Rollbit Clone Script is a ready-made online gambling platform that lets you set up your own online crypto casino and NFT gambling business in a few days.

Rollbit is an online gambling platform that was launched in 2020, the site offers a variety of casino experiences, sports betting, and even multiple crypto trading options. It offers crypto and NFT casinos with up to 70% rewards on every game and it has 100+ slots and live games. The users can withdraw their earnings instantly. The online gambling platform integrates online gaming, sports betting, casinos, and cryptocurrency to provide a new experience to the users.

Rollbit Clone

Rollbit Clone is the replica of the Rollbit gambling platform which resembles all the games, features, and functionalities where developers can work to add on more features and functionalities if required by the client for the project. The rollbit clone showcases similar gameplay activities and gameplay functions of the existing rollbit gaming ecosystem. The players of the platform are benefitted from the rewards by winning each game.

Rollbit Clone Script can be customized on the client's request and better features can be added to the platform.  With the new-age technologies, we bring the best seamless gaming experience. Our blockchain ecosystem of the gaming platform safeguards player information and all financial transactions. Our clean UI and impressive design allow gamers to look into all the information and all the features of the platform with ease.

White Label Rollbit Casino

White Label Rollbit Casino is a 100% customizable solution where the gaming platform can be customized as per the client's requirement. Developing a white-label Rollbit Casino benefits in various ways from development cost to development time. Going with white-label solutions lets the client launch the product in a very short time whereas going with the development of a gambling platform from scratch requires more time and cost.

The White-label Rollbit clone is preferred by most entrepreneurs as it lets them launch their online casino platform at ease in a shorter period. Opting for a white-label solution lets the client add or remove the features and functions as per their idea and goal whereas a clone lets you set up the predefined platform. This allows the client to change the theme, game features, and visuals of the gambling platform as per their needs.

Features of Rollbit Clone Script

Rollbit Clone offers multiple features with its online gambling platform and here are a few features that top the list.

NFT Marketplace

Our Rollbit clone script has a dedicated NFT marketplace where NFTs can be bought with cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Solana.

Multiple Betting Games

The online gambling platform Rollbit comes up with multiple betting games that attract many gamers across the globe to the platform.

Bonus Battles

The platform offers bonus battles on popular games like slot games which lets the gamers play PVP games or multiplayer games more than two and the winner gets all the money.


The platform offers various trading options including crypto futures which let the users make trading and play gambling under a single roof.


Rollbit rewards give back 70% of the allotted amount to the users under various reward sections like daily rewards, weekly rewards, monthly rewards, Rakeback, Rollback, and more.

Benefits of Rollbit Clone

Here are a few benefits of the Rollbit clone, which makes our Rollbit clone more accessible among users


We add multiple security features to the gaming platform which secures the user's data, transaction data, and more with the help of blockchain and other security features.


The platform holds more than 50,000+ active users and the platform works seamlessly without any interruption in the user actions.


Our Rolbit clone can be customized as per the client’s requirement whether it's a single feature or a multiple function of the gambling platform.


Going out with the Rollbit clone saves time rather than when compared to the development of an online gambling platform like Rollbit from scratch.


We provide a user-friendly interface to showcase every feature of the platform that helps the users access every feature of the gambling platform with ease.

Why Rollbit Clone Script?

Rollbit Clone Script offers numerous online gambling games and other crypto games with NFTs and more which leads it more than its competitors. If you are opting to kickstart your online casino business with the minimum investment then the Rollbit clone script is the perfect choice as it lets the investor make better money in a short period with less investment. Among all other casino game clones Rollbit stands on top with various options like crypto futures trading, NFTs, bonus battles, lotteries, NFT lootboxes, and many more. Apart from this, the users gain more rewards and it allows the user to start their game with a minimum deposit of $0.01.

Why Choose Maticz for Rollbit Clone Development?

Maticz is one of the best casino game development companies that develops various casino games for clients as per their gaming business ideologies and requirements. We have successfully developed and launched more than 500+ projects in the digital space on various requirements for clients around the globe. With a wide range of expertise in blockchain technology, we have developed numerous blockchain-based casino gambling platforms for our clients.

By choosing our crypto casino software, you earn more profits, and bringing crypto into the platform still improves the profits in huge numbers. Looking to develop your own online crypto casino platform or any other gambling website connect with the experts of Maticz and we give you the right choice to kickstart your casino business in the digital space.

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