customization of the token plans, tokenomics, and functionalities based on your business requirements.

Features of PooCoin Clone Script

  • Exclusive for Binance Smart Chain
  • Efficient Keeping track of assets
  • Effective Pictorial representation
  • Widespread listing of Crypto coins
  • Day-to-day updates on Market Performance
  • Provisions for new coins

How does Poocoin Clone Work?

  • Setting up wallet
  • Account creation on Binance
  • Copy Wallet address
  • Paste on the Interface Space
  • Keep track of the market cap
  • Keep track of the supply
  • Enlist with the PancakeSwap
  • Get in touch with vested and unvested coins.
  • Buy Poocoin with BNB
  • Set Slippage to 9%

Why Create a DeFi Token like PooCoin?

  • Reflection attribute inclusion
  • Passive Share income to participants
  • Approx 6M Total Supply
  • Market Cap of 26M USD
  • Only meme coin with a use case
  • The high percentage returns to investors
  • can interoperate and trade within any DEXes on BSC

PooCoin Clone Script Marketplace

The most interesting attribute of the Poocoin Clone Script is its ability to take part in the trade-off of Binance-based assets. The Poocoin Clone Script extends an exclusive marketplace to trade extensively the BSC-based coins in the trends. The BSC assets are grouped into the Vetted as well as the Unvetted categories based on their availability. The Entities within the Vetted category include the already verified and reliable assets. While the Unvetted category comprises brand-new assets that have not been verified until that instance.

Poocoin Clone Script Aping

Poocoin Clone Script has provisions for another innovative but indispensable attribute, the Aping. The Aping attribute re-directs the visitors to the PancakeSwap to look out for listing and trading of brand new assets currently available in the trends.

PooCoin Tokenomics

Poocoin Tokenomics is based on the most recent innovation in the current Crypto trends, the Reflect attribute. The Reflect attribute accounts for improving the market cap by auto-burning tokens every time a transaction is made. Also, the Circulating supply is automatically lowered in association with the transaction made.

  • Ranked 3205 on CoinMarketCap
  • Approx 10M Initial supply
  • Current Supply: 5,821,922
  • Market Cap: 48,829,508 USD
  • Max Trade-off limit: 1,00,000

PooCoin Process

The Poocoin Process has been witnessing sequential upgrades right from its day of launch, the process progress includes,

  1. OG Charting 
  2. Live Transaction feed
  3. Token Promotion List
  4. BSC Wallet Inclusion
  5. Live Stream Single Block charts
  6. Token List sorting
  7. CMC Listing
  8. Other Wallet tracking
  9. Promotions
  10. Info Tab
  11. Rug Check
  12. Unvetted Promo List
  13. Ape
  14. White Paper created
  15. Web Site to be Re-Designed

Why Choose Maticz for PooCoin Clone Script?

Maticz is the leading Blockchain App Development Company that provides the Poocoin Clone Script to serve the ready-use case of the audience seeking Binance Smart Chain for effective Tokenomic plans. We serve the crypto sphere through our cent percent precise DeFi products that offer competence with our counterparts.

Our all-time active admin panel supports quality query solving through quantity modes of service. Our professional team of analysts intimates the techie team to have a deep and decent track record of the products developed and also ensure the scalability of the B2B Crypto Business with which we are associated.

What's next? The right time to build your very own PooCoin Like Token Platform with Maticz.

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